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EliGE | 
Europe xSKYY 
mouz played nip mibr faze wtf ???? wasnt buchholz intended to prevent crazy clashes like this. I mean this could been easily like quarter semi final matchup Im not mouz fan i just want to point out a big flaw of this major
2018-09-15 14:50
nip trash mibr trash faze big trash they didnt play any tier1 team so what? they are ranked higher than any of those and should beat them if they wanna cement that
2018-09-15 14:52
cu | 
Brazil Portl4nd 
2018-09-15 14:53
you are very wise
2018-09-15 14:55
Expected from overrated device
2018-09-15 15:03
Vega played c9 astralis fnatic nip and got eliminated too
2018-09-15 14:54
Korea RemoveBooster 
c9 LOL, fnatic LOL nip LOL
2018-09-15 14:56
will see how many teams out of this 4 will play in playoffs, that will show real power of vega opponents
2018-09-15 14:57
Austria goditi 
which teams can nip get now because of buchhholz ?
2018-09-15 14:56
Argentina [Darkaren] 
Almost sure they get from the Fnatic/Na'Vi mibr/Astralis side of things, as they're the 2-1 rite? I'm not 100% sure tho ngl.
2018-09-15 14:57
it's early to say, they can even get astralis/mibr.
2018-09-15 14:58
Argentina [Darkaren] 
FaZe vs Mous had nothing to do with Buchholz, same as mibr tbh. The buchholz seeding was used for other matches, they still had random seeding for those.
2018-09-15 14:56
It's a Major, what do you expect? Bad teams? Where should they be coming from?
2018-09-15 14:56
cuckholz is rigged
2018-09-15 14:56
every team at this major would demolish mouz so... reported.
2018-09-15 14:56
bo1 elimination is always bad
2018-09-15 14:59
NiKo | 
Russia Dreammy09 
games for 3-0: Astralis - Liquid BIG - compLexity games for 0-3: FaZe - mouz C9 - Winstrike XDDXDDXDXDXD
2018-09-15 15:00
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