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Edward MVP
Happy | 
Other Master_Baiter 
If Navi wins this event, MVP must be Edward, this guy clutched 2 important rounds
2018-08-29 20:53
4/8, would be 0/8 but its master_baiter
2018-08-29 20:54
Nepal Avhy 
2018-08-29 20:54
nt Edward's alt
2018-08-29 20:54
Poland wiktorex 
and s1mple did 32 frags on overpass...
2018-08-29 20:55
if edward didnt do this , then navi would be on the way home now
2018-08-29 20:56
Poland wiktorex 
if s1mple didn't carry they will not even play train s1mple also won important 1v1 clutch on train
2018-08-29 20:57
Andorra hltv_citizen 
didnt expect such a pathetic bait from Master_baiter vote_kick "master_baiter" from top tier hltv baiters
2018-08-29 20:55
what if edward, makes god like plays in semis and finals"?
2018-08-29 21:00
Andorra hltv_citizen 
stop baiting me Mater_Baiter if u want to get ur title back just make a good bait
2018-08-29 21:01
he is the pistol god
2018-08-29 21:50
Edward sometimes play like bot, but in important rounds he is good
2018-08-29 21:02
yes, whenever he clutches Navi wins, he is the only player who never left Navi I remember his clutch against Liquid, which made Navi win
2018-08-29 21:51
He left for Astana Dragons with Markeloff one time
2018-08-29 22:11
well, anyway, he is the most long term and founding member of Navi, and idk what happened to astana dragons, they were good with markeloff. and markeloff leaving navi was biggest mistake
2018-08-29 22:17
Ukraine sargon32 
Edward K(hs)-66 (44) the best
2018-08-29 21:02
2018-08-30 19:17
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