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csgo future
Norway JoeRogan 
I like to watch the Major first in steam because on twitch there is a 5-8 second delay, so when i watch on steam i go back to twitch then i say to myself, i know that was gonna happend, and then be proud of myself. Anyone else does this? have a nice weekend you all!
2018-09-14 14:46
have u been diagnosed yet
2018-09-14 14:47
no, but you think you have this 6th sense ^^
2018-09-14 14:48
Russia anime_is_g4y 
i do this with ru and eng stream sometimes idk why, maybe to see chat and caster reactions
2018-09-14 14:50
.PhP | 
Czech Republic wellbi 
Good one actually:DDD
2018-09-14 14:52
thx good sir
2018-09-14 15:10
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