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LOOT.BET Official Q&A
Cyprus LootBet 
Hey HLTV community! Since we noticed a number of players starting threads about our website, for your convenience we decided to create a separate Q&A for your questions, suggestions, and complaints. This way now you have a go-to place whenever you want to talk about LOOT.BET and have your questions addressed ASAP. We kindly ask you to be specific with your questions and feedback, but please do not post any links. We will try our best to get back to you and assist you as soon as we can. When your question demands for more specific information and links, we will send you a PM! Please keep this place polite and respectful, so we all can enjoy it to our best. Good luck and have fun!
2018-08-23 13:46
walle | 
Germany Fl0RR3 
bitcoin deposit/withdraw?
2018-08-23 13:47
Hi Fl0RR3! Yes, we do work with Bitcoin! And we also accept Ethereum among cryptocurrencies, with no commission.
2018-08-23 13:52
Cyprus Swishh_ 
GUYS, NEVER trust a website that's based in Cyprus. Just to let you all know, this website is BANNED in Cyprus, by the National Betting Authority.
2018-09-24 17:05
Yes, in accordance with the law, online gambling is prohibited in Cyprus, thus we do not provide services to citizens of Cyprus. However, it does not restrict us from legally operating in countries, where online gambling is allowed. As stated in our Terms and Conditions, you must NOT use our service if you reside in a country in which access to online gambling to its residents or to any person within such country is prohibited. Furthermore, we do not provide services to citizens of the following countries: United States of America and its territories, France and its territories, Netherlands and its territories and countries that form the Kingdom of Netherlands, including Bonaire, Sint Eustatius, Saba, Aruba, Curaçao and Sint Maarten, Belize, Belarus, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Cyprus. Please note, that if you are a citizen of above listed countries yet you are residing in a country, that allows online gambling, no legally operating gambling website will provide you service.
2018-09-24 17:35
This is a verified LOOTBET account, you can trust it for support.
2018-08-23 13:50
Latvia Frip! 
2018-10-18 16:24
thx dimitri
2018-10-18 16:27
Finland Lehtori 
what's up with the site, it has been like this for few months:
2018-08-23 13:50
Finland PostBack 
2018-08-23 13:51
That's correct! Our website is currently being modernized and prepared to launch again in the next couple of weeks. That's exactly the reason why we started this thread on HLTV.
2018-08-23 13:54
Finland Lehtori 
I see, will i have to re verify my previously verified account when the new version goes live
2018-08-23 14:05
You won't need to verify again, Lehtori. After we relaunch, all old account data will be restored, so our players who already verified won't need to go through any additional verification.
2018-08-23 14:18
1) Are you changing the odds provider? (who will it be?) 2) Will my account still be limited after relaunching the site? (the username is the same as here)
2018-08-27 13:02
Hi Dobroslov, 1) We have completely reworked our trading system from scratch, so there will be many enhancements regarding the product. 2) The amount of any given bet is dynamically calculated by an automatic system, After the relaunch, this automatic system will be significantly improved.
2018-08-29 18:16
You did not answer my questions. I will repeat in other words. 1) Before closing betting part of your site you used Ultraplay`s odds. Will you continue to partner with them or will it be some other provider (WHO?). Please do not say you will make your own odds - I will never believe you could with such a small staff. And please do not say you can not name the provider -- it will not be the secret after you`re up and running! 2) My account was personally limited by ultraplay`s traders. With the new system will these limitations remain? Please answer straight not these PR blah-blah you tried to sell me in the first attempt...
2018-08-30 13:22
1) No, our cooperation with Ultraplay has been terminated, as this service could not provide a competitive level of quality once we switched to our platform. We are planning to have several feeds, including our own. 2) As for your second question, a public forum is not the right place to discuss things related to your personal account, so please contact our live support.
2018-08-30 16:32
Thank you for your answers! Apreciate the honesty. Shall be waiting for the relaunching and then we will know if the restrictions are still on.
2018-08-30 17:40
Just when you thought HLTV couldn't advertise gambling sites anymore than they already do, they start doing it in the threads. How about you let people go on THEIR WEBSITE where they already have support setup in place instead of advertising it here.
