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- Stewie2k - Tarik + Boltzz + FNX Boltzz was not bad and he did what was needed to win. FNX is easy pick, plus it makes the team speak BR again. EZ WIN
2018-08-22 04:24
C9 could use those American players
2018-08-22 04:33
Brazil MarieLaMary 
boltz don't fit in mibr and fnx is overrated
2018-08-22 04:36
Philippines legbreaker 
but they need fnx to pick up grills
2018-08-22 06:03
but no fnx no major :)
2018-08-22 09:37
Brazil MarieLaMary 
2018-08-22 12:43
2018-08-22 13:11
Sweden KarlXII 
lol. FNX is washed up and trash right now. He fucked up his own career after the whole "Fer-FNX" shit.
2018-08-22 14:29
i know! I made the smiley face after my statement for a reason dont get baited my friend
2018-08-22 14:34
Xyp9x | 
Portugal CRMN1 
Sad that people actually believe in such fer-fnx thing
2018-08-22 19:47
Sweden KarlXII 
Because its true. I even know who the girl is. FNX was not bad at all in SK/LG, SK/LG performed solid and won stuff every single month. There was no reason at all to kick FNX mate. So yes, its true, stop being like "No they kicked him just because", because their was NO reason to kick him back then because he performed really well. Nowadays he is pure trash tho.
2018-08-22 19:54
Xyp9x | 
Portugal CRMN1 
You actually do think you're dead ass accurate. Has to be the strongest meme in history of the game.
2018-08-22 20:25
Sweden KarlXII 
Meme? :DDDD Fer doesnt like FNX.
2018-08-22 20:41
Guatemala feerzein21 
Sources? Are you close to the players? Nah you ain’t so bounce your ass out of here.
2018-08-23 02:41
Sweden KarlXII 
lol. Ok, give me "sources" about FNX-Fer thing not being true?
2018-08-23 02:44
Guatemala feerzein21 
You think you are pulling a comeback with that one? Guess what? NOPE. No I don’t have sources but I’m not the one posting “I know the girl” loooooooooooool log out of HLTV go to sleep or something 😎
2018-08-23 02:48
Sweden KarlXII 
I know? Are you retarded?(obviously) I said i KNOW WHO SHE IS, lol. Its Fers EX-GF.
2018-08-23 03:17
Guatemala feerzein21 
We all know that, geez how can someone be as retarded as you? Log out of HLTV please what are you waiting? I hate dumb people 😎😂
2018-08-23 04:47
Libya Eruptor 
Don't fit? Lol n1
2018-08-22 19:02
-fallen +skadoodle -coldzera +autimatic -fer + rush
2018-08-22 04:38
Netherlands FaZe_ChrisJ 
True fix
2018-08-22 04:48
2018-08-22 06:09
true Made In Brazil
2018-08-22 09:40
Netherlands phann 
They will never admit it was wrong to add two players from USA cause they are arrogant.
2018-08-22 04:41
Brazil Laan 
+1 they fucked themself
2018-08-22 05:01
+1 they put their foot into the bear trap by adding stewie. then they put their foot out of the bear trap and put their head in instead by adding tarik....
2018-08-22 09:39
Europe 1Faren 
Bookmarking this for later
2018-08-22 10:56
Brazil spaark1 
idk what happened to boltz, he was doing sooo well at the beginning
2018-08-22 04:44
They started giving him Taco spots... what a waste of talent.
2018-08-22 04:50
Netherlands FaZe_ChrisJ 
-tarik -Stewie2k +TACO +fnx Fixed
2018-08-22 04:48
lsd | 
Germany dzynK 
2018-08-22 18:50
Brazil MadWell 
best team ever lg 2016
2018-08-27 21:45
United States EZ4CLGRED 
2018-08-22 04:55
why on earth should he leave liquid
2018-08-22 09:56
CIS eddie42 
money + Brazilian friends/org
2018-08-22 14:37
he has a lot in liquid aswell+taco+much better team. no reason to leave
2018-08-22 14:40
he shouldn't
2018-08-22 15:20
Brazil Laan 
after months MiBR still dumb language is the problem here just play with brazilians and pick the trophies Ez fix '-'
2018-08-22 05:04
-MIBR +disband fixed
2018-08-22 05:06
Brazil Laan 
from Argentina sounds funny but you're right these guys haven't future with mixed team
2018-08-22 05:11
Brazil Collee 
mibr just won a tournament argentina 0 tournaments won in soccer and CS lul jajaja fortnite in 2k18 omegalul
2018-08-27 21:28
the famous topic reaper
2018-08-27 21:34
Brazil VeryMibrGuy 
Sorry, but fnx's skills belongs to the past. He isn't that good anymore, and I don't think MiBR would call up him just for the sake of the communication. Dude's leaving his own team, for crying out loud. Boltz also have been oscillating a lot, that's why he's at the bench. IMO MiBR actual roster is fine, and with Janko they will probably get some majors. Also, take a look at Tarik's most recent video, where the whole team plays up together at FaceIT. They look connected and ready for every major and premier. Have a great day, VeryMibrGuy.
