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Early major tradition
Greece alexo22 
Let's look at the winners of the first four majors: - Fnatic - VP - NiP - LDLC No-one of them was the main favourite to win the respective tournament. Because the main contenders for the title were respectively: - NiP/VG - NiP/Titan - I can't name a particular favourite to win ESL One Cologne 2014 because there was a mess in the scene back in those days, but NiP were terrible at the last tournament before the major, so they weren't the main favourite for sure - Fnatic (Everyone knows what happened and why they didn't win) And that streak was broken only at the 5th major when the main contender, Fnatic, won. So, why do I speak about it? Just because it seems like that tradition returns to us, because two last majors were won by teams which hadn't been considered as main pretenders. So, does it mean that Faceit London major is going to be won by MIBR/Liquid or even a worse team?
2018-09-19 22:02
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