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G2 After major team swap if they dont do good: KennyS Smithzz Zywoo Shox Ex6tenz or KennyS kioshima Zywoo Shox Ex6tenz Whats your guys thoughts
2018-09-02 10:13
> if they dont do good What you mean "if"?! After major: disband ofc, with SmithZz as an active member they can win no big events ever, shox should finally understand that his love to SmithZz may very well be showed outside the game, so: -SmithZz -bodyy +kioShiMa +NBK
2018-09-02 10:15
s0m | 
Norway goodguyme 
i totaly agree here, smith back to coatch, but insted off nbk meybe scream?
2018-09-02 10:20
3 freedom-loving players (kennys, shox, scream/apex/zywoo) is too much, ex6tenz never played like that and will never start
2018-09-02 10:39
2018-09-02 10:20
0/8 lul
2018-09-02 10:56
chukkky, you should change how you try to bait, because your current style is as outdated as Ex6TenZ and SmithZz are altogether, do something to it asap
2018-09-02 11:25
The major will prove you wrong :p Have a good day
2018-09-02 11:26
2018-09-02 11:37
What exactly will happen at the major?
2018-09-02 11:42
Denmark muggge 
"understand that his love to SmithZz may very well be showed outside the game" yes
2018-09-02 12:07
United States JustBitsy 
I thought kio was the problem...
2018-09-02 10:17
s0m | 
Norway goodguyme 
they are not picking up zywoo, his playing tier 2 cs online. when he have played a little more on lan aginst better teams meybe they will
2018-09-02 10:18
I see where ur getting ay but he is the best if not the best in frwnce
2018-09-02 12:46
s0m | 
Norway goodguyme 
u cant really say that. he hasent played lan aginst good teams, so no his not the best
2018-09-02 12:55
He's the best French player atm he is talented man well what I have seen... I ain't say he is the best in the world dude. And if he's not the best in France who is?
2018-09-02 12:57
s0m | 
Norway goodguyme 
the best player from france? kenny or shox iys not zywoo his hasent played enought big teans and lan, players normaly play better online. yeah his talanted but not the best yet
2018-09-02 13:08
Well one of the best
2018-09-02 13:09
s0m | 
Norway goodguyme 
yeah you can say he is one off them but he needs experiense in a tier1 scene before he can call himself the best france pleyer
2018-09-02 14:37
Can't deny
2018-09-02 21:05
Australia LustyLeopard69 
KennyS Shox Kio NBK Scream/ApeX
2018-09-02 10:27
United States Cherryyy 
best g2 would be shox kennys ex6 scream kio smithzz (coach) the chemistry, skill, and experience between all of these players would be insane. for sure top 5 if they make this
2018-09-02 10:34
Europe rEdYy 
2018-09-02 10:36
2018-09-02 11:45
2018-09-02 12:46
Canada |Frog 
2018-09-03 07:47
+1 could work
2018-09-03 07:51
2018-09-03 08:18
Finland Abecsgo 
Guys KennyS Train is over, -KennyS + Someone else for awp. Hes just overhyped Player like gr but both of them are bots Nowdayys
2018-09-02 10:38 kennyS has been so bad in 2018 :o
2018-09-02 11:09
0/8 bad try
2018-09-02 11:20
France SpooceCooke 
Lmao Kenny overyhyped? Cheap b8 m8
2018-09-03 07:24
-shox body and smithzz +zywoo, scream and either nbk or kio
2018-09-02 10:39
ScreaM ZyWOO Kio ApeX RpK
2018-09-02 10:40
You guys don't understand, if G2 change after thé major boddy will be the only one leaving the team
2018-09-02 10:45
Ant1ka | 
African Union a2wai 
G2 after major kennyS shox SmithZz bodyy Ex6tenz and who's thinking that g2 will change somebody i've got some bad news for you thats will not happen
2018-09-02 10:47
2018-09-02 11:13
Russia Ducat 
Whats about boddy? He could ruin this squad, because he reject first shox offer and could reject second
2018-09-02 11:17
Ant1ka | 
African Union a2wai 
dunno why u thinking about that bodyy will be kicked, he's playing with this squad so I see no way him to be kicked from the team. It will be an upset if they do this I think so they will play this roster till the end of the year at least
2018-09-02 11:36
It's a dream
2018-09-02 12:47
shox | 
Serbia ravi0ll1 
they mentioned bodyy was in for the major spot If he doesnt perform good enough as a star player you'd be dumb to think they wouldnt replace him for kio/ scream/ zywoo if they could
2018-09-02 12:57
I think that NBK or apEX hate now G2. They benched them just for shox love SmithZz and Ex6TenZ that got benched from LDLC. And after NBK want to be in major, They said that if he be in major, it would be just a stand-in for G2, They also gave them brutal buyout price, cause They dont want some team to buyout them. That is why NBK and apEX creating their own new roster. But still dont know why They get Ex6TenZ when They can get somebody like kioShiMa. Also ScreaM is free. Maybe organization after major -Ex6TenZ -SmithZz +kioShiMa +ScreaM and bodyy can be 5th player of that NBK roster instead of Happy or RpK.
