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Girl on tinder HELP
Monkey | 
Brazil MommyStealer 
Girl accepted my netflix and pizza call!!! What i do now? I never pass this step...
2018-09-12 02:11
Italy steven513 
just sex her as every hltv user would advise you to do so
2018-09-12 02:12
New Zealand dellzie 
1. Ask her what pizza she wants 2. Give her your address 3. Netflix and chill
2018-09-12 02:12
Maybe ask if she wants to be on her place?
2018-09-12 02:14
Her place is better if ur awkward
2018-09-12 02:16
My place is a shit hole man
2018-09-12 02:16
NiKo | 
Other HasomY 
flag checks out
2018-09-12 02:18
Well suggest meeting her at her place then xD
2018-09-12 02:18
Have your dick in the pizza box so when ur gonna eat shes gonna be surprised xD Jk why the fuck are u on tinder if u dunno how to behave, just be urself lol.
2018-09-12 02:14
just sex her
2018-09-12 02:15
you won't need to do anything. the man will take care of you
2018-09-12 02:16
easy bro, get on the couch and get comfy with her everything else will happen on it's own.
2018-09-12 02:19
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