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NaVi should kick Edward
Latvia Emiklen 
But we all know it’s not gonna happen. Edward is still on the team cuz he’s Zeus’s friend and the whole team feel bad for the oldman man and they don’t want to offend him but they all realize he plays like shit
2018-09-19 08:08
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World dddouseddd 
Na'vi kicks legends so it could happen
2018-09-19 08:15
China o_O 
Hope they win the major so that Edward can retire on top
2018-09-19 09:00
i dont think so. Navi is not the team that would kick a guy who knows the definition of a team. Maybe hes not putting up great stats, but he gives NaVi that true team spirit. Its not always about great fraggers(for example Faze) its about much bigger aspects. Edward will always be the guy who will not give up and give others motivation. Hes a big part of them. I think their issues is more deeper, the lineup is really good.
2018-09-19 09:49
Europe Cirro 
True i think the same. He is maybe not fragging that good but know how to play with the team and understand the game on high lvl. Simple and electronic are to make frags and Edward is there to help them with it.
2018-09-19 10:36
2018-09-19 11:39
Europe Cirro 
Like i said, shitty stats, good team play
2018-09-19 12:19
He has shit team play. Literally useless in both of the concepts of the game. He should be replaced by a real support player, such like TACO (ofcourse his CIS version). Or by a godlike player like AdreN or Hobbit. And since Hobbit looks for transfer there is a big chance for -Edward +Hobbit if they will not win the major.
2018-09-19 12:21
Too many star players with electronic simple and hobbit, much rather stick with a more support oriented player instead of hobbit/adreN
2018-09-19 17:55
Denmark kreutch 
After the major, I hope they will kick him and bring in Mou. Mou might not seem good in Gambit, but his raw skill is actually really sick, you can see he was capable of winning a major under Zeus leadership. Also, S1mple wants to be rifler which he's sick at. -Edward (Thank you for your service) +Mou Ez NaVi top 1
2018-09-19 08:20
Germany GoBIG0rGoHome 
s1mple wants to awp but it is kinda wasted talent
2018-09-19 08:40
Denmark shaekbye 
0 wasted talent but ok, he is so sick with the awp atleast top3
2018-09-19 08:42
Germany GoBIG0rGoHome 
he is top 1 in awping as well as in rifling lol ... but lets say mou could become a top 5 awper under zeus again and so s1mple could fuck everything with the rifle together with electronic and mou is a more than decent awper then
2018-09-19 16:16
he said on reddit that he likes to rifle more
2018-09-19 09:45
Yea because awp is easy af to play
2018-09-19 12:34
S1mple wants to awp. Why do you even say "s1mple wants to rifle"??
2018-09-19 08:43
Denmark kreutch 
"Oleksandr Kostyliev is a young but very capable rifler" on Navi page, never says anything about he is AWP'er. Link:
2018-09-19 09:09
What part of that do you get "s1mple wants to rifle" from?
2018-09-19 09:35
Denmark kreutch 
It never says anything about him being AWP'er, he was brought to the team when Guardian was awp'ing for Navi. Therefore I conclude he is rifler and wants to be rifler. He only picked up the AWP in Navi because they need an AWP'er. I am sure that he would like to rifle if they bring in a qualified AWP'er, but atm when there isn't any, he needs to. Maybe because he feels like they need AWP'er and he is insane with it.
2018-09-19 09:39
He wants to awp and has said so himself. Theres probably a reason he awps whenever he can in fpl and also in previous teams like f3, hr and liquid.
2018-09-19 10:11
Denmark kreutch 
2018-09-19 10:32
The team gives him so much freedom, and he still wants to awp all the time, however, I agree that he would probably be a better rifler.
2018-09-19 10:34
Denmark kreutch 
You are right, we might never know what the answer is. Thank you for the nice discussion <3
2018-09-19 10:35
I'm just gonna copy paste and if you spot "AWP" anywhere, you let me know won't ya? Country, city:Ukraine, Kyiv Date of birth:02.10.1997 (20 years) Role:AWPer Game experience:2013 (5 years) Oleksandr Kostyliev is a young but very capable rifler with unbelievable potential to be unleashed, who appeared on the horizon of the professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scene a few years ago. Having started as a very talented but inexperienced Ukrainian player, he swiftly evolved into one of the superstars of the game.
2018-09-19 10:47
Denmark kreutch 
I know it says Awp'er, my bad. But it doesn't change the fact that he wants to be rifler. Bad argument by me mr. HLTrollV
2018-09-19 10:53
Np. I know he said so, but he'll only rifle if someone can supersede him in AWPing... If not, he'll always be wanting to take it instead, cuz the impact of it is immense.
