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best spots to play each map
Monkey | 
so im wondering which spots are getting the most kills in general in pugs for example mirage connector player as CT has most kills generally. also i want to know best T routines for guaranteed kills and CT routines
2018-08-27 22:18
Bullsht with mirage and connector
2018-08-27 22:19
how come?
2018-08-27 22:20
If you peek mid - terrors will instantly kill you with awp If you just stay still and hold connector - they will overrun you and peek together, you might get 1 kill at max
2018-08-27 22:22
lol connector player literally have all the control over map. a clever player with good aim can easily play it with good support from A site and window player.
2018-08-27 22:26
2018-08-28 01:53
Playing back 6 on Train CT side. Only low IQ players go B more than 3 rounds on T side.
2018-08-27 22:20
Spain cart0n 
not apps on inf
2018-08-27 22:20
gob b | 
Germany Koxky 
mirage underwood cache checkers dust2 pit inferno sandbags train ivy cbble long a overpass barrels nuke ramp
2018-08-27 22:21
tarik | 
United States nikolaii 
Most of those spots get mollied 9/10 times
2018-08-27 22:29
you can’t get mollied off if you molly those spots first then run into them
2018-08-27 22:30
tarik | 
United States nikolaii 
200iq strats
2018-08-27 22:30
better yet just predict molotovs and throw a decoy to stop it in mid air
2018-08-27 22:31
Israel asafborger 
2018-08-27 22:33
i apologize in advance for blowing your mind
2018-08-27 22:34
tarik | 
United States nikolaii 
Better yet wallhack ez gamesense
2018-08-27 22:41
gob b | 
Germany Koxky 
pretty much, but if you know how to handle your situations, you can escape it mostly
2018-08-29 21:13
United States TriHardSeven 
Close ramp on mirage = ez kills
2018-08-27 22:27
peek that shit every round with a scout and just reel in those kills
2018-08-27 22:28
as a ct - play t spawn on vertigo
2018-08-27 22:29
CT: Mirage - wood Nuke - ramp Inferno - banana/flowers (B) Overpass - Toilets Dust2 - B at box close to tunnels/boxes at site Cache - under vents/catwalk A Train - Ivy T: Mirage - apps A/Under Nuke - Outside Inferno - apps Cache - Main Train - ladder B Dust2 - Short/Long Overpass - connector/short/long
2018-08-28 02:06
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