2018-08-22 05:08
Brazil dox__ 
get over fnx please, he's not good at all AWHHUAW I would prefer +kscerato +trk
2018-08-22 05:10
Brazil Laan 
+1 but they just need a full brazilian team no matter who Fer, Fallen and Coldzera are the best in the world when they're speaking portuguese on the game brazilian portuguese is the best language to play FPS games -Stew -Tarik + two brazilians ez fix
2018-08-22 05:18
They should rather kick the Brazilian players and make an English speaking team. Brazilian cs is dead
2018-08-22 12:56
Brazil Laan 
idk I can see MiBR in the top 10 right now. but I've never seen a team from Norway in the top 20 nt ty
2018-08-22 15:08
Didn't mention the Norwegian scene, but how is that relevant to the Brazilian scene?
2018-08-22 18:46
Brazil MadWell 
it's relevant cause we good, u bad: XD Just kidding, brazilian scene was one of the best the past 2 years but now isn't tha good
2018-08-27 21:53
Brazil infesterinc 
Disband. Fallen=retire -> he is rich af,more a businessman than player atm. Will have to leave the org's house to live with his chick. Fer=retire -> he said he doesn't need cs to live anymore.Might as well go work with his daddy. Cold=Another team ->The only who has weed to burn,prob will find another team.
2018-08-22 05:44
Brazil GoldZera 
swap stewie with kng
2018-08-22 05:43
no T1 org will hire kng again. he fucked up too many times on social media. toxic asset!
2018-08-22 09:41
maybe yes
2018-08-22 09:52
kng has to be one of the most overrated players like ever lol
2018-08-22 09:56
Brazil Laan 
nah he's a god
2018-08-23 06:22
no he isnt
2018-08-23 08:19
He was good though
2018-08-23 08:25
never said that he was bad or something...but he was overrated back then(people were claiming that he will be in top20 or even top10 in hltv ranking and that he is top3 awper) and he was overrated AF when he played vs trash tier teams brasil teams and then he failed pretty hard vs atleast decent competition on lan
2018-08-23 08:28
Israel unsolid 
Sounds good, doesn't work *insert trump meme*
2018-08-22 09:55
The real fix: remove the Brazilian bots -coldzera -fallen - fer +rush +autimatic +skadoodle Rename the team Made in USA just kidding
2018-08-22 10:02
2018-08-22 12:57
Europe 1Faren 
Nobody wants fnx lol he got kicked twice from fallens team
2018-08-22 10:56
Serbia bra1np 
MiBR is already fixed with YNk, what a patriotism xD
2018-08-22 10:57
United Kingdom 69thicc_boi69 
all im saying is +taco +anyone or add twins preferably you would only want lucas1 but thats not going to happen so why not try the twins
2018-08-22 12:47
+taco+steelega -americans
2018-08-22 12:57
Denmark @Astralis 
disband this shit.
2018-08-22 13:11
you're newfag for sure. fnx couldn't play with fer anymore, understand??? He fucks fer's exgf/gf whatever they are. It is for sure fer couldn't handle how punchable is fnx. Imagine that.
2018-08-22 14:29
Europe SAD! 
Boltz is trash
2018-08-22 14:35
+Hen1 and +Lucas1 instead of Boltz and Fnx
2018-08-22 15:09
I'd like to see young players instead of fnx/boltz/TACO. trk/kcerrato/mch. It should be the shortest way to be back on top 1.
2018-08-22 15:16
-shitewie -tarik -YNK +fnxNTC +TACO +zews ez top1, ez major i mean 2016 LG times.. #goodolddays
2018-08-22 18:50
United States Jammin800k 
TACO said he was unhappy in SK/MiBR zews wont leave liquid too and fnx is overrated
2018-08-22 19:03
2018-08-23 02:37
All the respect to fnx but it's 2018 lol he has no work ethic and he's done with the SK core. If he couldn't perform against tier 3 teams for NTC, then what does that tell you about him these days? And you'd be mad to remove tarik, he's a class player, very versatile and has great carry potential. Boltz is as average as they come.
2018-08-22 18:57
United States Jammin800k 
Nah boltz was great on immortals and put up huge numbers very consistent but hes not going to be good on a team where hes not one of the fraggers
2018-08-22 19:04
The boltz-MIBR ship has sailed. He failed to perform and he was kicked. I agree a support player instead of Stewie would be a good idea, but not boltz. Lots of better options out there with the team now open to international players. Also, boltz's English was really bad, which was one of the reasons why he got kicked too.
2018-08-22 19:13
United States Jammin800k 
Boltz isnt a support player that's my point but he didnt fail to perform they put him in a spot he didnt belong.
2018-08-22 19:46
United Kingdom Ginoe 
2018-08-22 19:46
Could work well fallen can awp widout iglijng And never saw a reason for boltz to get kicked he was good in his roles. Fnx igl ez major
2018-08-22 19:52
Finland Smoonah 
miburr haha shit clan shit org
2018-08-23 02:43
fnx will never be in a top team again . i like him but his behaviour drag him down since his career started in 1.6 . Always got kicked from every team which he played because "internal issues" nowadays just overrated and mediocre player
2018-08-23 02:44
Japan PKcrash 
fnx's skill has dropped ever since he was dropped from SK. Just let time decide if they new another change. If they do bad at the major then they can consider other options.
2018-08-27 21:34
Moldova B3A5Ty 
2018-08-27 21:40
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