2018-09-19 12:45
Denmark kreutch 
and no one is on his lvl atm, mby Guardian or Device and none of them is likely going to join. Thank you for a nice discussion <3
2018-09-19 14:31
S1mple is literally someone who has built a career around taking the AWP role from other AWPers. He took it from WorldEdit on Flipsid3, He took it from adreN on Liquid and hes taken it from GuardiaN on Na'Vi. Nowhere anywhere has S1mple said that he want to be purely a rifler, otherwise i think he wouldn't play with the AWP anywhere near as much as he does S1mple is just a player that thrives by being given the freedom to do what he wants. If he wants to rifle, he'll do it.
2018-09-20 01:56
s1mple made qna on reddit like month ago and someone asked him what do you prefer more rifle or awp and he said rifle
2018-09-19 09:46
S1mple doesn’t want to awp
2018-09-19 12:15
United States Jamila 
s1mple has literally made a career out of taking the main awp role away from other awpers
2018-09-19 09:14
Denmark kreutch 
#14 He is top 3 awp'er, but it doesn't change the fact that he wants to be rifler. Edit: He was brought in as rifler.
2018-09-19 09:29
Sweden hoey 
yes because they still had guardian at the time??????? when they kicked guardian wasnt it obvious that he would be taking over the awp role?????? danish brain
2018-09-19 17:52
Denmark kreutch 
2018-09-19 21:08
CeRq | 
Denmark Mdsen 
2018-09-19 10:44
Ukraine beaztoff 
Ramz1K > mou
2018-09-19 10:47
lmao +hobbit-edward and thats all. s1mple>mou in awping.
2018-09-19 11:21
he was there even when zeus left, they would have kicked him then if ur theory correct but its not correct. i agree -edward, should have been done 2 years ago
2018-09-19 08:20
Edward is a legend
2018-09-19 08:25
Canada Surzz 
without him, navi will fall down. no dedicated support, and they will crumble.
2018-09-19 08:44
Denmark kreutch 
Flamie could support
2018-09-19 09:10
edward ISNT support. stop with this retarded "argument" lol
2018-09-19 11:02
Being a support means always dropping to your carry, even if u would have to play cz And much more complex stuff as playing around s1mple, popflashes, solo holds etc
2018-09-19 11:24
"Being a support means always dropping to your carry, even if u would have to play cz" and thats the reason why actually both edward and zeus have rifles and s1mple with electronic deagle in force buy rounds, right? again, edward ISNT support
2018-09-19 11:26
+1 edward is entry but the worst one
2018-09-19 13:46
Honestly kick Flamie as well if he can't get his fragging up. Get H0bbit who is just available, and maybe Adren as well. Also if they do poorly in the major, they should replace zeus with ange1.
2018-09-19 08:45
angel wont leave hr, never in his life
2018-09-19 08:55
Fair enough
2018-09-19 09:05
United States Jamila 
Honestly you can't expect flamie to do all the support stuff he's doing and frag like a superstar
2018-09-19 09:15
no, adren won't fit
2018-09-19 09:33
Why not?
2018-09-19 10:12
adren won't play in one team with kane and zeus
2018-09-19 12:31
allu | 
China leyoyo 
so as hobbit
2018-09-19 13:53
No, Hobbit is way more positive about Zeus and Kane
2018-09-19 13:59
Ukraine bia 
Edward is not Zeus friend, what are you talking about? Edward was one of the guys who sent Zeus to Gambit.
2018-09-19 08:48
He wasn't.
2018-09-19 09:18
Nah he wasn't. Edward was the only one who didn't want it to happen
2018-09-19 09:36
Sweden Bangs 
Edward was the only one that voted against the kick, nt
2018-09-19 11:52
Russia KnifeMan183 
Guys, what are talking abouit? Why navi have to kick edward? Only because he can play like a s1mple? He doesn't have to play like a s1mple because it's not his mission. He is like a coin which s1mple, electronic and flamie have to exchanged. Zeus and Edward they are two old teammates. They like play to play each other. If you like playing each other it will be more comfortable for everyone.
2018-09-19 09:20
To add, Edward have some personal problems he's going to fix and he knows how to fix them. That's why you see him fragging bad, but like anyway, why kick him? They winning? Yes. So what the problem then hltv kids?
