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Lets Talk about CSGO!
Lithuania Women_Should_Have_Equal_Rights 
Hello my fellow HLTV Users, today i would like to know some questions that i will be asking you. The questions are: Favourite Player and why? Favourite Team and Why? Favourite CSGO Major and why? Favourite CSGO Tournament of all time and why? Who would you consider to be the best team of all time in csgo and give me the reasons! Most overrated and underrated Pro player and the reason! Favourite Gaming company(everything related to hardware, computers, event organisers like ELEAGUE) and why? Thank you!
2018-09-13 21:31
Pulaski, LSPD, Los Santos, Battle for the Glen Park, Grove Street (cuz you picked the wrong house, fool!), Tenpenny (betrayer), Cluckin' Bell
2018-09-13 21:33
My would be: Pashabiceps - not because of skill, but how he interacted with the community, how he helped popularise this game. Team - VP , because of their history , and it was my first team that i knew. Major - ESL Cologne 2015, the only major i went to. Tournament - Cologne 2015 or the first ELEAGUE tournament , because it was really emotional and VP won! :D Best all time - Fnatic, bcs of their runs and major wins. Overrated - Kjaerbye, when got picked by astralis he didnt perform good. Underrated - f0rest, doing very good at the majors, and always consistent Company - Steelseries, very durable and beautiful mouses, headsets, overall really good
2018-09-13 21:37
+1 would say the same expect best team Astralis since TSM team i always liked their play style.
2018-09-13 21:50
Nice! Tbh i loved the old Astralis , well TSM. SO much fun to watch, but clearly had some problems, they fixed them and well, they won the major. Yea probably like you said, their playstyle was really fun to watch
2018-09-13 21:52
And still is :)
2018-09-13 21:53
Yea :D mb
2018-09-13 21:53
Europe KaRReZ 
Snax - i loved his sneaky beaky plays - It WAS a family. I loved them. Now it's not the same team it was in 2014-2017 PGL Major in Cracow - I get goosebumps every time I hear the crowd cheering for VP =) Epicenter 2017 - Lots of emotions Fnatic - Most dominant team i'd say Overrated - no clue Underrated - Xyp9x, he's doing pretty job Gaming company - i have no idea
2018-09-13 21:37
Nice! a fellow VP fan or used to be. Even tho i really want to cheer for another team, my hearth will always be with VP <3 agree on Xyp9x too. Intresting answers!
2018-09-13 21:39
xyp9x hyped af by casters and plebs what are u talking about? astralis games are 90% talk about xyp9x brainsize and IQ, 10% device looks. gr8 clutch player no doubt tho
2018-09-13 23:16
Favourite Player and why? NiKo, idk why I just like his playstyle and he is from the Balkan so you get what i mean Favourite Team and Why? FaZe, I just like the players and they're kinda unique, plus it helps me when I want to kill myself I see karrigan leading and think again Favourite CSGO Major and why? Idk rly, haven't experienced a full major cause I don't rly watch them fully, I always miss some important games, but I'd say EL Boston Favourite CSGO Tournament of all time and why? - idk Who would you consider to be the best team of all time in csgo and give me the reasons! - Fnatic, they had an era, unlike Astralis, and they stayed with the same players for a long time and were way more dominant against better opponents than for instance SK Most overrated and underrated Pro player and the reason! device and s1mple for overrated (device really overrated, he isn't that good of a player but he does have good stats making people jump on his dick) and s1mple (he is top1 rn and is amazing, but people are calling him G.O.A.T and etc but if you knew what G.O.A.T means you'd know he isn't even top10 of all time and underrated idk really, I'd say chrisj and TACO Favourite Gaming company(everything related to hardware, computers, event organisers like ELEAGUE) and why? - ELEAGUE and SteelSeries tbh, also like some Zowie stuff, I might try out the mice cause I've been very close minded towards them
2018-09-13 21:43
wow, really fun to read this. I agree on device and on s1mple.. well yea hes still young and will have a long career, and yea i agree you cant call him the GOAT yet.
2018-09-13 21:44
Yeah yours was also very nais to read.
2018-09-13 21:51
also to mention: cold is also overrated but that is mainly by only mibr fanboys, whilst s1mple and device are overrated by pretty much the whole world
2018-09-13 21:54
What do you mean about cold overrated by only mibr fanboys? mibr fanboys calling him overrated? Sorry dont really understand what you meant :( me bad london
2018-09-13 22:08
Np dude, I just meant only mibr fanboys overrate him and say he is amazing or smth, he is good but not that good
2018-09-13 22:09
oh fk sorry im dumb XDDDDD Am yea some brazils do tend to call him very good and like i mean VERY VERY good, i mean he was that, but even after his mistakes or not performing good those fanboys still will find a way to blame someone else :D
2018-09-13 22:13
Yeh what?
