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Brazil Joa0 
I want to buy a smartphone. Any sugestions?
2018-09-19 23:06
Norway rogueplayer 
iPhone XS Max 512 GB and then send to me For you: Pocophone F1
2018-09-19 23:06
Argentina allavaz 
xiaomi redmi note 5 pro
2018-09-19 23:07
You should first of all explain what, from your point of view, makes a phone 'good'. That is, of a phone which the part you value the most (camera, battery etc.) and that way other users may be able to help you. Thank you in advance.
2018-09-20 00:03
+1 useless question without more info
2018-09-20 00:21
nokia c139 has the best battery. Last time I charged it was 5 years ago and the battery is still full.
2018-09-20 00:08
Brazil AN89 
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro
2018-09-20 00:09
OnePlus 6
2018-09-20 00:09
Netherlands c3i 
Pixel 2 XL pure android + best camera on a smartphone.
2018-09-20 00:15
Europe fahadinho 
Huawei p20pro
2018-09-20 00:15
<200 Eur - Xiaomi redmi note 5 4GB/64GB no competition (fantastic battery, great power saver CPU, great screen for the price) 300-350 Eur - Xiaomi POCO F1 6GB/128GB - smartphone value of the year, no explanation needed <550 Eur - OnePlus 6 - kills many more expensive flagships, f a n t a s t i c OS, blazing fast <850 Eur - Galaxy s9+ -great allrounder, best screen, decent battery life 850>Eur - Galaxy note 9 Honorable mentions - Iphone 8, Huawei P20, Pixel2 XL(for photography freaks, no camera is even close till this date), LG v30 for audiophiles, and amateur video freaks, upcoming Mate 20 Pro (will be a beast in every aspect), Iphone Xs, great internals, cpu, OS, overpriced af tho, but if you need a phone as a status symbol, and also want no compromises, thats a no brainer.
2018-09-20 00:17
I dont trust modern phones. but I rock a huawei20pro. only for calls, but I never speak about confidential information edit: it doesn't matter what brand/net u use, just be careful about private information
2018-09-20 00:25
United Kingdom _P2K 
huawei p20 pro
2018-09-20 00:22
France FanchD 
Honor 10 One Plus Huawei Mate 20 Pro Galaxy S9+ , Note 9
2018-09-20 00:23
Ukraine EarthAintFlat 
'Best Performance smartphones' to buy rn: Iphone X is a good buy even with all the new iPhones, it will still be a better option than the XR and since other iphones cost much more it's a true bargain rn. Top CPU, decent camera, good design, amazing screen and overall a much better phone than ugly iPhone XR. Samsung Note 9 if you want largest screen, decent camera and latest hardware (I'd wait for Pixel 3 XL if you want the best camera and CLEAN android with amazingly fast performance) OnePlus 6 is a good buy as for the 'best performance' Android phone, much cheaper than Note 9 and has a CLEAN android and also the cheapest price among the "top androids". I'd say this is the best Android phone for its price RIGHT NOW, because no shit software installed and the optimization problems that u might face with other chinese phones in the future won't be met in this case. Google Pixel 2 XL is another "top android" phone, it has the best Android support and outstanding firmware since it's a Google product, but it's kinda outdated, new Pixel 3 comes out soon so prices will drop(if it drops to the level of OnePlus 6 then it'll be a bargain as wel + it has hands down the best camera atml). It has a clean android too so no problems will occur unless Android "10/11" eats more RAM(more likely to be released in 2019/2020) And for the budget versions: Xiaomi Pocophone F1 for Android, it's kinda good but there is no "global" version as far as i know at least not in Europe, so you might face problems with Xiaomi software. Honor 7X - another good budget Android, very cheap, but will face OS optimization issues in the future. However you can't really complain for this price, it'll have the job done. Iphone 7 for iOS
2018-09-20 00:35
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