2018-08-23 14:01
Finland PostBack 
cya men :(
2018-08-23 13:53
They can ban me if they want but it doesn't change the fact that all this gambling bullshit needs to go from HLTV. It was fine before but now literally there's more gambling site on the screen than fucking HLTV. If you are using adblock turn it off to see what I mean. No offense to lootbet or any gambling site, not their fault. It's no surprise why the CSGO pro scene is dying when one of the biggest sites censors you for having a different opinion even if it's completely rational and not offensive...and the other is a sellout riddled with gambling ads.
2018-08-23 13:59
Hey PerthBest, This forum section is called Betting, and since we are one of the popular esports betting websites, it made total sense to open our thread here, just like other betting services have done. If you search the forums for LOOT.BET, you will see us mentioned in many different forum threads, and this made things more difficult both to us and all of our players. Now there is a single thread in the Betting section where you can discuss our website and have your questions answered by us.
2018-08-23 14:03
If the so called 18+ bettors don't have the brains to go to the SITE WHERE THEY BET for support but instead post it in a forum full of underage kids (you can deny that all you want but that's what this site is, the majority are not 18+) then they really don't deserve any support from you. You make a good point about the betting forum but HLTV should really have made it a thing by now where you can SELECT what categories show up in 'Recent Activity' but of course they don't because why would they ever do anything that would make their site better. Gambling has a place in every sport, which is why I don't have anything against it. However, the world's leading site in professional CS:GO should not be promoting something so damn much that shouldn't be there. I don't have anything against your site or it being advertised here. My problem is how much of HLTV is made up of these advertisements which ultimately is decided by the HLTV staff as far as I'm aware, not you.
2018-08-23 14:19
Golden | 
Czech Republic _s0 
2018-08-23 14:21
Why so mad? How much did you lost?
2018-08-23 14:26
I don't think you actually read what I said...
2018-08-23 14:26
How much? Next time remember that betting on VP is not so good idea...
2018-08-23 14:27
smh not gonna get baited by this shit have a nice day
2018-08-23 14:28
Well at least i didn't lose any money like you, because you see I'm smart and i don't give this betting sites money like you do. Anyways have a nice day sir.
2018-08-23 14:37
Your 3rd world brain is going to explode pls calm down my friend
2018-08-23 14:59
In doing some homework I decided to fire up some of the Ugandan newspapers to see if anything had changed. These are the headline articles from today’s lifestyle section of the New Vision newspaper: The lead article is called Should I marry my brother in law? Further down the list we have such gems as Should I accept her with the pregnancy?, DNA test negative but can’t let go of the kids, Is my father dating my girlfriend?, They rejected my fiance for being a widow, and my personal favorite for today, A movie made me stop trusting my husband. Almost every article includes a different photo of the same stock pose; a poor man who doesn’t know what the hell to do.
2018-08-23 15:08
Germany mary69 
LOL +1 would legit pay for hltv instead of seeing theese aids gambling ads everywhere
2018-10-18 16:21
Romania Cuntstantin 
I pooped and when I wiped my ass I noticed there was some blood on the toilet paper. What should I do?
2018-08-23 14:29
Hello Cuntstantin. This sounds serious, please contact your healthcare provider!
2018-08-23 14:55
Nt liar there is nothing serious about it
2018-08-23 14:59
Romania Cuntstantin 
I'll take your advice over these capitalistic's pigs advice
2018-08-23 15:13
Styx | 
Turkey Styyx 
2018-10-18 16:26
How much money did you pay to hltv?
2018-08-23 14:38
Hey Offended, Did we have to pay anything for it? You mean, we had to pay for creating a forum thread?
2018-08-23 14:56
No but you definitely paid for advertising your site on hltv match-pages
2018-08-23 14:57
Canada Pervati 
2018-08-23 15:21
2018-12-02 15:17
helllo can you add me 20-25 euro for free bet? i am from very poor family(no clothes,2/1mb internet connection, and i have 3 brother we dont have enough food). please?
2018-08-23 14:58
No you are not +18 so you are not allowed to bet there.
2018-08-23 15:00
hmm :( no chance for good life....
