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BEST AWPERS all of time
Denmark sundeL1Ne 
1. FalleN (WALLEN) The most accurate I've seen. He is so striking that once when he missed on Mirage, casters and I including, was very much surprised. By the way that round, he still won. 2. kennyS (flickS) I don't know how this guy does these things. (flick 90-180 degrees) He's like a fucking wizard. 3. GuardiaN (ButterflydiaN) He does not have his own style, he moves like a static sniper, but he has all the merits of good, that is, he does not have cons, he has all the qualities average or above average. Why ButterflydiaN? Because I always see him with this knife. always, sometimes with a flip knife. 4. s1mple (shakemple) I could not include this tractor in the list, it is so good with any rifle that sometimes it is bad with AWP. But he does not have so many misses. 5. JW or oskar (Pushper Wecksell and Grandfather) I think JW was good in 2014-2015, he had an aggressive style, he moved well, did a bannyhop and all that. But everyone is used to his style, and just the rest of the players know what he will do. so he now can not find a place. oskar is very clever AWP, I even borrowed his chips on the Mirage, he is a confident sniper, he likes to make a pick. When it comes to good AWPers, never forget oskar.
2018-09-05 19:55
MSL hello?
2018-09-05 19:56
Europe LawUysal 
2018-09-05 19:57
MSL mvp
2018-09-05 19:58
Europe LawUysal 
M bot S T9 L
2018-09-05 22:32
It's only MS now he gave Astralis the L
2018-10-23 00:37
2018-10-23 05:19
xaN | 
France TARES 
haahahhahahaha nice
2018-10-23 16:52
Greenland MadsMisKat 
M = Very L = Bad S = AWPer
2018-10-23 01:07
Israel unsolid 
plastic fan
2018-09-05 19:58
Device is an extremely static AWPer ... and we all saw his choke (and I like Astralis) - he isn't play-making AWPer - and awpers should be like that (awp costs almost 5k - too expensive for only supporting)
2018-09-05 20:02
Israel unsolid 
"awpers shouldn't be like that" who are you to say that while he is top fragging in the #1 cs go team in the world tho?
2018-09-06 14:01
I am nobody, and who are you to judge me? It doesn't matter who I am/my rank/anything. Everyone can judge no matter what they have done. The only difference is their trustfullness. He is a great player, but the most Astr's tactics is based around him - he gets the inicial pick and then watches some angles. And he is a great team player, but when his team does poorly ... so does he. (This can't be seen with s1mple or some other AWPers)
2018-09-06 14:06
Israel unsolid 
You're still not proving the point, why is his playstyle not how awpers should be like? On the contrary, it is how awpers should be like, as talked about by many cs personalities (ynk,spunj,MSL after beating him saying that dev1ce has the best playstyle with the awp and everyone should learn from him), unless you want to shine yourself and have a good name for fragging - but dev1ce wins trophies differently, so.. again, "awpers shouldn't be like that"?
2018-09-06 14:47
When they say: "You should learn from him." They mean that he plays like a book, great peeks, great angles, cooperates with his team. And it is working - nobody can deny that. But how many times have you seen him to pull some amazing clutch? To win a round himself? How many times have you seen that from Fallen, Guardian ... etc. Don't get me wrong - I am the Devil's advote right now. He is an amazing player, a great awper and you can learn from him so much ... but ... but ...he's only as good as his team - and that makes him weak. (which I don't really like but I also see this as the right move though)
2018-09-06 14:53
Israel unsolid 
ok you don't like so awpers shouldn't be like that i get it
2018-09-06 14:54
c'mon man, I still remember 2012-13. Teams were only as good as their AWPers - those were amazing times. But I also respect those static AWPers. + you probably don't know the meaning of DA ... whatever.
2018-09-06 14:56
TaZ | 
Poland trollorowy 
snatchie hello?
2018-09-05 20:05
Germany s2ily 
Johnny R. hello?
2018-09-05 20:09
man sry but fallen is not top1 it has to be 1. kenny / jw / guardian 4. fallen / oskar / dev1ce
2018-09-05 20:07
2018-09-06 14:54
kennyS | 
United Kingdom Pex15 
2018-10-23 00:48
lsd | 
Germany dzynK 
FalleN for JW and we good
2018-10-23 01:22
Brazil killfell 
If this is about csgo he is number 1, but if not he dont is
2018-10-23 05:27
Slovakia Chaoooss 
I dont think that S1mple is top5 of all time he is awping like for one year so far
2018-09-05 20:09
you mean "CS: GO" instead of "all time"
2018-09-05 20:15
Poland Htcobakel 
2018-09-05 20:16
flusha best at any role
2018-09-05 20:19
Sweden Sizexdd 
more like FATdian and Uglymple
2018-09-06 14:02
stopped reading at 1. fallen...0/8
2018-09-06 14:02
Fallen 1st OMEGALUL
2018-09-06 14:04
Canada Surzz 
stopped reading at fallen
2018-09-06 14:56
1. KennyS 2. GuardiaN 3. FalleN 4. S1mple 5. JW
2018-09-07 11:57
kennys should be 1. but i would see why fallen is put higher then kennys because he has to lead his team but if were talking about AWPERS and awping in general, kennys is better
2018-09-07 11:59
NAF | 
Slovakia t4gg3d 
In that manner GuardiaN should be higher than kenny, kenny shined before the awp update, GuardiaN shined in 2015, the end of 2017 and 1st half of 2018
2018-10-23 09:09
Romania moetxxx 
where is vacstyle
2018-09-07 12:00
Spain Carbonizante 
Of all time > only includes csgo.
2018-09-07 12:01
2018-10-23 00:35
United Kingdom MainSlayer 
2018-10-23 00:43
United States Idoitforluls 
2018-10-23 00:42
2018-10-23 01:20
xartE | 
Costa Rica jonez123 
Aleksi "ottoNd" Uronen
2018-10-23 01:08
Give it a year or two and smooya will be on that list ;-)
2018-10-23 01:13
20 IQ
2018-10-23 05:23
lmao no
2018-10-23 09:04
coldzera | 
Brazil guz4 
+1 WALLEN top1
2018-10-23 01:15
United States circles308 
Device #5 come on
2018-10-23 01:16
2018-10-23 01:20
device is a LOL player ?
2018-10-23 05:26
Brazil cadik 
>s1mple >awp this thread supposed to be joke?
2018-10-23 05:31
Cadik u r well known S1mple hating retard
2018-10-23 16:49
2018-10-23 05:32
1 dev1ce 2 guardian 3 fallen 4 kennyS 5 s1mple
2018-10-23 09:11
2018-10-23 09:15
ropz | 
China seekerNN 
1. kennys, gurdian 3. device oskar fallen simple is good at every gun, he uses awp because no other awper in NAVI, so basically he's not an awper.
2018-10-23 09:20
Sweden Maddafakka 
Fallen over KennyS? Lplolololololol
2018-10-23 16:58
fallen out of top 5 ty and JW maybe a bit up even though i dont like him
2018-10-23 17:00
Netherlands RincoB 
Respect for keeping it real! I'm quite curious which clip you mean by that description right now. Maybe that one where Coldzera 1v4'd vs Mouz on B?
2018-10-23 17:02
Hungary barneeeY 
Smooya <3
2018-10-23 17:12
what are these cringe names
2018-10-23 17:13
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