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Want to get a job in Malta? Pays good and great work atmosphere
tarik | 
Denmark will_Lick_pu33y_4_kebab 
I can offer you a job on Malta, we are seeking Nordic gamepresenters, but everyone from Europe has interest(French, Italian, German, British etc) Jobtype: game presenter Pays good: around 1500-2000 eu, depends on the t am you'll be in. Working hours: 40 hours per week. Plus you will live and work in Malta which is really nice. Great weather, low cost living expenses etc. It's literally the easiest job in the world and you'll only have to work maximum 5 days per week(40 hours). You'll get around to 1500-2000 eu, even more in the first of couple of months as you will not pay taxes in these months. You'll get put in training the first weeks, ofc payed, so experience is not required. The workplace/company is really nice and we have people from all over the world here and everyone is helping each other. We are all in the same boat :) If you want more information, then don't hesitate to ask! Kind regards
2018-08-22 18:54
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2018-08-22 18:56
2018-08-22 20:08
Denmark potatomato 
smells like human trafficking
2018-08-22 18:56
It's not
2018-08-22 20:07
Prove it.
2018-08-22 20:14
or ill
2018-08-24 23:35
ropz | 
Canada deadass 
2018-08-24 23:59
Europe KaRReZ 
2018-08-25 00:00
Europe KaRReZ 
2018-08-24 23:59
Malta, so it's probably gambling related.
2018-08-22 20:14
Yes it is
2018-08-22 20:55
Brazil k1mkeid 
nt prodka
2018-08-25 00:08
Faroe Islands memento_1 
2018-08-22 20:08
It's not a fucking scam, you'll have to go through Skype calls(job interviews) and such before going here. You don't give up your credit card number, passport or whatever u retard xD
2018-08-22 20:15
Very proffesional tbh
2018-08-31 19:29
what did u expect? An idiot calling out scam on a serious post.
2018-08-31 19:38
You are right :))
2018-08-31 19:52
United Kingdom Ginoe 
Proof of that not being scam?
2018-08-22 20:09
t's not a scam, you'll have to go through Skype calls(job interviews) and such before going here. You don't give up your credit card number, passport or whatever don't listen to these retards trying to troll my thread
2018-08-22 20:16
Germany Nexodex 
t's not a scam, you'll have to go through Skype calls(job interviews) and such before going here. You don't give up your credit card number, passport or whatever don't listen to these retards trying to troll my thread
2018-08-29 16:49
LEo | 
Denmark FELIXXD 
t's not a scam, you'll have to go through Skype calls(job interviews) and such before going here. You don't give up your credit card number, passport or whatever don't listen to these retards trying to troll my thread
2018-08-25 10:41
United Kingdom Ginoe 
I am interested, but I want breaks for Fortnite during my job.
2018-08-22 20:13
There's a PS4 in the cantine/breakroom
2018-08-22 20:16
United Kingdom Ginoe 
Yeah dude, so where I apply? I assume that you'll provide me with all Fortnite skins.
2018-08-22 20:18
Give me your cv and I'll forward it
2018-08-22 20:56
Actually you'll have a lot of breaks during working days
2018-08-22 21:35
United Kingdom Ginoe 
Yeah, but still I need to have a proof of this business.
2018-08-22 21:36
Search for evolution gaming or add me on steam
2018-08-22 21:37
I like this job because it sounds fun however I am definitely not good for this role. Could you provide more information for future users? 1) What can an applicant do best to contribute to the mission statement of the organisation? 2) Who pays the travelling costs to Malta? 3) Where can users enquiry with the company? 4) Is the contract on a limited term and is the job specifically related to CSGO or other games as well?
2018-08-22 20:13
Not it's not a gaming company, but gambling. You'll have to either deal bj and roulette or other games. Mostly it's black jack and roulette. The most Romanians I know here are shufflers. The company provides the flight ticket to Malta and provides accommodation for the first 3 weeks of working here.
2018-08-22 20:24
It's online* so you'll be an online dealer, which is pretty nice imo better than working at an real casino
2018-08-22 21:43
ahhh i know you guys.. hahaha fuck off i remember where i lost 10e cuz of a girl with boobies
2018-08-24 22:08
u lost 10 eu because the girl had boobs?
