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24.5 Inch or 27 Inch Screen for CS?
Germany FYZX 
Finally got the € to upgrade, but also planning on upgrading my PC in the future so take that into account. I'am a fulltime student so it's a big hit to me but I saved for this for a while so please leave your opinion. So I finally want to upgrade to 144Hz (2018), and I am staring at the XL2536 and the XL2735. Both exactly the same monitors, 144Hz, 1ms, 1080p, DyAc, Black equalizer etc. etc. besides the fact that the XL2735 is 27 inch and the Xl2536 is 24.5 inches. The pricing difference is 120€, 380€ vs 500€. Open to other suggestions (if so please VESA capable).
2018-09-20 08:29
Also, is 240Hz relevant or not really?
2018-09-20 08:31
World ZMDR 
relevant if you can afford it
2018-09-20 08:32
yay | 
United States threeiiis 
4 times the hz 4 times the hurts
2018-09-20 08:33
gabesson | 
Hungary Envo. 
4 times the hz, 1/4 times the hurts fixed for you
2018-09-20 10:08
Spain JustNo 
2018-09-20 19:42
Finland Kurppa 
Isn't the 240Hz version around 500€ too? I'd forget 27" monitors in 1080p resolution.
2018-09-20 08:34
The 24.5 one with 240Hz and same features (DyAc,Black equalizer etc.) is 505€. The 27" is round 600€ but without the features.
2018-09-20 08:37
World ZMDR 
i would go for 240hz, assuming your pc maintains over 240fps
2018-09-20 08:50
Finland Kurppa 
27" is just too big imo. Especially when you aren't even using native resolution. I have the XL2411Z, and I've been fine with it for couple of years. But I guess you want the features of the more expensive models? I'd get the XL2536. Especially as a student. Save the 120€ for the PC upgrade. EDIT: Actually you're wrong. The XL2735 is 1440p, not 1080p.
2018-09-20 09:03
oh shit waddup, my bad. But not that it really matters to me, and it might actually make the fps drop in other games both before and after I upgrade my PC. Occasionaly throwing on some Witcher 3 etc.
2018-09-20 10:09
Finland Kurppa 
Yeah, you could always use 1080p in game settings, but then it doesn't really make sense to get the 1440p monitor in the first place.
2018-09-20 11:02
Germany Kaidixdeh 
I literlly got one for around 290 bucks. It is an Acer XF250Q. It was also not on sale.
2018-09-20 19:41
If you can afford it, yes it makes a difference but not rly that worth imo, also 240 is often still instable
2018-09-20 09:26
NiKo | 
CIS Flyboi667 
no the difference between 144 and 240 its very small
2018-09-20 17:05
United Kingdom LooseHS 
the question is is your pc good enough for 240hz monitor can it get solid 240hz +
2018-09-20 17:06
Not mine but I tried 240Hz at my sisters bf's house, he has constant +300 with his overkill build. I was playing around with fps_max 144 and fps_max 0 to see the difference + here and there changing the "-freq" start up command. There is a tiny difference but it's not positive, due to more frames, the screen becomes a bit more blurry on fast motions, when switching to 144Hz it wasnt really blurry but you could notice that it was because there were some frames missing inbetween. I'am fully convinced there's no reason to go above 160Hz. And the 144Hz one is already on the way.
2018-09-20 18:18
World ZMDR 
depends on how far you sit from your monitor and whether you use stretched or not
2018-09-20 08:31
I play 1400x1050 stretched, the monitor is either very close or middle distance. But it'll end up on a mount anyways so I will be able to move it towards me etc. so it doesn't bother me while studying.
2018-09-20 08:34
World ZMDR 
if you sit really close 27 inch would give you a headache. you already play stretched so no point buying it to make the models look bigger.
2018-09-20 08:48
f0rest | 
Europe Skookey 
1400x1050 +1 best res
2018-09-20 11:17
For cs 24.5 inches is better (atleast for me)
2018-09-20 08:34
Yeah I heard about that, never played on 24.5 or anything in that range. Playing on a peasant 27 inch 60Hz since few years.
