Lmao 😖🤣👌💯😎
2018-09-04 04:19
woxic | 
Sweden bigboy220 
so edgy haHAA
2018-09-04 04:20
2018-09-04 04:20
Russia Jovlk 
He's always in form. CS:GO loses a lot by not inviting him to the events.
2018-09-04 04:21
If you want to watch a clown then go to the circus.
2018-09-04 04:23
suicide | 
Estonia rivulet 
2018-09-04 04:24
I saw enough clowns on this forum, but he's one real funny. No match for Lil 'Dumbs'.
2018-09-04 05:07
Denmark Xipingu 
If you want to watch boring people talking about something we all already know, then go watch the news instead.
2018-09-04 05:55
If you want to watch boring cs then watch astralis cs. ResidentSleeper
2018-09-04 05:57
Denmark Xipingu 
I prefer watching choke Clan for boring CS ;)
2018-09-04 06:01
India daksh29 
btw who choked in the final against north ????? yeah u know who
2018-09-04 06:30
Denmark Xipingu 
Who choked against Mouz? ;)
2018-09-04 08:06
India daksh29 
it is really funny how u make fun of other teams on choking when u yourself are a astralis fan
2018-09-04 16:20
2018-09-04 16:25
+1 2013 - 2017 never forget
2018-09-04 16:44
Denmark Xipingu 
I always make fun of a 16-0. Even if it’s me demolishing in MM, or if a well-arranged faceit team 0-16’s me. 16-0 is dignity = ruined. 16-1 is bad, but it’s not a 16-0. It’s not as funny to make a thread about a 16-1.
2018-09-04 16:50
Canada ssau 
fuckin hilarious
2018-09-04 04:22
2018-09-04 04:24
2018-09-04 04:24
Dosia | 
Canada MSLegend 
Brutal, Savage, Rekt
2018-09-04 04:28
Can't believe there is going to be a major in the UK and thorin wasn't even invited at all, to do anything. Especially with YNK gone and him being straight savage on the desk, why the fuck would you not even have him for just some stupid side segments or something? Fuck faceit.
2018-09-04 04:31
thorin is an idiot, but damn, hes our idiot
2018-09-04 04:40
Portugal S4nd 
+1 :'(
2018-09-04 04:43
Is he? I don't think so. But he is very straight forward
2018-09-04 04:53
mch | 
Brazil xandecaoo 
2018-09-04 05:01
+1 ;/
2018-09-04 16:27
Him and RL have been calling faceit out on a lot of things
2018-09-04 05:11
United States Slyckz 
yea no way in hell thorin would get invited even tho it sucks
2018-09-04 06:14
cry is free bitch
2018-09-04 04:46
The only difference between typical hltv baiter and thoorin is the fact that he does that publicly. xD
2018-09-04 04:47
mch | 
Brazil xandecaoo 
2018-09-04 05:02
Namibia 999900 
haha fornite for kids XD i think fortnite will be a shit esport but that reply wasnt good
2018-09-04 04:48
thooorin really dgaf.
2018-09-04 05:02
How can people, including ESL, Faceit and so on, still be so fucking triggered by Thorin? Sure, he likes to bait and banter a lot, but that's what's missing in todays over-political-correct world. Despite that, he has a great knowledge about the history of CS and it's teams and players. It's always a pleasure to listen to him when he's serious and talks about the history of a team or player. People should already stop being so uptight and tournament orgs should stop being such political-correct pussies. It's not like Thorin is non-stop screaming racial slurs or nazi paroles or some shit like that, for fuck's sake.
2018-09-04 05:02
Australia DubL 
truly a shame would've loved if he was at this major
2018-09-04 05:16
2018-09-04 05:43
Denmark Xipingu 
Because a lot of people is weak-minded and willingly acting like social justice warriors, which is beyond retarded. +1. Thorin is awesome
2018-09-04 05:57
United States TriHardSeven 
Fortnite kids mad now XAXAXAXAXAXAXAXA
2018-09-04 05:04
whos the girlll
2018-09-04 05:59
Your mom
2018-09-04 05:59
expected but srs who is she
2018-09-04 06:00
2018-09-04 06:01
2018-09-04 06:01
I think you fall in love with her 😁
2018-09-04 06:03
thanks homie
2018-09-04 06:42
Portugal MR_CAL 
even tho he is a retarded hes savage damn
2018-09-04 06:07
I'm not a blind thorin hater, but I dont think this is "sAvAGe DurRrR" cuz he cant play cs, even talking about cs for 120 years LOL so wtf, if he was a decent CS player, and talked mad shit, then I would agree lol in this case fortnite kids have more knowledge about computer games than him xd they probably in 1 day can be superior than thorin in cs
2018-09-04 06:41
2018-09-04 09:04
Italy AlCapone1925 
cl_antisocial 1
2018-09-04 06:45
2018-09-04 06:48
2018-09-04 08:08
s1 | 
Ukraine mpletop1 
He just redeemed himself for me
2018-09-04 16:28
Lithuania Paulius_CS 
2018-09-04 16:29
well....i don't usually like thorin but god damn he is right....you gotta be autistic or around 7-8 years old to play fortnite
2018-09-04 16:32
He is a good guy man, but little straight forward. You will love him. Follow him on twitter. twitter.com/Thooorin btw I am not Prodka
2018-09-04 16:37
don't get me wrong, I don't dislike the guy, I find him very smart and acid....which I usually like. What I don't like about him is the fact that he picks these fights and arguments with....kids mostly...he thrashes young people (as csgo pro scene is, in average, a lot younger then he is)...what is the point in that? Does he think he can actually touch and guide new generations towards a good path? That is an utopia... Anyway, kudos to him for that comment about Fortnite, I totally agree! I am not Prodka either LUL
2018-09-04 16:45
2018-09-04 16:56
Thoorin <3
2018-09-04 16:38
2018-09-04 16:41
Bhorin is an idiot and has NEVER predicted anything accurate in his rants, both csgo and LoL. Probably likes to dress in latex and get beat by muscular women. He could cover himself under rocks for all i care
2018-09-04 16:42
2018-09-04 16:44
Thorin | 
Portugal Hkt 
He is right actually.
2018-09-04 16:58
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