2018-08-23 15:01
France TheFaren 
Is it true LOOT.BET is owned by, if so what's the difference between both.
2018-08-23 15:00
Hey TheFaren! That's not true, we're totally different companies. We're relaunching our betting service in a couple weeks, and we'd love to show you our clear advantages by the end of this year.
2018-08-23 15:37
France TheFaren 
Ill check it out
2018-08-23 15:42
declined by trader. Dear friends! Betting is temporarily unavailable due to system update, thank you for understanding. Meanwhile, check out our new high paying slots Get spinning!
2018-08-23 15:01
Hey, the betting function will be back very soon, most probably in the next couple of weeks!
2018-08-23 15:07
people made too much profit?
2018-08-23 15:19
Nope, that's just because we are very serious about modernizing our website and improving the overall quality of our service. We've got some big plans ahead!
2018-08-23 15:45
when it will work in Poland since every betting site beside poland is forbidden?
2018-08-23 15:02
You mean that it doesn't work right now? If so, this is not just Poland; bettings are currently off, but we're planning to relaunch them on the website in the coming couple of weeks!
2018-08-23 15:25
walle | 
Germany Fl0RR3 What do you think of this song?
2018-08-23 15:21
Not a bad song, now we both know about it.
2018-08-23 15:39
Oh my God, enough of this shit already. AMA after AMA after AMA. If I wanted to read any of this, I would just go to your site, where you could set up a FAQ or Live Support for these matters.. As if there weren't enough ads on this site, they had to start flooding forums with this pile of shite..
2018-08-23 15:47
Lootbet on legal? I aren't think that
2018-08-23 16:20
Yes, we're totally legal and have all the required licenses to work with legislations where betting is allowed. For more information, please refer to the link:
2018-08-23 16:34
Sup boys! You are very well known in CIS region due to a horrible services and bad functionality (website cannot handle low traffic properly). And you are still not even operating? :D Not sure you'll be able to stand competitive at all considering such mess.
2018-08-23 16:22
Sup Dav1oN! As we said it above, we are all serious about modernizing our website and improving the overall quality of our life for our players. For that reason, our betting is currently off. As for the competition, only time will tell.
2018-08-23 16:41
Liechtenstein DanK5000 
1) When was your site founded and by who? How did it go from there, how many people you have on your team now? Tell us your story basically. 2) What country are your main offices based in? And please, don't say the place where your anonymous shell corporation is based like Cyprus or Gibraltar. 3) Why did you close your site so suddenly with no prior warning to users?
2018-08-24 14:19
1) The website was started in 2016. Currently we have about 40 people on board (programmers, traders, art and web designers, community managers, marketers, and so on). 2) The company was founded in Cyprus, as it is one of the most convenient states for such type of business. Our headquarters are located in Cyprus, but we also have local offices in a few other countries. We cannot elaborate on it in more detail because of our privacy policy. In order to keep our customers' data safe, the information about our business owners and its employees is kept away from the general public. 3) As our website grew more and more popular, it stopped being able to properly handle the influx of new bettors. In order to minimize the risk of providing low-quality service we decided to temporarily shut it down for modernization activities. Using this pause, we have also performed some of the preparatory works that will help us with the introduction of new features that we are planning to implement in 2018-2019.
2018-08-24 18:27
Hello, i have a couple of questions: 1st - Why do you limit all the winning players on your site? I had an account in your site and after a couple days of betting i got limited to 10 $ max bet on most events. Moreover i have a lot of friends that used to bet on your site and all of them got limited after they made an okaish profit. How do you even have the eyes to post a thread here, everyone knows you limit every half decent bettor on your site, you disgust me... 2nd - Why did you hold all the money from the users after your trash site went afk and you basically had no betting service to offer. still holds everyone's money, this should speak for itself. And you come here, make a thread and are trying to sound like you are legit or smth??!? No you aren't, you are a scam site with no name in the betting industry and by the way you are conducting business it's obvious you will stay the same after the relaunch or whatever you are doing. As far as im concerned, your owner may be heading to the sunset with all of our money... fk this shitty site
2018-09-02 17:24
Hi MysticGGWP, 1) The available maximum bet amounts are automatically calculated each time on individual basis. 2) This is not true. During the whole modernization period, when betting was off, our players could and did withdraw their funds via Skrill, Qiwi, and Yandex.Money systems.