2018-09-20 08:35
12 inch dick better than both
2018-09-20 08:35
2018-09-20 08:35
Lithuania Sedge 
get 24inch 240hz
2018-09-20 08:49
Lithuania Sedge 
27cm is too big for cs, but if you play something else then sure
2018-09-20 08:49
Finland James Nelson 
27 cm is nothing lmao. Maybe its ok for dick but for screen no
2018-09-20 09:05
Lithuania Sedge 
well i dont want to break my neck trying to look left to right when i have to in game...
2018-09-20 09:33
Turkey pardus 
he made a joke about you wrote cm instead of inches
2018-09-20 19:33
Europe tweekzter 
If you sit just in front, 27" might be too big to be comfortable.
2018-09-20 09:05
I get your point. I have 27" right now with 60Hz and IPS, it might be me but I perform quite well with it to be honest.
2018-09-20 10:02
I have 27inch 75 hz Could’ve got a 24.5 inch 140hz Tbh I would’ve taken higher refresh rate if I wasn’t in a rush for a monitor If u can 27 inch 144hz + me personally
2018-09-20 09:06
Literally me +2 years ago, got my 27" 60Hz IPS one because I was in a rush aswell. I get the point of people saying it might be to big but I got used to it quite well, no biggie.
2018-09-20 10:03
24 inch man 1080p looks like shit on 27inch, let alone lower resolutions
2018-09-20 09:10
+1 1440p is must for 27" Go for the 24.5" if you're going to buy a 1080p monitor.
2018-09-20 10:32
Xyp9x | 
Czech Republic @Puget 
I sit pretty close to my monitor, since my table is small and 24" is the max that I feel comfortable with
2018-09-20 09:10
Estonia LKWD 
Exactly. I dont have a small table but also play pretty close to the monitor. Tried 27" and theres just too much head movement to see all thats happening on the screen. 24" is fine.
2018-09-20 10:38
Xyp9x | 
Czech Republic @Puget 
My screen is curved, but it doesn't really help much xD
2018-09-20 10:43
I have a 24 monitor, I do not know if my vision is getting bad, but I can not play black bars anymore on this monitor, I think everything is small and bad to see long distances, my brother owns an acer 27, and I think very good to play in black bars, if you want to play in 4: 3 stretched 24 / 24,5 is a good choice, but if you like bb 27 is better because your square will be bigger
2018-09-20 09:18
24" is really enough. trust me bro. definitely get 144hz btw, it does make a difference
2018-09-20 09:20
i played on 27" 60hz before I purchased my own computer and I'm really glad I got a 24" 144hz.
2018-09-20 09:21
How was the transfer from 27 to 24 inches? and do you think that the bigger screen might make it easier to react on really tight gaps with an awp for instance? (due to more pixels)
2018-09-20 10:04
No, I really don't think so. The difference between 24" and 27" is really not that big and you really should not worry about it. The most important factor is the HZ difference. That is what would make it easier to react, not the size of the screen. I really, really recommend you to get a 144hz 24" man.
2018-09-20 10:26
Aight man appreciate your part on this, so the 27" drops out. In the discussion the 24.5" version with 240Hz dropped in though, for also +120€ so now figuring that one out. And I just got a coupon from eBay so it's either 350€ or 488€, between the 144hz and the 240hz with same size and features.
2018-09-20 10:38
I'd get the 144hz. 240hz is there to make money, not to make a difference.
2018-09-20 10:43
Yo I just found out that my sisters bf has a predator with 240hz, I'll try it and switch. His fps is also more consistent than mine but thats a matter of time for me to upgrade and for valve to release csgo on Source fucking 2 which will make the upgrades unnecesary right away.
2018-09-20 10:48
Tried the 240Hz, barely any difference and the difference that there is, is not really positive or worth 130€. XL2536 on the way, much thank.
2018-09-20 16:48
nice choice bro
2018-09-20 17:02
15" laptop
2018-09-20 09:21
13.3" cuz we minimalists.
2018-09-20 10:05
tarik | 
Germany broke34 
another brother over here with 15" laptop. I can´t see long distances that´s why I´m playing like an entry fragger :D
2018-09-20 10:52
if they both are 1080p i would definitely go for the 24.5 because on 27 1080p looks shit.
