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Am I the only one that dislikes him for calling cs a shit game? I mean this guy would be a casual 200 viewer streamer without cs.
2018-08-27 00:11
literally who
2018-08-27 00:12
hi prokda
2018-08-27 00:13
im not prokda wtf
2018-08-27 03:17
he does it for drama purposes lmao
2018-08-27 00:12
shroud is jsut such a fucking retard
2018-08-27 00:15
Norway rogueplayer 
he's also such a beta cuck... did you see his feminine walk? (((puke)))
2018-08-27 00:20
2018-08-27 03:33
He's said he's joking before xd And he definitely liked the game before or he wouldn't have been a pro But there are problems with the game, you can't deny
2018-08-27 00:18
yes we can't deny it. on the other hand i see a cheated husband move: no relevant championships won coming from a guy with a huge ego- so he claims 'shitty game bla bla'
2018-08-27 03:35
rain | 
Estonia fea7her 
he aint wrong
2018-08-27 00:18
He is correct though. CSGO could be so much better.
2018-08-27 00:20
Portugal AEnema 
2018-08-27 03:24
+1 idk why i keep playing this shit
2018-08-27 03:28
Thorin | 
Egypt True_ 
I mean he was playing csgo 12 hours+ and streaming if you play that much and you are just losing 90% of the time I would guess you start the hate the game because you only play it because its your job.
2018-08-27 00:21
shroud who? he is boring af people do like "shroud reaction" and his reaction is "hm" wadu heck btw haHAA so funny
2018-08-27 00:22
Brazil bandicoot 
is that the fortnite player? LUL
2018-08-27 00:22
CS is an awesome esport/competitive game. As a video game it is rather basic. Not much casual content, not many gamemodes and most are not popular, not nearly as much customization as other games today. Graphics are dated, sounds are nothing special. engine runs poorly on newer hardware.
2018-08-27 00:22
He pretty much only dislikes CS because Valve is fucking it over, but I agree that he doesn't give the game that made him who he is today enough recognition.
2018-08-27 03:22
wait cs isn t a shit game ?
2018-08-27 03:25
Romania themightyflea 
i'm pretty sure he would have been a pro in another game had it not been for cs... the guy's literally insane at any shooter he plays he was never even a pro in 1.6 or source. he just began playing competitively in cs go and reached the highest level almost instantly
2018-08-27 03:32
he wouldn't be a 200 viewer streamer. he would be like 3k viewer streamer xD
2018-08-27 03:35
it is shit because valve doesnt give a shit about it
2018-08-27 03:43
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