2018-08-24 22:41
Germany LiveGameZ 
Gamblegott CihanJ!
2018-08-29 16:11
HAHASHDAHSDHASHDH 2k in einer nacht
2018-08-29 19:10
game presenter?
2018-08-22 20:20
Online dealer
2018-08-22 21:36
>40hrs a week, 1500-2000€ a month >pays good pick one
2018-08-22 20:23
Well compared to the living cost in Malta it's a good wage :)
2018-08-22 20:55
United States CousinBilly 
Plus i assume u get tips through the wesbite.
2018-08-24 21:57
allu | 
Finland Linkka 
2018-08-22 21:45
Netherlands @Deji 
U dont even earn 200 per month
2018-08-24 23:44
2018-08-29 17:40
Evolution Gaming?
2018-08-22 21:38
Yeah buddy
2018-08-22 21:42
Nice, im a GP in Latvia.
2018-08-23 01:45
Nice dude! How's it there?
2018-08-23 01:52
I can do that here in my own country for literally double what they pay there so fuck you, i like my kidney
2018-08-22 21:46
Well you are missing out on the good weather, good food, beautiful girls from all of Europe just beefing for dick since they are just here for vacation and wanna get wild :) sexy tan lines every day
2018-08-22 21:50
Why not sell your kidneys yourself and go over to the trafficker, then he can't rob you. 300 IQ
2018-08-22 22:06
Will Grandayy be my boss?
2018-08-22 21:50
2018-08-22 21:50
Answer is no then.
2018-08-22 21:58
Spain emCee_ 
Seems interesting.
2018-08-22 22:02
Contact me if you're interested
2018-08-22 23:04
United Kingdom Ginoe 
Dudes this actually can be legit:
2018-08-22 22:33
Its legit man XD I'm not kidding, add me on steam if you're interested, I'll gladly answer your questions
2018-08-22 23:03
Poland Hello77z 
You have to speak norwegian? Was kind of interested since I speak 4 languages already, but Norwegian is not one of them. Seems interesting nevertheless though!
2018-08-24 23:52
Nope! As i've mentioned futher down in the thread, we actually have an open spot for portugese/brazilian speakers. My trainer in BJ is actually the team manager for the brazilian guys here.
2018-08-24 23:53
Russia grEminence 
Ur "trainer in Bj"? WTF?
2018-08-25 10:55
Brazil 1stworlder 
Blackjack, not blowjob lol
2018-08-25 10:58
Russia grEminence 
2018-08-25 11:11
2018-08-31 19:36
Norway JorgyZ 
You'll get around to 1500-2000 eu, even more in the first of couple of months as you will not pay taxes in these months. yes this sounds very legit thank guy
2018-08-22 23:06
Dude I'm not kidding. Look it up, when you work in a country away from your homecontry k, you don't pay tax the first month(some 3 first months) that's at least how it works for danish people :) I have Norwegian friends here, they are really interested in Norwegians right now!
2018-08-22 23:17
2000 euro per week?????
2018-08-23 01:55
Namibia banned_so 
Not for stupid polaks who can’t read sorry 😐
2018-08-23 02:16
Polak? Sorry buddy, if you wanted me to write in Arabic or German I'm not the man for you. I'm born and bred in Australia mate, we speak and write in English here. Plus if it's 2,000 a week that's not bad, if it's only 2000 a month which I presume is on par to your salary, then that is terrible lol.
2018-08-23 03:15
United Kingdom INGEMARSSON_ 
Hahah, you sure told him! Be sure to enjoy your $30 humble pie.
2018-08-24 22:08
The lad can call me a poorlak all he wants, end of day in the land down under you legally would make more than 2000 a month just working at McDonalds or Target fsakes haha..
2018-08-29 15:09
United Kingdom INGEMARSSON_ 
Ye, and then spend $30 on a pie. Going over your head this one, isn’t it?
2018-08-29 17:27
Probably shady af, will not pay salary and fire me after 1 month. nt
2018-08-23 02:28
Nope very trustworthy
2018-08-23 02:56
u have swedish team?
2018-08-23 16:16
Yeah dude, I work next to a Swedish table 😃
2018-08-23 16:17
okay i might do something like this next summer :) cya then
2018-08-23 16:23
1500 to 2000 top kek.
