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PSG disband?
Netherlands aimlocker 
Dominating in your sponge bob gold nova silver league cant do shit against big teams. I have no idea how they got 2 goals today. Such a shitty performance. Was so happy that Firmino scored, they didnt even deserve the draw. Have fun tryharding in your Ligue1 and choking in CL
2018-09-18 23:46
2018-09-18 23:47
Counter-Strike Global Offensive
2018-09-18 23:48
flusha | 
Germany felo 
Is for fags and normies
2018-09-18 23:52
muh mbappe better than messi muh
2018-09-18 23:55
The FaZe of soccer.
2018-09-18 23:57
salah completely invisible and his mistake almost cost them the win, hopefully he gets back on track soon
2018-09-18 23:57
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