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Katowice 2019 Major
JW | 
Austria AustrianLesbian 
ENCE. To everyone who thinks teams like FaZe can win, I have one thing to tell you. Go buy CoD Black ops 4, because that's where faze fans belong. To people who think MIBR will win, go spend your 100brl monthly salary on common sense. #EZ4ENCE #WINland #LegendsSinceDay1 #CryIsFree
2018-09-19 20:59
Ukraine kek1 
Optic gonna win
2018-09-19 21:00
k0nfig | 
Germany Trax_ 
+1 OpTic vs Sprout final
2018-09-19 21:02
Nt k0nfag's
2018-09-20 00:28
k0nfig | 
Germany Trax_ 
nt suck_right
2018-09-20 08:30
katowice major without polish team will be funny
2018-09-19 21:01
I come from the future. VP won't qualify, as they will lose to AGO. AGO will then continue to fight for legends status against Space Soldiers, but fall short. Space soldiers also acquire woxic from HR after falling short in Blast Pro Istanbul.
2018-09-19 21:12
I can see kinguin making the challenger stage before apoo
2018-09-19 22:08
Kinguin will make Legends, because of 300 IQ TaZ.
2018-09-19 22:14
I always make a point to go to Katowice, it's a really fun tournament to watch with the atmosphere at VP games. I don't want to attend Kato 2019 without VP, I feel like it will be really sad.
2018-09-19 21:14
Go there to watch yuh boi smooya instead.
2018-09-19 22:13
nobody speaks English, it's really funny actually.
2018-09-20 00:24
Poland GumiPr0 
lmao guess u never bumped into me get vip tickets next time
2018-09-20 00:33
Sweden Autistmeister 
Polish people speak english.
2018-09-20 00:33
I should rephrase, the majority of people do speak English. Just wanted to over exaggerate. The extent to which they don't speak English is not as bad, just some of the shopkeepers and such aren't particularly fluent. Sorry about that.
2018-09-20 16:35
+1 been saying this all along thank mr austrian lesbian #EZ4ENCE #WINland #LegendsSinceDay1 #CryIsFree
2018-09-19 22:15
I'm a girl, but thanks for agreeing with me.
2018-09-19 22:17
Finland istop1 
2018-09-19 22:20
ez for giants giants legends ez
2018-09-20 00:29
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