2018-08-23 02:56
United Kingdom INGEMARSSON_ 
Greek laughing at 1500-2000 monthly wage, highestofallkeks.
2018-08-24 22:09
I didnt laugh at the amount of money,I laugh on 1500 to 2000 Obviously not true or that good. The top kek is the capacity of your brain,kiddo. Ohh,btw last month I made 2300,damn.
2018-08-25 01:37
Well as I clearly wrote in the thread, then it depends on which team you'll be on. Other than that, people can work overtime and get paid more + there are great bonuses to be achieved if you want to strive for that.
2018-08-25 03:03
Its ok bro,I didnt mean to be offensive,it just seemed weird to me,hf :)
2018-08-25 12:03
Bro 2000, is close to my weekly income.. it's not much lol.
2018-08-29 15:10
Your living cost is much higher than mine.
2018-08-29 15:42
that is true. where I am from (Sydney) it's nearly becoming a joke these days. Australia still does have nice income though and lots of opportunities. we have lots of greeks in Australia! quite a few of my good mates are greek too haha
2018-08-29 15:45
I was looking into coming in australia for 1 year,since im a good barista. But I need to invest more than 3k just to settle let alone the fact to find a job(aussies told me that there are not to many jobs). Yes im aware your income is good and cost of living is ok,but imagine,I make 2k a month,my rent is 300,ciggs f.e cost around 4 eu,a coffee 1.5,so....
2018-08-29 15:53
where I live it costs 600 a week for a 2 br apartment but you can easily earn 1.5k + a week as a first year graduate in your early 20s. should man. just apply for a one year work visa. Australians love their coffee. competitive but lots of barista jobs available if you're good. especially in Sydney and Melbourne. the company I work for, our office building even has a café downstairs. I order my coffee every morning via the app and it's ready by the time I walk in haha. you won't regret it though. good girls, weather, beach and kangaroos :)
2018-08-29 16:01
I was thinking very serious about it,still its an investment and going somewhere with no family or friends to help can become a living hell,im in the tourism industry for 10 years,half aussies I met told me to go plenty of jobs etc,the other half told me there is unemployment and lots of people go,cant find anything,and go back empty handed. Its not a simple choice,im aware about melbourne and sydney barista salaries etc,I just find it too dangerous
2018-08-29 16:07
Brazil wAc 
have a job for me?
2018-08-23 16:22
Yeah! actually theres an open spot for portugese/brazilian speakers
2018-08-24 22:57
2018-08-26 23:12
Brazil wAc 
yes sure, what do i have to do
2018-08-30 18:33
You can dm me. All I need is your cv, it has to be in English.
2018-08-30 18:41
is there for portuguese language?
2018-08-23 16:26
2018-08-24 21:53
ropz | 
Canada deadass 
Spots for english/french/Czech?
2018-08-25 00:32
Yep! DM me your CV and I'll forward it m8 or if you want more info
2018-08-25 00:39
ropz | 
Canada deadass 
i would but im not 18 yet, close tho ;) also how hard is being a card shuffler? I dont know much about casino games
2018-08-25 06:40
You just shuffle cards. But dealing cards is not difficult, besides you will go through a training program when you start working here and you'll learn it there. Right now theres spots for French speaking dealers and they usually just deal BJ and Roulette, so you shouldn't be too concerned about not knowing anything about games.
2018-08-25 15:32
2018-08-26 23:12
yes I can send you my cv but its in portuguese lul
2018-08-27 16:25
Its has to be in english
2018-08-27 18:06
United Kingdom INGEMARSSON_ 
Guy tries to help people and just gets shit for it. James, I wouldn’t put too much effort into this, clearly it’s attracted a lot of cynical retards. For those of you that can’t be arsed reading, there’s already a link that’s been posted for this. It’s a legit company and legit position. If you’re just going to cry how it isn’t a good salary, then fuck off. Simple.