2018-09-17 08:14
Netherlands Removed 
GOB B, because he is a legend and the most smartest guy in the scene. Love watching his strategies and how he counter-strats the other teams so well. Hands down best IGL in terms of IGL'ing and stratting. BIG. Because of God B PGL Krakow. Because BIG 3-0 Any ESL cologne tournament always very good. Fnatic, had an era when the scene was doing well. Overrated: BnTet Underrated: Gob B ESL because they host the most events and their events are usually pretty good and prestigious. Don't buy "gaming" headsets or things like that
2018-09-13 21:46
wow truly a fan of GOB B. I used to love him and follow him, something about him sparkled my intrest in him. But totaly forgot about him. Thank you! Was nice reading your answers!
2018-09-13 21:48
s1mple coz best Astralis coz best Cologne 2015 coz best Cologne 2015 coz best fnatic coz best coldzera coz baiter, fallen coz not baiter Intel coz best
2018-09-13 21:51
Well, not that informative like others, but thank you!
2018-09-13 21:53
But concise!
2018-09-13 21:54
Poland |VP|KubaNTC 
I really like brazilian players beacuse they give a lot of emotions and energy in matches ( i pick hen1, kng and coldzera) I love virtus pro and mibr beacuse they give a lot to their country ( vp Were it not Virus pro, the csgo would not look the same as it looks now in Poland, the same with old LG and now Mibr) Probably MLG Columbus beacuse its my first major and LG fulfilled their dream Maybe ESL Dubai beacuse of VP amazing performance Old fnatic, nip and vp beacuse they introduced counter strikes to the top overrated : Maybe rain? underrated : At this moment all players from Furia but they will be in top in near future Company : I will pick Starladder beacuse they always make good tourneys with no big delays Have a nice life bro Greeting from Poland and i sorry for my english
2018-09-13 21:54
No problem, your english is good :D, and you made it very intresting to read your answers!. Thank you ! <3 VP fans <3
2018-09-13 21:57
I am at my phone, so I wont answer your question, but I really like your enthusiasm in this thread @maruisksk2 :)
2018-09-13 21:56
Thank you! If you have a chance please write them down later!! <3 Want to read everyones answers!
2018-09-13 21:59
might to tomorrow if I remember :)
2018-09-13 22:24
Favourite player - Neo because he was so good. His skill level in 1.6 was just nuts, he didn't even need a good team. Favourite team - Fnatic with Pronax/Dennis era, great CS to watch Overrated player - Aizy, played well at DH but before and after that he is back to normal Underrated player - Dupreeh, he has never been given the credit he deserves, gets a lot more love these days but hes been one of the best players in the world for years now. Krimz and Xyp9x also up there.
2018-09-13 21:56
Thanks, there were more questions , but everythings k. Really intresting answers <3 and informative reasons. Thank you!
2018-09-13 22:00
ScreaM | 
Dominican Republic casxd 
ScreaM - Like his style of tapping his flashy plays and him as a player Liquid - Been following them since 2015, I dont know why tbh, just like the org and all the players that had been there ELEAGUE BOSTON - cuz also my second favorite team is C9, was wonderful to see them succed after all of those years fighting, imo they had the best NA lineup of all time. Fnatic were the most dominant team of all time, they were so good that it was painful to see for those who weren't fans of them, seeing their loved teams being crushed by fnatic and their dominance, Remember when they faced in Katowice 2k15 vs NiP, I wanted NiP to win so bad, but yeah, they were just so good, 4 players in the top 10 which 3 of them were top 5 just amazing domination. Underrated: idk, NAF maybe? he is good, good aim, good clutching, good gamesense Overrated: device, I mean he is good. But he doesn't deliever in big moments, big matches, big scenarios, and I don't mean about his stats, because (at least for me) it doesn't matter if you're 30-15 in a map, and lets say that 5-4 rounds left, game is tight and you start to choke, and lose because you couldn't handle the preassure, i mean you could still end like 32-20 with 1.20kd+ but still in my eyes you didn't do good.