2018-09-02 10:50
Denmark Xipingu 
Why would Shox collect this roster to abandon them after the major? That would be idiotic. No reason to do it in the first place then
2018-09-02 10:58
scream shox kennys zywoo bodyy
2018-09-02 10:59
Ax1Le | 
Russia A1eks 
-Ex6tenz and good
2018-09-02 11:41
Nepal Avhy 
2018-09-02 11:45
whatever the result, there will be no change, you retard
2018-09-02 11:59
OMG you retard it's what should happen
2018-09-02 12:48
No ScreaM in team = no Dream Team
2018-09-02 12:57
Korea RemoveBooster 
Kio and zywoo will join vitality csgo with nbk and maybe apex
2018-09-02 13:10
shox | 
Romania frosty0 
They have a real chance to win the major as any other team participating. Stop being little kids. Now will they win? No, I don't think so.. there are better teams than them all over the place. But yet again, nobody saw C9 winning the Boston major yet they won it. We have a HUUUGE history of suprising major winner so we have to wait and see. Maybe after the major many of you will be dying fans of Tyloo so stfu and respect them as a team.
2018-09-02 13:17
2 awpers stop. putting. zywoo. with. kenny.
2018-09-02 21:07
secondary DURRRR
2018-09-03 06:50
And he is a great Rifler aswell
2018-09-03 06:50
but your wasting both of them by making them play with the other i know Australia doesn't have good players so your try and fuck up other people scene but stop
2018-09-03 07:00
Oh yea ik that your retarded but don't try to ruin other peoples dream and it's not ruining the scene is making it better. And Kenny Cant carry the hole team by it self. maybe once you know the difference from New Zealand and Australia fucking talk to me. Uneducated fuck.
2018-09-03 07:04
whats the fucking difference and how tf is zywoo and kenny being in the same team a ''dream'' . kennys can centrally carry a team by himself and shown to do it. zywoo should be with scream or happy or apEX which might be happening with nbk apex happy zywoo and rpk which would be way better than your dumb ass lineup
2018-09-03 07:07
Okay first of all, the difference is its 2 different countrys. 2nd of all. Anyteam with Happy isnt going to do well. and yes I agree with you kennyS can carry the team by himself. BUT dont you fucking think if he had more help more fire power they will win TROPHYS? not just GAMES
2018-09-03 07:09
yes thats why you put apex in there or rpk or kio and you kick fucking shox and bodyy and yes happy hasnt been doing good in the past few years but with NBK handling igl i think he can go back to his insane form. and not rly 90% of people think you are the same shit
2018-09-03 07:12
I think 99 percent of people know the difference. And why have rpk and kio and kick Shox and bodyy why not bodyy and smithzz. and add Zywoo and Kio. You're honestly retarded. first of all they can succesfully have a secondary awper and aswell have a firepower more infact 2 of them.
