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steel | 
Belarus Ruble 
I heard that turkey economy is going to crash and turkish people flee to europe as refugees aka muslim invasion. Happy that i live in belarus not in germanistan :)
2018-09-05 01:25
Turkey JokeyBahadir 
2018-09-05 01:29
Yes but only useful turks are coming anymore not a bad thing
2018-09-05 01:29
Kazakhstan Megasonic 
Economy dont crash in Turkey because Turkey is a producing country. Turks do not migrate to Europe. When turks come to europe than you can not live in your country. They re coming for conquest to Europe. Turkey stil 17th biggest economy in the World but Belerus worst in World about economy.
2018-09-05 01:34
I have 200 IQ tactic!!! Switch EU-Erodogan voters with real turks. EZ FIX
2018-09-05 01:37
Turkey evansgc 
fake news
2018-09-05 01:38
Kazakhstan Megasonic 
Dont worry Turks dont come to poor country like Belerus
2018-09-05 01:39
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