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Machine gun kelly LMAOOO
Canada ocizzle He plays his music, loves him and THEN diss him?? What a bitch rofl.
2018-09-07 05:50
Poland Ryunar 
all gay
2018-09-07 05:55
in the diss he said his idle dissed him so he came back as hard as he could, thats why he was so hurt. i think em will fucking destroy him but MGK had a reason for coming so hard
2018-09-07 05:56
MGK said himself on his song that Eminem was his idol ??!??!?!
2018-09-07 06:00
2013 kunt
2018-09-07 06:00
they're both ass why does anybody care about this shit lmfa0
2018-09-07 06:00
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