2018-09-03 18:26
yeah its true. i did withdraw my eth 1month ago
2018-09-03 18:41
from #86 LootBet: "when betting was off" it IS off not was :) And as i see some percentages instead of odds I could conclude you want to change the model for pool bettting. If so, you are already late - there are plenty of such sites and most of users do not like pool betting for one does not know what would be the final odds.
2018-09-04 11:25
sorry, now I see it can be changed to other odds format. thanks for support. but betting under my login is for some reason disabled. trying to figure it out with online support team.
2018-09-04 11:46
Ha, it turned out my account is not just limited - it is closed for betting. :) Very nice of you. You are the best. I love betting with you - i definately will not loose anything. Thank you for caring about my money not to be gambled away :)
2018-09-04 12:15
We are still an esports betting platform, the model has never been changed. It is just that now we have various options for showing the odds. To switch back to the old standard view, please do the following steps: 1. Click the button on the right side of the language selector at the upper-right part of the page ( 2. Click "Standard" to go back to the standard decimal odds view ( Even though you might have solved this already, maybe this reply would also help someone else who got stuck on the new website.
2018-09-04 12:43
Don't you mind if we ask you a couple additional questions on this? 1) Do you see these percentages when logged into your account, or when using a guest view? 2) Are you using an old account that was registered before the modernization, or you created a new one? Thank you in advance for your assistance!
2018-09-04 13:10
It was very old account. Long time limited by Ultraplay traders. Today it turned out you prefered to block my account.
2018-09-04 14:23
And yes, i do want to know what was the reason for such an act. Let all community know as well.
2018-09-04 14:27
Hello Dobroslov, Okay, since you asked for a reply about your personal account several times and wanted the reply to be public, here is what we can share. According to the Terms & Conditions, we reserve the right to refuse you further access to the service, returning your account balance to you, and that was what happened. In your case, the reason was because of the suspicious circumstances that accompanied the creation of your account in 2016. Our logs show that your account was created several days before the official announcement of the website launch. When we previously asked you to explain this fact in private, we did not receive any reasonable explanation from you.
2018-09-05 13:12
What is suspious? I managed to find a site that was online for some time but not announced. It does not mean the most-used search engine on the WWW could not see it and offer it on the SERP. At the end of 2016 I was searching for the new Esports oriented betting sites -- that was the time when Esports betting began to grow. Registration on your site was not prohibited, so I did it. Yours is not the only site I found before the oficial launching - it is not a rocket scince really :) And I really do not understand what unfair advantage could I possibly get with my early registration that might caused the blocking of account? :)
2018-09-05 18:23
Russia Norstron 
hey i see you have resurrected the site. Its great update, good odds as it was and etc. BUT where is some nice bonus system or referral system? smth for users to come to u from other betting sites. It would be rly nice of you to add some interesting bonuses for newcomers tbh
2018-09-06 18:59
Hey Norstron, Well noted! We have some very good odds for the ongoing FACEIT Major: London 2018. As for your question, we have a new bonus system almost ready to be rolled out. Please stay tuned to our social channels and our LOOT.BET website, we will update you on it pretty soon!
2018-09-07 16:59
United States PlayboiCarti 
2018-09-08 15:37
Hey TRIPLEXTENTACION! We are NOT related to Galaxy Group Ltd., not in any way. What in the world made you think so?
2018-09-09 16:01
Canada Pervati 
Can i offer you vbucks?
2018-09-09 16:02
Hey dAdji, We would gladly implement the V-bucks betting on our platform, but first we must get the banks to accept lumber and Vespene Gas conversion into real money. By the way, we do accept Bitcoins and Ethereum! Thus you can sell your CryptoKitties and bet what you earn from them, if you really want to!
2018-09-11 16:44
Indonesia Astranesia 
2018-09-24 16:53
Latvia 6matko 
Sorry, no question. (This message can be removed).
2018-09-09 16:05
Anyone betting there? How long does it take to withdraw?