2018-09-03 07:15
because smithZz brings so fucking much to a team and you will never understand it with your dumbass silver brain. Him and NBK are the most valuable players in the french csgo scene and there is a reason that ever single french team that has done something has had those 2 players on it
2018-09-03 07:17
With a fire power of shox its more likly that he should be in the team and Smithzz should f off unless he shows up big time at the major and was Smithzz on envyus 2015????? No dumbass
2018-09-03 07:28
when tf did i say he was on envy 2015....i said him and NBK where the only consistent factor with successful french you know what that means little boy? Shox has been way worse for the role he is supposed to be playing. SmithZz has an insane mind for cs and has shown to stop people egos from getting out of control. do you know how fucking political the french scene is???? like at all stay in your new Zealand shit hole.
2018-09-03 07:33
Him and NBK are the most valuable players in the french csgo scene and there is a reason that ever single french team that has done something has had those 2 players on it.... 100% said that mate. and your saying im the silver yet alone you think Smithzz is better thank shox? DURRRRR
2018-09-03 07:35
yes for what he does for the team, he is and shox hasn't looked like a star for about a year now. and i didnt say he was a better player in the server you know i didnt say that and try and spin my words, said hes more valuable. ok so yes i worded it wrong but i did correct myself
2018-09-03 07:37
Corrected your self haha. all you did was make a more nonsense of your self. you dont even know your own countrys Scene.
2018-09-03 07:38
i so? you are the one trying to put zywoo and kenny together and yes i am correct in that i corrected myself sorry that you have no argument for what im saying
2018-09-03 07:39
No because we all know kennyS and Zywoo will fuck everybody up with Shox and kennyS we all know they are super anyway. Idk why you dont want them together its a great mix. Look if it does happen and it doesnt work, then you can talk shit but atm you cant so stfu, its the best they need right now Hey whata you know..... YOU'RE A FAN OF NBK NO SURPRISE YOU WANT HIM IN THE TEAM DUMBFUCK.
2018-09-03 07:44
cuse i dont want the 2 best awpers on the same team wasting potential making it so 2 really strong french teams cant exist
2018-09-03 07:54
OR would you rather have 1 really strong team that can win tornements
2018-09-03 07:55
and waste 2 awpers by having them both of the same team. and they dont need to be on the same team to win turnis NBK rpk happy zywoo apEX' SmithZz kennys ex6 kio scream can both win turnis and still have alot of talent left over for a 3rd team
2018-09-03 07:57
WHAT THE FUCK DOES TURNIS MEAN? TURNIPS? And your saying IM RETARDED. No you would rather have a actual super team
2018-09-03 07:59
Yea that made you shut up didnt it.
2018-09-03 11:33
so you are so far gone and have no argument that you have to bring up an abbreviation?? kk hope you have a good day and im happy your ''dream'' team will never happen
2018-09-03 18:03
I hope that you will finnaly understand that turnis isnt a fucking word. Oh and you're retarded
2018-09-03 23:10
ZywOo will play in a team with Happy and RpK like it was reported a while ago.
2018-09-03 06:59
Croatia Jack Russell 
Bring back ScreaM
2018-09-03 07:43
zywoo apex kio kennys ex6 i know it isnt going to happen assuming g2 do any better than 0-3 at major
2018-09-03 07:55
Yes, great team set up. +1
2018-09-03 11:22
Shox KennyS Bodyy ScreaM Ex6tence C: SmithZz
2018-09-03 08:08
Yea maybe -bodyy +Kio ? idk
2018-09-03 11:32
2018-09-03 12:25
Your team so you choose haha
2018-09-03 23:11
- kennyS - shox - ScreaM - Ex6TenZ - apEX and smithzz coach. best lineup
2018-09-03 11:35
kennyS | 
France Thijo 
Keep shox = keep SmithZz so: Ex6TenZ kennyS shox RpK/ScreaM/apEX SmithZz
2018-09-03 18:05
malta | 
Malta vfXy0 
Ex6tenz kennyS shox Zywoo scream c: Smithzz
2018-09-03 18:08
Israel unsolid 
is there info about when is NBK and Apex's contract is over with g2?
2018-09-03 18:10
When someone buys them.
2018-09-03 23:12
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