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DPI settings feel different for different brands?
United States whatisthisidonteven 
Anybody else experience this? I just replaced my SteelSeries Rival 110 with a Logitech G305 because I wanted to go wireless, and I had to drop my in-game sensitivity from 1.05 to 0.7 at 800 DPI. I was shocked at how much faster the G305 is at the same DPI (even noticeable generally outside the game). Is normal?
2018-08-26 23:38
placebo probably
2018-08-26 23:39
Norway rogueplayer 
Not only is it lighter, but the sensor is much better too
2018-08-26 23:39
It's not much better
2018-08-26 23:41
Norway zavson 
my windows mouse acceleration did reset after I changed my mouse, check it. also check hz rate, it also can make a differents
2018-08-26 23:42
flusha | 
Denmark Mudza 
weight maybe?
2018-08-26 23:42
I checked Windows settings and polling rate and both are the same before and after. G305 400 DPI in Windows feels like 800 DPI Rival 110. Def not placebo because my crosshair was wildly fast in pistol DM server that I just played with the Rival 110 minutes before installing the G305 to see if there was a difference.
2018-08-26 23:43
flusha | 
Lithuania jiffoe 
yup thats normal, had the same feeling after changing from zowie ec2a to g305, or some years ago i went from some CoolerMaster mice to g100s, where the feeling was the same, its logitech's sensor and not a placebo
2018-08-26 23:44
do you still use g305? how did you like it?
2018-08-26 23:50
flusha | 
Lithuania jiffoe 
for me its great , no problems with the sensor while playing on 400 dpi 1.78 sens and the shape, size is what is I was looking for, only lift off distance kind of high, but thats it
2018-08-26 23:54
thank you friend. i appreciate the insight. so far very easy transition from rival 110; my hand feels already used to it. i think i will start at 400 dpi / 1.45 for now but may go lower. have a good day
2018-08-26 23:59
Weight of Rival 110 is supposedly 91 g and the G305 with the stock battery they give us is supposed to be around 98 g I think. So G305 is supposed to be heaver (and it feels just the slighted bit heavier) Swapping it out for a lithium battery will make them basically the same. Maybe no drag from lack of cable??
2018-08-26 23:44
I will say that it feelsamazingman not having a cable attached to the mouse. The G305 shape feels in the same ballpark as the 110. Not the same but it should be very easy to get used to coming from the 110.
2018-08-26 23:46
Twistzz | 
Lithuania Sheikl 
Well it is true. Because every mouse has different sensor and different sensors work differently. And ofc this affects dpi. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think it is like this.
2018-08-26 23:46
idk my friend, i thought dpi was supposed to be a standardized measurement but what even the f do i know :/ either way ty for the reply
2018-08-26 23:51
Twistzz | 
Lithuania Sheikl 
My razer sometimes was doing retarded stuff with synapse. Sometimes movement felt slow and I had to turn off synapse to fix it. After turning it off and turning it back on it always was ok. Maybe steelseries had some retarded stuff with software too.
2018-08-26 23:57
China maybe_banned 
maybe the glides are more slippery
2018-08-26 23:47
maybe my friend. i do like the way it glides though. very very smooth
2018-08-26 23:49
Croatia mds818 
yall playing on the fucking low dpi
2018-08-27 00:06
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