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Fortnite VS Blackout
United Kingdom H3nryG 
Will blackout be more popular on release than fortnite? What do you guys think?
2018-09-18 00:56
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Europe LoookATme 
If blackout would be free to play ofcourse
2018-09-18 00:57
blackout is a racist name no thanks
2018-09-18 01:02
Blackout shows how shit the other battleroyales is. But it's too expensive for 12yo kids so it won't be more popular
2018-09-18 01:04
Australia niaouli1998 
it would be good at least
2018-09-18 01:22
2-3 months after release, and it will be a dead game
2018-09-18 01:08
Europe Spoonman20 
what vs what?
2018-09-18 01:11
United States TriHardSeven 
Both trash CS > All noob battle royale games.
2018-09-18 01:13
I really liked CoD battle royal. Honestly had fun playing it. Now looking forward to see what BF V will bring to battle royal
2018-09-18 01:13
United Kingdom H3nryG 
I reckon battlefield br will be insane, jets, Helis, tanks etc, also you blow buildings up
2018-09-18 01:21
I don't think so because the setting is WW 2 which didn't have advanced tech
2018-09-18 01:24
United Kingdom H3nryG 
I agree fortnite is trash, not played blackout. But my god these kids are annoying as fuck going on about that skinny fuck ninja
2018-09-18 01:15
swag | 
Sweden Pepega 
It probably won't be as they are not appealing for the younger audience, all they talk about is how badass this Blackout shit is and how only c00l people play it. Tbh the beta was garbage, took me two matches to get bored because of the lacking content. Imo Battle Royales isn't too fun but god damn Blackout got boring quick as fuck
2018-09-18 01:22
Wisla Krakow
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