2018-09-21 15:35
Hey bnuio, Usually it takes about two hours, but in rare cases it can take up to 72 hours. This mostly depends on the payment method. If any problems arise regarding a withdrawal, we will contact the user.
2018-09-22 14:18
yo give me free money :)
2018-09-22 14:20
Hey, Janusz_Korwin_Mikke! You can earn some easy money by using your CS:GO knowledge and eSports expertise. Instead of relying on active advertisement, we offer higher odds. We pay more :)
2018-09-25 17:30
Germany danny__ 
if the site is back up , can we deposit via paypal?
2018-09-22 14:28
Hey danny__, Unfortunately we don't accept PayPal.
2018-09-22 18:49
Czech Republic dreamARTz 
Most of the times matches get added very late (like 5 min before start). Is there any progress on improving this?
2018-09-22 16:38
Hey dreamARTz! Yes, it is our top priority, even though this issue is far less frequent.
2018-09-22 18:55
D0cC | 
Netherlands @Deji 
Do you accept PayPal?
2018-09-22 16:40
Hey @Deji, Unfortunately we don't accept PayPal.
2018-09-22 18:49
I realize this is an odd question but I don't know who else to ask except LootBet. Simply put: I'm thinking of starting my own biker gang. It's not going to be something serious, in fact, it'll be kind of a joke. We'll be known as the Weeabooz (not final) and have a similar patch design like in the pic. The only requirements are that you are a fan of anime or Japanese culture in general and happen to ride a bike. We will meet up in local bars and watch anime together, while proclaiming each of our love for our waifus/husbandos, comparing dakimakuras, singing our favorite anime theme songs in karaoke and whatnot. We will ride regularly, with one person blaring barely-legally loud theme music from whatever anime we find to be appropriate. I will try to plan our routes to be just in view (but not too close, so as to not get in trouble) of local schools, colleges, and libraries to attract anime/Japanese club students. I'm hoping it'll start a national movement out of being so sheerly memetic. The bikes won't have to look a certain way. In fact, I'd especially welcome sports bikes because most of them are made in Japan. Japanese related designs will be praised such as the imperial Japanese flag or Bōsōzoku-styled modifications. Concerning hierarchy, everyone of lower rank will refer to those above them as "senpai", except for myself, Emperor Anon is reserved for that. The ranks will follow traditional feudal Japanese soldier ranks such as, shogun, daimyo, samurai, ronin. Yeah, it's weird but then again there are Christian and Disney biker clubs so why not one about people celebrating glorious Nippon? Now, the question is if you guys think I'll be given a hard time by real biker dudes. I read somewhere that having more than one biker club in an area might be asking for trouble. I only want the gang to be a gang by name and nothing else, and obviously it's not like I'd be stealing members from those rednecks.
2018-09-22 16:43
A marvelous idea, that deserves not only its own forum thread, but also a community hub, where members of your gang could worship their Emperor. We also tried to start our own bike gang and were forced fight over potential club members with the Justin Bieber gang and the Cirque du Soleil Regular Attendee gang. There was blood mixed with confetti all over the place... Our advice is to add some flavor to the ranking. For instance, you can use Sailor Senshi ranking and titles. Then again, we believe that such niche organizations require their own community platforms. Godspeed.
2018-09-24 12:05
Nice banter. I would bet on your site if I wasn't underage
2018-09-24 16:46
We'll be waiting for you.
2018-09-24 16:49
Denmark monroEski 
Really alot of problems with your site today. The last hours it has been all the betting section has been unavailable during the major semi-finals, now finally they appear again and whenever im trying to place a bet it says "Connection timeout". For 3 hours i haven't been able to place a single bet. Hopefully you get this fixed soon....
2018-09-22 19:15
Hey monroEski! Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience. We are doing our best to fix this issue ASAP.
2018-09-22 19:32
can we deposit with skins ?
2018-09-24 16:52
Hey Diacryses! Sure! Just choose a currency and select "skinpay" as a payment method. By doing that, you sell your skins for money instead of making a deposit with them. Thus, you cannot withdraw skins, but you can withdraw money.
