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Greece alexo22 
He was the best NiP's player shortly after he had joined them, but he's been choking recently (after the moment he gave up coaching) What do you think his problem is?
2018-09-16 19:37
I mean captaincy*
2018-09-16 19:38
United States small__dude 
i think hes probably unhappy in that team, he should have a better role for how good he is
2018-09-16 19:40
2018-09-16 19:41
lol? he never played well for more than 2 weeks after joining a new team, there is a reason why no one wants him
2018-09-16 19:41
United States small__dude 
he was fnatics best player during the godsent swap and after. please dont talk if you dont know anything
2018-09-16 19:42
and that was 2023052352 years ago
2018-09-16 19:44
United States small__dude 
then what other teams are you talking about LOL? when he was in botsent for 2 months or when he stood in for astralis and carried them?
2018-09-16 19:45
Now that Lerk0 is in-game leading, where does dennis fit in the roster, what is his role now? dennis is taking a lot of the tough roles, he does the dirty work. He goes in first, he goes for info plays. I would say that he is pretty much an AWPer, entry and support player. Every team kind of needs it and it is easy to play with a guy like that on your team. It makes it easier for everyone, he is open to dying first, he doesn't care much about stats, that's really impressive by him. He is a really good fella.
2018-09-16 19:43
it's not about role, just watch him playing against VP and then against a top team
2018-09-16 19:46
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