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Issa's sticker with dups sign - meaning
Poland veb1k 
2018-08-30 04:05
Reddit users hunting for karma upvotes WHO COULD'VE SEEN THIS COMING?
2018-08-30 04:13
cant u get banned for trying to get ppl to upvote ur stuff like this?
2018-08-30 04:23
Let's get his ass banned
2018-08-30 04:23
Namibia 999900 
reddit dont care lol sk gaming made a post on their steam group asking for upvotes one times, post got removed but the account wasnt banned theres are boards on reddit dedicated to asking for upvotes/downvoting others reddit admins are even more lazy than hltv admins
2018-08-30 04:31
found your reddit account soon your SIN and credit card info, im master hackman
2018-08-30 04:35
Brazil vinnyzeraNTC 
Go back to reddit
2018-08-30 04:24
Why u want to ban me ;/ just wanted to share some sad and good find ;s
2018-08-30 04:51
cuz we are stupid and proud
2018-08-30 04:56
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