2018-09-24 17:03
Russia sezur 
Will u fix mistakes which were made in previous version of a site? For example lootbet just stole 200-300$ from my account and support said that i won more money that should due to mistakes of betting system and took my 200$ without reasons....
2018-09-24 17:14
Russia sezur 
I mean can u return money if u change support and site
2018-09-24 17:14
Hello, sezur! We did have certain technical issues on a single occasion, when few users gained from x2 up to x50 more than they actually should due to a betting system error. As the issue was fixed, earnings that were added due to the error were deducted. We would like to note, that any earnings that were not affected by said issue were, of course, left as they were.
2018-09-24 18:01
LOOT.BET cup 3 - when?
2018-10-02 16:23
And how limited is the limited edition bonus - can i save it for the finals?
2018-10-09 16:47
Hey, podjarka! We just launched a new one :) Stay tuned, there's more to come!
2018-10-15 09:29
Hey I wanted to ask why did you scam my friend for 1600$ is it okay to bring up an unused account with no deposits/bonus activations as a reason to scam 1600$?
2018-10-18 13:47
Hi, OriginalKuL! Please, describe the situation your friend has experienced in order for us to to help him and anwser your question.
2018-10-18 14:58
My friend from USA deposited and won 1600$ and only then discovered USA isnt allowed, why would you allow deposits and registering form USA if it isnt allowed to bet? And now he is fucked because of your scammy shit
2018-10-18 16:16
If you are using our service, you automatically agree with our Terms and Conditions. Our Terms and Conditions include a list of countries, citizens and\or residents of which are restricted from using our service. He was able to deposit only because he deposited in cryptocurrency. In any other case he would be restricted from using our service. Furthermore, your friend received a refund of his initial deposit. We must abide by the laws of the countries where we operate.
2018-10-19 13:21
More like you encourage those people to play . Why can't you just not allow anyone to register from the countries that aren't allowed and put up a VPN detection so noone can register from VPN from those countries aswell. You realise it sounds pretty scammy when you can't play on the site but still can register account from a location that isn't allowed?
2018-10-19 13:30
Korea ENCE|jW 
Do you wana sponsor my team ? We are all globals
2018-10-18 16:30
Hello, You can send your proposal to, write a few words about your team and your letter will find your receiver :)
2018-11-01 08:58
OK well now i want to withdraw, how long do i wait till'i get my btc?
2018-11-05 16:07
Hey there! It can take up to 72 hours in rare cases, so please, be patient and be sure to contact our support if you'll be having any additional issues!
2018-11-06 12:04
Can I register if I’m from Azerbaijan?
2018-11-06 12:06
Sure thing!
2018-11-06 12:07
Ty because most online gambling sites are banned in our country so I have to make sure (even casinos are illegal lul)
2018-11-06 12:08
You can deposit via Qiwi/Skrill/Neteller/BTC and rest assured that you will have no issues with the withdrawal :) But again, just to clarify - our service is most definitely not banned in Azerbaijan.
2018-11-06 12:15
Hungary Ilove2bait 
Fakeflagger noob
2018-12-01 00:06
During The Kuala Lumpur Major, we run a daily arcana giveaway among those who made bets on the tournament's matches. Today's prize is Frost Avalanche. To get the chance to win tomorrow's Manifold Paradox all you need to do is to bet on LOOT.BET! GL, HF!
2018-11-12 12:29
Hello! What are the most popular payment options? i tried credit card on your site but was declined
2018-11-14 21:32
Hey, That's strange! We have a number of payment options, the most common are visa\mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, btc, and Qiwi. Have you tried contacting our live support?
2018-11-15 11:55
Yo, i wanted to place a bet on Tyloo vs BIG but the buttons became inactive like two hours before the actual game wtf?
2018-11-29 14:19
Hungary Ilove2bait 
Approve my withdraw thx bye
2018-12-01 00:07
Hungary Ilove2bait 
Thanks xD
2018-12-01 09:21
No probs mate
2018-12-02 15:13
Is this site a S C A M?😰😱
2018-12-02 15:18
N O P E we legit 💯🔥👌
2018-12-02 16:36
O K 😎👌🔥🔥
2018-12-02 16:37
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