2018-09-13 21:57
wow Thank you! Seeing a lot of "underrated: device" :D Thank you for your informative answers. <3
2018-09-13 22:02
Croatia mds818 
Tabsen/Gob B- I like their approach to the game and they seem to be quite humble Fnatic, the way they entered cologne 2015 the play offs, got introduced played etc played later through the year... you just dont forget that Cologne 2015, bruh VP vs Fnc best match up ever Probably the same None, I feel like you can just add best teams at certain eras/periods, of course we had Nip's run and whatever if someone bullshits about "no competition" or not, someone still had to win it, same thing with the fnatic they were dominant as fuck and competition is not an excuse, same thing with sk or any other dominant team, every year is competitive in its own way, for example nowadays its all about fragging(pretty much) couple of years ago you had a lot of playstyles etc Perhaps most overrated play(s) cold's 4k and simple's no scopes, now not saying that cold is overrated but that play boosted his ratings way too much considering the luck... regarding underrated... I can pretty much list you anyone from t2 teams Eh idk none really
2018-09-13 22:07
Thanks, suprising to see some GOB B fans :D I remember everyone was bullying him because he made a huge mistake in major and let someone clutch, prob ESL Cologne 215. I agree on what you said about teams and their dominance! Again Thank you, was fun reading thiss!
2018-09-13 22:11
f0rest | 
Argentina Nawll 
f0rest NIP mainly because of f0rest and get_right, i've been following them since 2011 in the old SK. Cologne 2014- MLG columbus 2016- eleague boston 2018 NIP wining 3-2 against FaZe can't remember the tournament in terms of archivements fnatic, in terms of amazing performances and good cs i would say astralis. Overrated: Niko, underrated: REZ dont care
2018-09-13 22:14
United Kingdom CNR1999 
The tournament where NIP beat FaZe 3-2 was IEM Oakland I think
2018-09-13 22:21
Thank you for your answers! Yea it was IEM Oakland, damn NIP was so hypey and so happy i loved those thays :( I even liked pyth for some reason, he was really good for a short time :(
2018-09-13 22:44
United States Trump2020KAG 
lets go liquid
2018-09-13 22:14
NiKo, because of his aim, so mechanical then his xhair placement sidesteps or etc. I would say Space soldiers i really like them but my Favourite team is Faze.? 2018 major bcoz was so good and i really like it.? ELEAGUE BOSTON many good teams. I didn't understand what do you mean. OVERRATED: is absolutely ScreaM, so many ppl saying he has so good aim but, when i watch the him fpl plays he being always bad or sometimes good. Underrated player:NAF, he has good aim, good xhair placement good game sense. 7.ELEAGUE, just amazing.
2018-09-13 22:16
Thanks! Intresting answers and reasons! I just meant in your opinion whos the best team of all time(greatest team ever to play csgo). I asked your favourite and in your opinion the best of all time. Like for ex . My fav is VP but i dont consider them to be the best, imo it is fnatic!
2018-09-13 22:26
np m8 always :)
2018-09-13 23:35
Btw makes your thread a little easier to write xd
2018-09-13 22:16
United Kingdom CNR1999 
Favourite Player - nitr0, A very complete player with a great attitude towards the game Favourite Team - Fnatic because I was introduced to CS in 2015 and they were the first team I ever watched play Favourite Major - ELEAGUE Boston, because Cloud9 were 0-2 in the Legends stage, got all the way to the final, and in the the final, they: -Lost on their map pick -Won on FaZe's map pick -Were 15-11 down on Inferno -Win the Major in Double OT All in front of an American Crowd going crazy after every round. Favourite Tournament: Other than Boston, I actually really liked ESL One Cologne 2018, for the same reason as the major, with BIG coming out of nowhere and reaching the final. Best team of All-time: Fnatic 2015, just sheer dominance and really fun to watch. Most Overrated Pro: rain, hasn't really done anything noteworthy individually and was 4th in the world last year... Most Underrated Pro: Twistzz, one of the best aimers in the scene right now and deserves a lot more recognition. Favourite Gaming Org - Corsair, everything looks clean asf
2018-09-13 22:22
Thanks! Loved reating ur answers, giving simpe and formal reasons to these questions ! Thank you again!
2018-09-13 22:24
United Kingdom CNR1999 
Thank you for the kind words my friend <3
2018-09-13 22:28
Cheers! Love reading everyones answers and love seeing that no one is joking and taking these questions seriuosly to answer!