2018-08-24 22:06
Thanks man, It sucks that the community is so toxic some times. I'm just offering a job and if someone would be interested, I think they should have the opportunity :) Well I can see some people's perspective, that they can get paid better where they are, but they arent considering that this is an unskilled job in a country that has very low taxes and low living costs. Besides that, its an true experience for people like me, to live in an southern country with all the sun and nice sea around it, plus its like a small melting pot with a lot of nice people coming here for vacation or work in a gap year or whatever. And I haven't even told them about the bonuses and benefits the job has :D
2018-08-24 23:03
United Kingdom INGEMARSSON_ 
Yep, except people can’t see any of that - they just focus on the money. Half of them probably aren’t even working. “they arent considering that this is an unskilled job in a country that has very low taxes and low living costs” This. Personally speaking, I have a career and (for the sake of proving a point) earn more than the above bracket it. But I envy you, and I know for a fact your money stretches far more than mine does. On top of that, when you get to the age I am you realise that stuff like you’re doing now is worth far more than a well paid job. Experiences and journeys count for far more. People are too materialistic. Good on you and I hope you continue having an awesome time.
2018-08-24 23:10
Thanks once again! Great to hear some postive response. Fortunately there are some people here who are interested. I'm hoping I can help them to provide a new opportunity with their life.
2018-08-24 23:24
United Kingdom INGEMARSSON_ 
I can’t right now, but luckily I can take a career break if I want - I may have to think about enjoying next summer working abroad. I’ll definitely keep this in mind :)
2018-08-24 23:27
Tbh you chose the bad time to advertise this job. I think you would have get more people there at the start of the summer
2018-08-31 19:40
1.5-2k = good payment? Lmaooo
2018-08-24 22:09
Serbia MoOoN 
2018-08-24 23:48
non-taxed 1.5-2k for a unskilled job that seems way more enjoyable than average work (or not)? and people cry? i'd jump at the chance fucking hell
2018-08-24 23:30
M8 just what I thought when I heard about the job. I were just about to finish my education in Copenhagen and I saw a thread about the job on FB. Applied for it after speaking with a danish girl who worked here and I flew down here 1.5 month later. Went through a couple of skype calls/interviews and everything went smooth :)
2018-08-24 23:37
besides the 1500-2000 are usually after taxes, which means you will get more in the first couple of months, atleast thats how it works for the danish workers here :D
2018-08-24 23:38
wtf 1500-2000€ after tax is very good salary for a unskilled 40hr a week job even in nordic countries, i dont think kids saying its a bad salary have worked a day in their life
2018-08-24 23:42
Probably. If you're interested, let me know. We have a great bond between the scandinavian teams down here.
2018-08-24 23:51
Palestine Baitor69 
2018-08-24 23:29
n0thing | 
Netherlands om1t 
Anomaly?? hes nordic and lives in malta xD
2018-08-24 23:33
Would love to work with anomaly haha, love that crazy fucker
2018-08-24 23:56
ayo james my man what does this mean Valid Police Conduct certificate
2018-08-24 23:34
yeah you'll have to provide one of those after the job interview
2018-08-24 23:43
yea but what is that? like having a clean criminal record?
2018-08-24 23:44
I know one guy who probably doenst have a completely clean criminal record, working here haha So I wouldn't be too concerned about it, unless you've done some messed up stuff ofc.
2018-08-24 23:45
ok yeah cant even apply as im 17, but this looks really interesting
2018-08-24 23:47
we have brazilian guys here, when do you turn 18?
2018-08-24 23:47
no im fakeflagging, from norway and as good as this job sounds like, i wanna stay in norway :D
2018-08-24 23:54
Ahh, theres a lot of need for norwegians atm
2018-08-24 23:54
gl dude
2018-08-24 23:54
2018-08-24 23:55
Norway duffz00r 
Hit me up if need a professional. I love Malta
2018-08-29 16:08
Hey Dude, DM me if youre interested. As I said, there’s a lot of need for Nordic gp’s 😄
2018-08-29 17:34
gl to u guys, sounds like a sweet ass job
2018-08-24 23:47
Serbia MoOoN 
pays good and then its 1500 for a 40h job lol
2018-08-24 23:48
In malta? Its like getting 500k in dubai. Malta has very low taxes and prices. With 2k tou can consider yourself way above avarage. + malta is next to Greece , nice beaches
2018-08-31 19:44
Serbia MoOoN 
ok good2know ty
2018-09-22 21:39
Serbia toENDallWARS 
i applied thanks for showing me this.
