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Satisfying your libido
kNgV- | 
Sweden NiP2019comeback 
Do you use your girlfriend? Do you go to clubs in searching for thots? Do you purchase sexual services on the street corners? Do you purchase an asian slave to hide in your basement? Are you learning yoga so you could suck your own dick? Do you have a cute body pillow? I just masturbate all day
2018-08-31 21:16
Netherlands nibbas 
ok virgin
2018-08-31 21:16
Poland henlo 
i use nothing at all i conquer my desires through willpower
2018-08-31 21:17
You stornk, I am be proud my polish friend
2018-08-31 21:19
Nast1a | 
Czech Republic teguP 
i use your boyfriend
2018-08-31 21:17
Please let him now that I am still waiting for him home, he promised me to let me drink his cummy cummy
2018-08-31 21:19
Nast1a | 
Czech Republic teguP 
he said my yoghurt tastes way better so he will never go back to you I also dont abuse him
2018-08-31 21:20
wtf man why the fuck you steal a bros bro just like that, no respect? reported
2018-08-31 21:22
Don't lie to us, you also wank at night.
2018-08-31 21:20
I used to, but then I was in bed and all sheets would get really white so my mom told me to stop :(
2018-08-31 21:21
2018-08-31 21:23
I stick my dick in my ass
2018-08-31 21:25
Impressive! Could you send me a picture so I could try it myself? I would be very appreciated
2018-08-31 21:26
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