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what happened to rain?
s1mple | 
Azerbaijan MetalFace 
Not hating and serious question. What happened to this guy? Wasn't he top 5 last year? I have no clue if he doesn't play as much now or he isn't even practicing but he's been playing so average for few months now.
2018-09-15 03:52
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United States STERBENVII 
The entry fragger will look the worst if the team's bad. FaZe is really bad...very sloppy play.
2018-09-15 03:54
he isn't the entry
2018-09-15 04:00
What? I mean if he really was entry, which he's not many players in FaZe often do entry on rounds just look their opening picks, karrigan, guardian can be aggressive with AWP etc. So imo he's not really a dedicated entry and even if he was that doesn't really explain his garbage performance on CT side.
2018-09-15 04:00
Reunion retarded_black 
you mean s1mple?
2018-09-15 04:02
s1mple just gets a lot of opening picks cause he baits zeus and edward for info which seems to work for them so no need to change up that play style, his aggressive play style just works really well in that scenario. I wouldn't call him an entry fragger, entry fragger is the guy that goes in the execution first, takes first contact, gets baited by his team mates etc.
2018-09-15 04:06
TACO is a true entry fragger.
2018-09-15 04:14
What does TACO have to do with anything I just wrote in that message? Were talking about rain and some of his fans still think he's a dedicated entry fragger which isn't even true.
2018-09-15 04:19
Man, relax. Sometimes Rain doesnt make the entry role. I was just saying TACO is the one we could really call as entry fragger.
2018-09-15 16:15
World dddouseddd 
he has always been inconsistent
2018-09-15 03:58
Last half of 2017 he was a monster consistently, even on some LANs out shining NiKo. That's why he was top 5. Now in days I wouldn't even say he's inconsistent, just an average player.
2018-09-15 04:03
Pakistan MeMeMeisteR2 
Rain was probably the best player in the world in the last 5 months of 2017 , even better than coldzera. Coldzera was better overall in 2017 tho
2018-09-15 04:11
TBH I thought Fer was better than rain was for the last half of 2017. Both of them were insane though and yes coldzera was a bit more impressive because he played at the consistently high level the entire year through the highs and lows of his team his high level performance continued the entire year just as s1mple & device has been doing this year.
2018-09-15 04:17
World dddouseddd 
exactly, we know how good he is but sometimes he looks like shit, that's inconsistency
2018-09-15 12:06
Kazakhstan dc7 
hes been using NiKo's config for the last 6 months even in fpl hes bad now dont know why he'd change im over 4k elo with his original linesman
2018-09-15 04:01
Nice try hobbit.
2018-09-15 04:07
Kazakhstan dc7 the irony of him stating config doesnt matter, then for the next year he sucks
2018-09-15 04:11
Could just be using it for day or two this doesn't prove he's been using NiKo's config the whole year bro, he just isn't playing at his normal level for so long and idk why .
2018-09-15 04:15
Finland Smoonah 
-rain +any global pubstar
2018-09-15 04:09
United States Trump2020KAG 
The sun came out -rain +sunny ez faze fix
2018-09-15 04:16
02:45G2 vs FURIA
05:00MIBR vs G2
17:00FaZe vs Liquid
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