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FaZe after MAJOR
mir | 
Ukraine v1adyb0y 
G2 will kick SmithZz and Shox will leave with him. Shox will go to FaZe on IGL, with SmithZz on coach or analyst. FaZe Roster: shox Guardian olofm rain NiKo
2018-08-24 02:06
Tbh not a bad roster
2018-08-24 02:07
Brazil Collee 
Shox is being too inconsistent this year. If he could find some consistency, maybe with a decent lineup like FaZe's, they would become really strong
2018-08-24 02:10
shox has been incredibly consistent for the past 5 years but this year his consistentcy is seemingly gone. All depends on how G2 do at the major and if they do poor then shox won't be going anywhere.
2018-08-24 02:28
Russia Jovlk 
Richard is definitely a better player but he's incompetent in leading. Happy is a better replacement.
2018-08-24 02:34
I don't think I've ever barfed looking at a roster, thanks for making that a first for me
2018-08-24 02:36
Russia skipster 
If Na’Vi will lose the major and FaZe aswell Then FaZe: -Olof +s1mple Na’Vi: -s1mple +idk
2018-08-24 02:39
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