2018-09-13 22:32
Brazil vinnyzeraNTC 
Favorite Player: Fallen - Because of everything he has done to help the Brazilian CS:GO scene develop as a whole. I'd say we have to men in the Brazilian scene that have single-handed done 90% of the dirty work to improve the Brazilian scene, this men being BiDa, the most famous Brazilian caster, and of course Fallen. Gamers Club and Games Academy alone are amazing initiatives. GA is literally an school of CS:GO that helps forming new players and teams, and then these teams and players can compete in now 4 tiers of domestic leagues made by GC, Alpha League, Amateur League, Main League and Pro League, and get a chance to compete against the country's best in the LAN Finals. And this was all made possible because Fallen once had an idea to create Games Academy and then Gamers Club. Favorite Team: Currently MiBR and Luminosity. Despite MiBR not being 100% Brazilian being something that bothers me a lot, they still have what is, in my opinion, the most successful 3-men core in the history of this game, so I'm still following them, but I'd like them to have two other Brazilian players together with that core. And Luminosity because they are the best 100% Brazilian team right now. Of course they have a lot of room for improvement but I believe they can do it. Favourite CSGO Major and why - Oh It has to be MLG Columbus 2016. The feeling I had when LG won that major was a first to me when it comes to sports and such. Being following that team since the very beginning, seeing how much they struggled to be there (I'm getting goosebumps as I write this, it's crazy) and seeing them finally getting what they have been wanting for so long was so amazing! That was a crazy major for me and for all Brazilian CS fans like me. The best major ever for me. Favourite CSGO Tournament of all time and why - IEM Sydney 2017, because even though SK had just won cs_summit 2017 a week prior to that tournament, people were still discrediting them a lot. Saying that winning cs_summit was easy and whatnot, and then they go and win the whole IEM Sydney 2017 to shut everyone's mouth. And the final match began at midnight for me and went on until 8 AM and I watched the whole thing, didn't even feel sleepy. And I admit I shed a tear when that game was finally over, I don't know why but for me it was as emotional as their first major win. Amazing tournament. Honorable mention to EPICENTER 2017 and the craziest final I've ever watched. The Best Team of All Time? Well, of course I'll have to say SK Gaming, but let me fix that. As they changed their fifth player a lot throughout the time they stayed under the SK badge, I'll say that the best "team" of all time is the 4-men core of LG/SK Gaming through 2015-2018, consisting of TACO, fer, Coldzera and Fallen. But all of the other 3 players (boltz, felps and fnx) that occupied that 5th spot had their eras in the international scene. With fnx they dominated almost the entirety of 2016, winning both majors. With felps they dominated the first half of 2017 winning all the 4 biggest tournaments that happened prior to the PGL Major. With Boltz they dominated the last half of the year, winning yet another 4 titles, so yeah, I don't see any other team having such a dominant period in such a time with such a level of difficulty and when the international scene was so stacked as it had been. Most overrated and underrated Pro player and the reason! - Overrated for me it's ScreaM. People usually overrated him because of all the "one taps" and stuff but I don't know, for me he has always been a normal player. A good player? Undoubtedly. But an amazing player? Not really. And most underrated player, well I have to go with TACO. He was so fundamental to his team, but it was only when he left that people finally realized that. And just look at the current Liquid roster, and you'll see how much they improved since the addition of TACO to the team. Favourite Gaming company(everything related to hardware, computers, event organisers like ELEAGUE) and why? - For me, ESL. It's the company that invests the most in the scene, also the company that brought the two biggest LAN events ever to Brazil so yeah, that's a big plus for me. :D
2018-09-13 22:22
Wooow.... Really Really thank you! Maybe you wont believe this but i read everything! So intresting how you explained everything giving so many reasons and being so informative!. Nice to see that you took these questions seriuosly :D. Thank you, i even learned something about fallen :D. Thank youuu!!
2018-09-13 22:31
Fav Player: NEO cuz legend Fav Team: VP cuz i'm polish Fav major: Katowice 14 cuz vp won, Krakow cuz i've been in the arena and i guess ELEAGUE Atlanta cuz i love elague events Fav tournament: I liked very much ELEAGUE S1 and Cologne 17 Overrated: ScreaM for sure. I don't even remember him playing good at the lan lately. Underrated: Most of IGLs, like Gob B, Karrigan or ChrisJ who does a lot of work for their teams and people rate them very low cuz of the low ammount of frags they usually get. Fav gaming org: Eleague and ESL (tournaments) and Steelseries.
2018-09-13 23:44
Nice one. Love to see some true vp fans. Thanks!
2018-09-14 20:24
2018-09-15 00:10
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