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HLTV this is not acceptable
coldzera | 
Brazil coldzao3 
is FACEIT main sponsor of HLTV now or what? notifications doesnt work every day, it started with major and they always dont work around the same time (like right now) can you fix it once and finally ? maybe change the way they work? put them in a different place and allow us to see older notifications as well, i feel like 10 is not enough for me
2018-09-10 13:54
2018-09-10 14:14
Europe potatomato 
oh look at the mr important here getting notifications
2018-09-10 14:17
2018-09-10 15:11
coldzin ntc lol such a clever nickname :Dd Cold from coldzera in NTC Nice nickname, u want to see cold in ntc :D Clever nickname, u tell ur opinion in ur nick!
2018-09-10 14:19
coldzin is a single word bruh but not a bad move, they need igl (-horvy) then top1 ez
2018-09-10 14:20
2018-09-10 14:40
Major destroyed hltv notification!
2018-09-10 14:41
Netherlands @Deji 
Hltv destroyed notification
2018-09-10 14:43
2018-09-10 14:50
I use my phone for hltv notifications, much more reliable
2018-09-10 14:51
its so fkn annoying and at the end of the day you see that you have 9+ notifications and you have no idea who responded to you because you can only see the last 6-7... WHY IS IT SO HARD HLTV?
2018-09-10 14:55
ye, its 7 actually, i just counted, but says 9+ haha (#11)
2018-09-10 15:11
Yea its so dumb, notifications are on now, 9+ new ones and can't see all...
2018-09-10 15:17
I recieve no notification cuz nobody aren't talk to me /duckface
2018-09-10 15:20
no its because hltv broke
2018-09-10 15:25
2018-09-10 15:20
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