2018-09-20 09:24
I went from a 27" 60hz to a 24" 144 Hz curved. Thought it would be weird but I love it. And it was only 200€ 😊
2018-09-20 09:31
Gonna copy paste my previous post. How was the transfer from 27 to 24 inches? and do you think that the bigger screen might make it easier to react on really tight gaps with an awp for instance? (due to more pixels)
2018-09-20 10:06
I didn't even notice the change in size. And I don't think its easier with a larger screen
2018-09-20 12:04
24” 144hz is default
2018-09-20 09:35
Netherlands Idioot 
Not the same res, the 27 inch one is 1440p
2018-09-20 10:04
You mean the 144Hz or the 240Hz one?
2018-09-20 10:06
Netherlands Idioot 
So that is super good. You don't want a 1080p 27 inch, but this one looks promising, especially since it's only like 100 euros more expensive.
2018-09-20 10:24
BIG money though.. =/ I mean I know I suggested that one, but since it's 1440p that means that the future upgrades for my pc (also on a budget) will affect the performence I will gather. Sticking to 1080p, though if I had the money I would go all out.
2018-09-20 10:40
tabseN | 
Germany Ratwar 
24 - 144hz /closed
2018-09-20 10:04
24 is perfect i think
2018-09-20 10:13
D0cC | 
Bulgaria wypex 
24.5 144hz perfect no need dor 27
2018-09-20 10:17
I've got 27 1440p 144hz IPS and for sure I'm not going back to 24 or even a 1080p monitor. Gotta love the 1440p in desktop use. In cs doesnt really matter cuz I usually use lower res until yesterday when I swapped to 1920*1200 mini-stretch and it feels great xD
2018-09-20 10:23
for cs 24.5 but for other modern games 27 wqhd 1440p when ur PC is capable. games like witcher 3 look damn awesome in 1440p! source: have benq 2420z and dell S2716DG
2018-09-20 10:37
27 is honestly too big. Go for 24"-144/240Hz
2018-09-20 10:40
27" all the way, resolutions looks really good even you think they goes blurry or something. and you can always use black bars if you need. look for discounts, i got mine under 300€ when the normal price was around 500€
2018-09-20 10:39
27" 1080p has pretty big pixels. I changed from Acer 27" 144hz to Zowie XL2540 and the size difference is not that noticeable, but the pixel density is much much better. If you have the cash, go for 240hz
2018-09-20 10:42
Go 240hz 25’benq
2018-09-20 10:44
i was in the same position 2 years ago, i went for xl2735 in today's date i would go for ips panel 10 out of 10 times don't make my mistake and get mg279q if u aim for 27"
2018-09-20 11:08
ips 1440p with 144hz are expensive af though
2018-09-20 16:44
asus mg279q is around the same price as benq xl2735 (could be just in my place)
2018-09-20 17:05
yeah and it sucks to quote yourself: "don't make my mistake and get mg279q if u aim for 27" it's the only one it that price range as TNs are because it has the inferior panel. ips gaming monitors are high-end equipment. they begin at around 700 EUR ++ (viewsonic, asus swift series, acer predator etc) I don't know, for gaming a TN panel is still a good choice imo, the "new" benq series seem to be pretty decent from what I heard. but I agree on the next buy. if you have the money and are willing to spend some: an IPS is pretty awesome and a very nice to have indeed!
2018-09-20 19:30
Go for 27" - No doubt about it
2018-09-20 17:05
I can't say anything specific to these two monitors, but as for the size, if it's hybrid use or work/office mainly too, I'd go for the 27" nowadays. Purely for gaming, I think the 24" might actually be better. The field of view you need to cover with your eyes is quite big and possibly too big on a 27". And 24" is way big enough :-) And you also saved €120, win-win.
2018-09-20 17:08
Mexico LEWORb 
24", save the buck. If you find a 240Hz for the price of the 27" monitor and your PC can take it, go for that
2018-09-20 19:39
man you can buy an LG 27" 240 Hz monitor for under 300 euro, what year are you living in? 270 euro
2018-09-20 19:43
24.5 Inch is way more comfortable, at least in my opinion
2018-09-20 19:45
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