2018-09-19 09:24
Russia KnifeMan183 
Yes +
2018-09-19 09:59
The arent winning that much, cologne was a fluke. Everythng else they have won has been easy, cac, starseries etc.
2018-09-19 10:13
Liberia weALLcheat 
Well they are losing to Liquid, North (who won the tournament after, defeating Astralis) and Astralis. Its not like they are losing to shit teams (asid of typical first stage game where Navi always brain farts)
2018-09-19 11:15
They lost to Ghost. Nearly twice /closed
2018-09-19 11:24
Liberia weALLcheat 
/open. Nearly? you trying to imply that winning 2-1 is nearly loss, are you that retarded or only hating on NaVi , they only lost 1 Bo1 (that is whay i called :sid of typical first stage game where Navi always brain farts)) /closed
2018-09-19 11:33
They nearly lost, twice. /closed
2018-09-19 11:34
Liberia weALLcheat 
you are retarded
2018-09-19 11:34
Calm down NA'VI fangay.
2018-09-19 11:35
Liberia weALLcheat 
i am not even mad, fake denmark
2018-09-19 11:36
"fake denmark" rofl
2018-09-19 11:38
Finland Vkims 
Hobbit to navi and its perfect
2018-09-19 09:26
NaVi need to win this major so Edward can retire on top and +hobbit
2018-09-19 09:32
-edward +Hobbit Ez major
2018-09-19 09:35
the sad part is that , if they get to grand final and lose , with edward top fragging (somehow s1mple or electronic chock at final) he will stay xD
2018-09-19 09:36
lol it`s seems like discusion abdot zeus kick,before kick all saying that he is piece of shit and when he was kicked navi crushed.So it can happend and when Edward will be kicking
2018-09-19 09:45
that s not how it works. zeus was not igl cuz starix was leading so he had no reason to be in the team valve changed coach rule after the kick zeus became relevant again cuz he is the only good igl in cis here kid is how reality works :)
2018-09-19 18:25
first of all zeus was kicking because a lot of people says that he is aim is shit and they think(also players like flamie,siezd and guardian thinking in same way ,edward don`t think so,he was against zeus kick) when zeus will be replaced on simple,people and org thinking that navi will blossom like team and will be top-1.But didn`t happen. second- starix was coach and manager navi he also was engaged in work with visas and etc.In game leader,captain was - ZEUS. and the third-starix it`s useless piece of shit.His work was a failure in Navi,because before starix navi was top-2 team when starix came and they kick zeus,Navi has evolved in top-15 shit team without morality,motivation etc.So i think it`s one of the main reason why guardian decide to leave. p.s. in the end, it became clear that the problem was not Zeus.Probleam was siezd because he is low skill retarded player also toxic as fuck.And starix also didn`t need a Navi. here kid is how reality works :)
2018-09-19 19:39
no. what you said is how broken english and delusion work:) already stated the real story
2018-09-19 22:16
what`s mean -NO haha,nice argument btw.I know my english isn`t perfect, but i just told these pure facts, and not the speculations that you brought. if you're not sure what it is, do not debate the next time.
2018-09-19 22:54
ye sk kicked taco, see what happened lol he will start fragging believe he already played not bad last games, wtf are you even talking 18 15 vs fnatic 14 11 vs nip get your shit together hltv warriors
2018-09-19 10:42
some kazak in navi edward kicked soon
2018-09-19 11:54
hobbit is average
2018-09-19 12:42
NEO | 
Israel Its_Me_Pho 
the only player that NaVi should kick is simple...
2018-09-19 11:09
Liberia weALLcheat 
2018-09-19 11:17
NEO | 
Israel Its_Me_Pho 
you should focus on defending your contry independet not on csgo and bot simple
2018-09-19 11:19
Liberia weALLcheat 
i have that sorted already , thanks
2018-09-19 11:20
Magisk | 
Armenia s1xX 
Navi very much needs at least 1 new player transfer, and its not electronic or s1mple that much i do know. Also slightly off-topic, getting rid of Dendi from the Dota 2 team has to be the most insane illogical decision i have ever seen in e-sports history, and this comes from a true Navi fan.
2018-09-19 11:29
Italy CHEBBOxxx 
only if he plays dogshit in playoffs
2018-09-19 11:37
Ed is a good player, I don't see any reason to kick him.
2018-09-19 12:36
-edward +hobbit
2018-09-19 16:55
hltv kids know better what you need to navi nothing new
2018-09-19 16:56
Europe Spoonman20 
He's not worse than taco to be honest.
2018-09-19 17:49
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