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best igl in the world and why
forsaken | 
United Kingdom Londonistan 
lekr0 hard fragger and makes me hard KappaPride
2018-09-20 05:20
Russia Jovlk 
2018-09-20 05:24
2018-09-20 05:24
Russia Jovlk 
Groovy looks, incredible versatility, massive individual skill, great knowledge of the game what goes on to his super lead, good second sniper and outrageous lurker. Also a maniac clutch player.
2018-09-20 05:25
Norway EaZy_4_NiKo 
Why doesn't he have a team then?
2018-09-20 08:08
I'd like to know. Teenage management in Esports.
2018-09-20 08:21
Norway EaZy_4_NiKo 
Im pretty sure its because hes nowhere near as good as you claim him to be. If he was then he would already have a decent team.
2018-09-20 08:23
He just has a mannish personality, he doesn't lick arse over opportunity. He goes his own way and he has my respect for that. He has already proved his worth, he doesn't need to move a finger. I will support him regardless of what happens.
2018-09-20 08:24
Norway EaZy_4_NiKo 
Yeah so has pronax but hes shit now. Not saying you shouldnt support him or anything but if he truly were that great then he would have a decent team already. No decent CS pro sits on the sideline for a long time just because he wants to "go his own way".
2018-09-20 08:28
Not only that but his relations within the French CS scene is complicated to say the least, it turns out nobody really likes him for some reason even though nobody can deny the success they all had with him. So no matter how good you are, if the herd get against you, you are bound to lose. I'm obviously on his side about it.
2018-09-20 08:29
Norway EaZy_4_NiKo 
Plenty of teams outside France my friend.
2018-09-20 08:30
He made attempts but I can tell his soul belongs to France... it's such a drag friend.
2018-09-20 09:34
Poland AricOG 
at the moment: 1.Nitro 2.Gla1ve 3.gob b Lekro is really great player but he just take igl role and I belive that he will improve his calling skills
2018-09-20 05:32
2018-09-20 05:42
Portugal FalloutCrow 
Gla1ve 100%. Zeus was doing alright, Nitr0 is also a good one, but Gla1ve is definitely the best.
2018-09-20 05:47
no karrigan?
2018-09-20 05:48
Portugal FalloutCrow 
Well, yes definitely. Karrigan is already a Hall of Fame IGL but recently he has fallen off, I'm not sure why. Doesn't help that Niko is now calling sometimes... But I love Karrigan!
2018-09-20 05:50
SpawN | 
Mexico <3 Zetas 
2018-09-20 05:54
hard gel new meta
2018-09-20 05:54
Gob B
2018-09-20 07:53
Maj3r #ez4godstyle
2018-09-20 07:54
shox | 
India iejesus 
Glaive/ Zeus
2018-09-20 08:04
Gla1ve top 1 atm
2018-09-20 08:09
Netherlands Funtobedavid 
Pronax at fnatic.
2018-09-20 08:13
+1 this
2018-09-20 08:14
k0nfig | 
Germany Trax_ 
2018-09-20 08:32
Asia n0val 
hardstyle god.
2018-09-20 08:33
Nobody in HLTV can say anything about this since nobody know which IGL does the most work. Some IGLs lead less and kill more, some IGLs give you intensive leading.
2018-09-20 08:35
look majorXD
2018-09-20 08:36
Obviously gla1ve They have built up good strats, does right calls, frags hard.
2018-09-20 08:36
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