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Shawn Mendes
World DEY0 
Its not like Im hating him, even I like his music but lets talk about his looks. Tbh he looks 5/10 at best but why is his fanbase crazy for him, saying hes like unreal n shit while the reality is something else?
2018-09-19 02:17
flusha | 
Germany felo 
Okay let's analyze this post Title: Shawn Mendes Content: His looks Conclusion: You're fucking gay
2018-09-19 02:18
World DEY0 
You are wrong, Im 100% straight and you are 100% his fan
2018-09-19 02:19
United States Idoitforlols 
It's okay to be gay friend
2018-09-19 02:23
flusha | 
Germany felo 
Hey, I don't judge. Just doing my job.
2018-09-19 02:25
United States EZ4CLGRED 
it's okay to be his fan friend
2018-09-19 02:25
World DEY0 
Fan spotted
2018-09-19 02:29
he is not gay, he just r8 his looks.
2018-09-19 02:23
Brazil vinnyzeraNTC 
2018-09-19 02:47
nike | 
Russia adldas 
yeah it's like fnx, his hltv gay base thinks he's the sexiest pro but he's very ugly and asian !
2018-09-19 02:33
World DEY0 
Yeah but his fanbase is not as huge and mostly contains autists and no lifers so we cant compare these two.
2018-09-19 02:39
Dude Shawn Mendes is perfect...good look and for God sake when he open that delicious mouth to sing...I am erected just to think about him
2018-09-19 03:30
World DEY0 
2018-09-19 13:59
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