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How to make g2 TOP 1
Denmark Mr_Ciro_Immobile 
-body -smithz (to coaching so he can be close to shox and kenny) +scream(we all know he is a great player when he has a leader to control him and he is pretty good friends with everybody in the team) +Kio(This guy is just underrated god of french cs, totally good player has played with them before would be a good addition)
2018-09-15 02:09
Would be better to bring young hungry talent. The body experiment didn't work out and they sort of had to keep him to play in the major which probably means he'll be dropped anyways..
2018-09-15 02:11
They might consider zywoo too
2018-09-15 02:12
Isn't he an awper?
2018-09-15 02:12
he can rifle
2018-09-15 03:08
I agree 100% with the roster. But maybe.. kennyS Zywoo Shox Kio e6x ???? Idk what do you guys think.
2018-09-15 02:13
i would 100% have: kennyS Shox Ex6 Kio but i dont know about a 5th, Bodyy is ok, ScreaM or Zywoo is risky but you can't get NBK or happy and i don't know another "good" players
2018-09-15 03:07
I wouldn't do happy tbh... He ruins the team well what I have heard he has. Either scream or zywoo. But if they go international. Maybe, autimatic? Nothing? Idk.
2018-09-15 03:08
yes i was saying they shouldn't get NBK or happy i dont know many other french players outside of them doubt they would get a non french speaking player because i think ex6 doesnt like speaking english
2018-09-15 03:11
Yea, and sorry I miss read your comment I thought u said they should add either happy or NBK. Misread my fault
2018-09-15 03:12
But maybe +mixwell -bodyy? Mixwell can understand English and speak it?
2018-09-15 03:13
Russia Jovlk 
Happy, shox, kennyS, ZyWoO, NBK-. This is how!
2018-09-15 02:13
s1mple | 
Poland Hell2k 
happy is done lul
2018-09-15 02:53
Fuck happy and NBK Ex6 forever
2018-09-15 03:08
Ex6tenz is much better tbh. Happy always try to take the shine of KennyS and wants to take the awp away from him so he can use it.
2018-09-15 03:09
He's not better than Happy, not in the slightest and history clearly shows it.
2018-09-15 05:17
Happy was only good 2015-2016 Stfu. Ex6 shows it if u have been around longer than 4 years
2018-09-15 05:22
Exactly, you don't even know relative dates what a letdown. Happy was godlike during 2014-2015 and Ex6TenZ was any good only in 2013 without any significant titles. As bad as your knowledge of the subject.
2018-09-15 05:25
Even fucking worse. Atleast Ex6 acctually has a team unlike Happy. who ruined fucking envyus. And if Happy is better than Ex6 why didnt happy have any titles apart from Dream hack winter since 2017????? He is a good fragger but is apsolute shit IGL and Ex6 is much better for the team as KennyS doesnt want to play with Happy.
2018-09-15 05:28
Current situation of these players make no sense, he may be on a better team and still be god awful which he is. Crying feminine frenchies build teams around their friends, the least professional scene. Happy is a miles better than him and he doesn't care nor try nowadays, he was robbed and betrayed. Who would.
2018-09-15 05:30
How was he robbed and betrayed... Kenny apex and NBK left him because he was a shit igl and didn't let Kenny be Kenny. Just accept Ex6 is a better player fucking hell
2018-09-15 05:32
I can't take the lie for the sooth. Ex6TenZ is a disaster of a playet, he was invisible for years and unsuccessful for even longer time. Happy outshined him completely. And opinion of the players can't be the solid argument for they all may be biased and set against each other. Stats and achievements on the Happy's side, no way to disapprove.
2018-09-15 05:37
Well, Jovilk im sorry to say but Happys irrelivant at this point and should just retire. and Ex6 us much better than Happy.
2018-09-15 05:38
Your opinion has no weight, it's heard but not respected. Happy is obviously better and you can't run away ftom this. I heard you, this should be over now.
2018-09-15 05:40
Then hear me Ex6 is obviously better is they chose him over happy. Get over your self dude. Ik ur Russian but ur still a bitch.
2018-09-15 05:41
It made no sense at all. You can chant this all day long but it won't change the fact. I'll reply no more, you've heard me, that's all. Make sense next time.
2018-09-15 05:43
Y don't you use your brain... Oh wait ur a fan of happy.
2018-09-15 05:43
Ex6TenZ, with all my respect to him is a total BOT in raw comparison to Happy. Current G2 is a circus of good friends. Pathetic team with unprofessional players.
2018-09-15 05:17
I agree with kio and scream However, I’m not even sure Ex6 is needed at this point either . Overrated igl and can’t frag. An average igl in shox/kio/ScreaM is more than sufficient to make up for a dedicated igl. For 5th it’s left between Ex6/apex/rpk/And zywoo imo.
2018-09-15 02:51
Ex6 can frag better than most igl these days. Examples... Karrigan.. Glalve.... Golden.... Xizt.... No he isn't the best fragging player but he does his job when he needs to and can always get better
2018-09-15 03:11
s1mple | 
Poland Hell2k 
another team like old g2 still not top 5
2018-09-15 02:53
.PhP | 
Czech Republic wellbi 
G2 need some Le Tank power!
2018-09-15 02:55
United States FlagMaster 
apEX KennyS Ex6 ScreaM Kio
2018-09-15 02:56
kio is the big one imo. Has a french team ever even won a major without him? Sure, he's not the best player ever but I find it odd that he keeps getting left out of the 'best' french team. Maybe because of the way it ended with Faze or the fact that the french scene seems to be filled with divas. Who knows lol
2018-09-15 03:01
shox | 
India iejesus 
apex is the solution Bitches
2018-09-15 03:10
+ scream + zywoo -smithz -body
2018-09-15 05:46
It's sad that people can't analyze stuff at all. The fuck is +ScreaM? shox kicked him for his 1-dimensionalism, and he was pretty much right, because ScreaM only plays secondary entry, so he sends a bait and then tries to trade it. And he doesn't like to obey, while Ex6TenZ likes to micromanage everybody, in the past he only let kennyS do whatever, now it's also shox who's free, and you wanna add another freedom-loving player? Ex6TenZ and 3 freedom-loving players, dude, THINK please. kio is not the solution, bodyy is not the problem, but Ex6TenZ definitely looks like a problem, his being "the only igl left in France" does not mean he's any good, he's just as big of a failure as Happy, but Happy at least won 2 majors in the past. And you can't get rid of SmithZz-player, shox won't let it happen. This thread is pointless and senseless.
2018-09-15 05:50
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