2018-08-25 00:04
i can confirm this is Ture.
2018-08-25 00:07
you know about the job? 😃
2018-08-25 00:32
ye Kappa
2018-08-25 01:28
fan of optic india XD
2018-08-25 03:00
Netherlands PeerzS1 
Any Dutch / Decently speaking Englando spots?
2018-08-25 03:24
Yes! Dutch speaking spots 😄
2018-08-25 22:45
2018-08-26 20:09
Sounds too good to be true.
2018-08-25 03:28
Well it's true and it's nice 😄
2018-08-25 22:47
Russia grEminence 
Sounds good, but do u guys hire russians who speak english fluently?
2018-08-25 11:13
My roommate is russain and Works for the German team. You can probably apply for a shuffler job. There are no open spots for English speaking teams ATM.
2018-08-25 22:46
Maka | 
Russia YIKES! 
charlatans inc
2018-08-25 11:18
>around 1500-2000 eu >Pays good pick one
2018-08-27 18:09
Sweden naturen 
it's good for Maltese standards
2018-08-29 15:47
Below average
2018-08-29 16:44
Sweden naturen 
Malta's average is 1340€ a month
2018-08-29 16:47
Yes, gross income.
2018-08-29 16:57
Norway duffz00r 
I'll do it and represent the N00rdz! When can I start?
2018-08-29 15:53
ASAP! You can dm me and all I need is your cv. You can add me on steam/discord if you have any questions my Nordic brother.
2018-08-31 19:05
Norway duffz00r 
+1 Aight brother.
2018-09-02 00:37
still interested?
2018-09-14 03:49
dude im unemployed and i earn 1600€ for doing nothing working 0 hours in 5 days also the meanwhile i sell hype sneakers so easy money ez layf.
2018-08-29 15:54
2018-08-31 19:06
Good luck, and from the community, ty for the proposal.
2018-08-29 15:58
Thank you!
2018-08-31 19:06
Lithuania a2kas 
awesome :O
2018-08-29 16:03
Interested espiranto?
2018-08-31 19:17
WTF is a game presenter?
2018-08-29 16:04
Basically just what casinos calls dealers
2018-08-31 19:06
Scam lul
2018-08-29 16:09
PM the job application on website and I'll check it out, have experience in gambling related work. If you can only forward my CV through yourself, it means 100% scam. You should have a website of your company with available careers there.
2018-08-29 17:38
Well it’s not scam, believe whatever you want to, Ive already forwarded several cv’s from great guys from in here, some even got contacted already. You can dm and I’ll provide you the information needed. And what would I use your cv to, if this were a scam? XD dude it’s not like you’re going to write your credit card number, social secturity number etc in there. What would I use your working experience etc to? Yeah I’ll scam the fuck out of you with this piece of paper that basically everyone could write. Geez stop believing what these trolls are writing here.
2018-08-31 19:03
pm me the names and ages of these dumbfucks who are about to be sex slaves because they were desperate for 1500/mo ill put them on my next yt video Top 50 Most Stupid human Ever Lived
2018-10-19 07:48
Canada PwnNewb 
+1 why does he require forwarding it himself instead of getting you submission info, clear scam
2018-10-19 03:17
Pm with your website , reguarding the languages wich i can speak. Icelandic, swedish, english, portuguese, mandarin, japanese, somali, spanish, and little bit of somali.
2018-08-29 18:29
France FRANCES0192 
2018-08-29 18:32
You can dm me and i’ll Provide you the information needed.
2018-08-31 18:59
Canada PwnNewb 
Jonathan E already locked his other thread... why is he multi threading? prob cause he is posting this on 999 sites trying to harvest your organs or scam you
2018-10-19 03:16
Pays good: around 1500-2000 eu, depends on the t am you'll be in. >pays good also accept this job if u want to get raped and to be sold as a sex slave for some fag millionaire
2018-10-19 07:45
Organ harvester detected*
2018-10-19 08:05
Sounds like a good chance , but i'm 17 sadly and can't do that. Can i work there for like 2 months when needed? I go to school and when i'll finish it i'll be 19 . So i want to know when i've spare time will i be able to work there aswell?
2018-10-19 08:23
Ukraine kek1 
Sounds good
2018-10-19 08:55
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