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CS pros if they were DOTA 2 pros
Brazil shoyera 
Fallen = Puppey - successfull career, great IGL, great knowledge of the game, charismatic, and they both have their own stack. s1mple = Miracle - insane skills GeT_RighT = Dendi - huge fan base and haters, absolute legends coldzera = sumail - both wrecks their games and punks are never satisfied about them Karrigan = MiSeRy - IGL's of great teams but they're not as skilled as their teammates Taco = PieLieDie - A support player that is willing to do what it takes for the sake of his team Tarik = AdmiralBulldog - goons that are very popular on their streams gla1ve = Kuroky - needless to say, great IGL's of the arguably best roster of all time dev1ce = matumbaman - their team believes on them, they know how they are able to carry the most difficult games fer = MinD_ControL - their opponents knows that they're out there somewhere and they're comming in any time Edward = Fear - they're heroes on their regions, they're skilled and they're both old on the scene NiKo = RTZ - they're both very skilled, they're both fans favorites and they never won a big tournament
2018-08-30 20:19
You didn't just do that
2018-08-30 20:20
Nope, this isn't reality
2018-08-30 20:24
Is it just fantasy?
2018-08-30 20:24
Poland swstk 
" best roster of all time" lol
2018-08-30 20:20
woxic - admiral bulldog
2018-08-30 20:21
Still no major for them, sorry
2018-08-30 20:24
Denmark JustYes 
so only the major is a big event?
2018-08-30 20:58
name: checks
2018-08-30 21:04
Denmark JustYes 
flag: checks
2018-08-30 21:54
CIS C9_Nikoldzera 
Puppey - Charismatic ULTRALUL
2018-08-30 22:00
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