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s1mple | 
Europe Oleksandrgg 
fnatic- not going to the champions stage, +1 MIBR- going to the champions stage, nothing whats going on? complexity, had 3-0, going to the champions stage, +6 G2, playing shit, had 2-3 not giong to the champions stage, +6 whats going on?
2018-09-17 20:15
M | 
Sweden Unluko 
2018 and people still dont understand ranking LUL
2018-09-17 20:17
classic hltv ranking
2018-09-17 20:18
Poland sthEn 
They gained points, but not enough to go higher. What is do hard to understand? The lower you are in the ranking, the easier it is to advance.
2018-09-17 20:18
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