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Brazilians come here
Germany Hazelnuz Why do you stab you smartest and most loyal politician the wise Jair Bolsonaro. He is literally the only one who can free you from the grips of communism. I pray for him.
2018-09-07 12:54
thank my friend for positive prayness leftists know they are fucked, so without knowing what do to, they tried to kill him but he arent dead and will come back stronger he isnt a perfect guy, but after that attempt, he will be 99999x stronger leftists so smart that they won the election for the right guy LUL #leftmindOMEGALUL #left_tier3_strats_lul
2018-09-07 12:57
+1 Leftists are only happy when Criminals have guns but not normal People it's like they love criminals ! Actually they do since the leftist Candidate Lula is now in prison for corruption lmao. Btw Brazil has 30 Murders for ever 100.000 people Germany has 0.8 murders. Gun control doesn't work it only empowers criminals who then have it easier to find defenseless victims. Bolsonaro isn't perfect but in my opinion he is the best way to make Brazil great again, and move away from this PC crazed liberal pro gay pro transgender indoctrination in schools left.
2018-09-07 13:00
Brazil Karl_Tanner 
The guy who did this is a member of the socialist party in BR. What else would you expect from leftist scum?
2018-09-07 12:58
Bulgaria squezzi 
So you say he is the smartest just because you share the same political views? Lmao
2018-09-07 13:00
Look at his policies giving the people back their right to defend themselves being against the gay agenda etc he truly is Brazil's Trump
2018-09-07 13:02
Bulgaria squezzi 
What's so bad being a gay?
2018-09-07 13:05
Nothing but that doesn't mean that the gay Agenda belongs in Schools. Teaching boys to be girls and girls to be boys its fucked up. The gay agenda belongs in some sketchy clubs if possible outside the town/city.
2018-09-07 13:07
Where did he say there was?
2018-09-07 13:08
This guy says that being homosexual is like being paedophille A congresswoman who was raped, he said she was too ugly to be raped So now every guy who wants to win presidential elections becomes homophobic? Interesting...
2018-09-07 13:13
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