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day 4 preds
woxic | 
Sweden bigboy220 
Astralis > Spirit (16-10) Spirit looking very good actually, pretty good reads, nice trading way better individual skill than expected. I could honestly see the upset here if Spirit gets both pistols, ultimately if Astralis shows up with their disciplined ct side there shouldn't be a way for Spirit to break through. Tyloo > Renegades (16-12) Tyloo choked pretty hard yesterday, I don't know how well they will handle it considering they don't have so much experience when playing with so high stakes. Either way Renegades looks pretty miserable although playing a team from their own region that they know could be an advantage, their h2h is really even and coming into this event I would have maybe picked Renegades for this win but from how shit they have looked i gotta go with Tyloo. BiG > Gambit (16-7) Big have been disappointing although i think they got some pretty unlucky matchups, I think gob b struggled with reading and countering Vega who is a pretty random team and that kinda fucks a team like big over hard. Vega literally just ran into a sites randomly and got fucking crazy entries in all the time, idk how it happened. i also think the same thing happened when they faced CoL, a team they've never faced before. Stanislaw were able to counter strat pretty decently and it wasn't a matchup suiting for big. Gambit on the other hand is a team they will know well and should be able to outstrat pretty easily. Comfortable win for big here. HR > Optic (19-16) Hard matchup to read into but Optic doesn't look prepared at all, their t side on inferno yesterday it looked like they didn't have a single idea and played pug mode although inferno is a map where it can happen. HR looks alright but it's not like they have the most insane reads on their opponents and just like optic relies pretty heavy on skill. if ISSA and woxic can carry with arab power i think HR will win but could go either way. Vega > CoL 16-10 Will depend if Stanisslaw finds a way to counter these morons, but i guess they will just rush into site and one tap as usual fpl mode. North > Rouge 16-7 North should be able to beat these shitters comfortably. Their best player is rickeeh. no more analysis needed.
2018-09-08 07:06
I agree with your north prediction but the "their best player is rickeeh" is laughable, have you even watched a single match? lololol
2018-09-08 07:14
woxic | 
Sweden bigboy220 
what? everyone knows rickeh is the best player on rogue
2018-09-08 07:17
I'd argue he's one of the worst. Cadian and sick are far better consistently, vice is 50/50 top fragging or doing shit but even when he doesn't top frag he still does better than rickeh. Hiko is basically the same as vice.
2018-09-08 07:19
woxic | 
Sweden bigboy220 
yea no
2018-09-08 07:20
lol good argument bud
2018-09-08 07:20
woxic | 
Sweden bigboy220 
i could go over why "top fragging" isn't a solid way to tell how good a player is but i just don't want to get into a 30 reply argument on hltv so i'm just gonna agree to disagreeing. :)
2018-09-08 07:22
Its not a good argument, but its an easy one regardless. His kills have literally 0 impact a solid 40% of the time, he's not a great player at all but his aim gets him kills he doesn't deserve. Even vice is a better player tactically and he has way less experience.
2018-09-08 07:23
Finland istop1 
mad cuz not na player is the best player in the team with cadian
2018-09-08 19:23
lol 0/8
2018-09-08 19:34
like ur opinion
2018-09-09 07:56
2018-09-09 07:56
United States Jammin800k 
No... just no Rickeh has higher rating, impact, opening kill stats and kpr than both of them. How can his kills have no impact if hes getting the most opening kills on the team while also managing to survive just as much as these other players.? The only player better than Rickeh on this team is Cadian. If you watched any of the analysis of their games it was ALWAYS Rickeh and Cadian that daps said were the stars and needed to play well if the team was going to win. And I think he knows his domestic rivals better than you.
2018-09-08 07:39
yes no no yes yes
2018-09-08 07:15
no bug no big sry
2018-09-08 07:42
I agree with all of these except the final one. Dunno I just think Rogue can take this with how North are looking all of a sudden
2018-09-08 08:02
Mouse | 
Macau Bent0 
I actually think someway some how rng will beat tyloo
2018-09-08 08:12
Astralis Tyloo Gambit Optic Vega Rogue
2018-09-08 08:17
Australia harraroni 
compLexity will destroy Vega
2018-09-08 08:28
Paraguay HighAlching 
gambit and spirit ez but astralis might upset
2018-09-08 08:30
shox | 
Poland neverbait 
big is trash, 4 bots and smooya who can do something so i think if adren and mou are on point ez win for gambot
2018-09-08 08:34
name does NOT check out
2018-09-08 10:53
2018-09-08 19:20
shox | 
Poland neverbait 
shut you mouth kid haha i dont even watch this game
2018-09-08 19:30
2018-09-08 19:38
shox | 
Poland neverbait 
2018-09-08 20:22
please show me mercy
2018-09-08 20:22
shox | 
Poland neverbait 
youre done kid im searching all forums to find post that might cause you ban bye
2018-09-08 20:23
2018-09-08 20:24
shox | 
Poland neverbait 
better say sorry
2018-09-08 20:24
2018-09-08 20:26
nEGRo | 
Europe Mensseli 
Nice preds. I agree with your preds for most part. But I think Big - gambit is a lot closer match. And HR gonna win Optic with bigger margin. Optic have played yolo pug-style every fucking t-side I have watched. Seems like they dont actually have any strats.
2018-09-08 08:43
"North > Rouge 16-7 North should be able to beat these shitters comfortably. Their best player is rickeeh. no more analysis needed." WHY YOU WANT TO HURT MY FEELINGS MEN
2018-09-08 11:07
2018-09-08 23:50
2018-09-08 23:52
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