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Major in Russia
Russia RussianEnglishMan 
What is the possibility of major being hosted by Epicenter or any other Russian organization. Cos it is kinda expensive to go in other countries.
2018-09-20 16:44
3rd world isnt good for tourists
2018-09-20 16:45
Third world isn’t good for tourism, but Russia is an exception tbh. I think Moscow is the best place for major and tourism at the same time
2018-09-20 16:51
Russia V0RTEXXX 
2018-09-20 18:10
Idk, it is just my opinion
2018-09-20 18:15
jokes | 
Brazil on_you 
Hj bj bj bj bj de bj bj bj bj bj bj bj bj bj de bj bj bj bj bj de bj bj de bj bj bj bj bj bj bj
2018-09-20 18:43
fake russia rofl
2018-09-20 18:57
Nt Fico
2018-09-20 19:28
Jame | 
Kazakhstan jEway 
da da ya
2018-09-22 09:26
Russia v1p3rrr 
2018-09-20 20:40
i just wanted to look around at saint-petersburg and i saw this explain ples
2018-09-20 21:18
Libya Eruptor 
The cloning technology in use, inventioned by superior Saint-Petersburgian minds
2018-09-20 22:01
soldiers of the russian clone abibas uber-army. they are very dangerous, don't fuck with them.
2018-09-21 11:22
kennyS | 
Russia McNik 
Moscow best city
2018-09-21 10:58
Russia grEminence 
2018-09-22 09:31
Portugal xxxRUI75xxx 
2018-09-22 09:57
HeatoN | 
Russia rassvet 
Russia is 1st world hello :D
2018-09-20 18:23
2018-09-20 18:42
HeatoN | 
Russia rassvet 
nice fakeflagger xaxaxaxax
2018-09-20 18:50
Bangladesh Ev1l Japan 
2018-09-20 19:43
In your imagination maybe it is :)
2018-09-20 20:22
allu | 
Finland Jodecast 
best joke ever, russia is so third world
2018-09-20 20:24
clearly you never left it
2018-09-21 07:05
hallo brother wat doink? Romania talking about 3rd world??????
2018-09-21 19:38
romania is 30 years ahead of russia
2018-09-21 19:38
talking of degradation yes xd
2018-09-21 19:39
ok retard , stay deluded. you will be in a discussion about not beeing a 3rd world when at least the basic human rights are beeing fully respected , until then stfu or you'll only embarass yourself.
2018-09-21 19:41
human rights? Even USA are not respecting it lmao. Maybe inside their country sometimes, but internationally all the biggest countries are against basic human rights. They think they rule the world and can do whatever they want while Russia is trying to fight them politely. Talking of human rights btw, nice revolution you got in your country that looks like a copy of a rainbow revolution USA supported in Ukraine which is 3rd world coutry now. Was 2nd world close to 1st. HALLO
2018-09-21 19:44
you're on level 1 of brainwash but you have a stupid way of judging things . still not hopeless but bad anyway. romanian protests for example are nothing like ukraine's , we are in the eu already settled unlike ukraine wich is a big big difference , here people are prostesting in favour of western principles and against some corrupted politicians either tho romania has made a lot of progress in terms of anti-corruption institutions in the last 10 years. we are the least corrupt country in the central east block yet still a lot to improve. but compared to russia , lol , you make me laugh. romania never been as bad as russia it is today in the history of its short democracy. and this is mainly because we are not cowards unlike you , we stand against somebody who is clearly taking us on the road of dictatorship or autocracy. thats the difference between our nations. we are brave , we spilled blood for freedom and you are cowards. your only strength was always the size of your country and the number of the people wich is making things way worse for you when you realize that countries smaller than your capital city are doing way better. with all your size and resources available you are still a 3rd world and no signs of improvement whatsoever and only because you are cowards and always been. sell resources , never inovate or reform and live with the basic minumum thinking that you are bosses , russians in a nutshell.
2018-09-21 20:03
stopped reading on "brainwash" bro my godfather is Putin's adviser in medical things and my uncle is 90s-grown businessman, i personally dont watch tv since 2011 and i know A LOT of deep things of this country. We are 1st world, just stop arguing. You are brainwashed maybe if you still think like that
2018-09-21 22:44
Czech Republic Pee_Tea 
delusional af
2018-09-22 13:36
by your logic countries are ruled by delusional people xd
2018-09-22 14:11
nt prodka
2018-09-22 16:37
>godfather is Putin's adviser in medical things and my uncle is 90s-grown businessman Dude, Russia is 3rd world deal with it. You are probably one of those rich russian kids and you don't see how regular russians live
2018-09-22 16:08
i'm below middle class living in an 30 year old apartment, cuz my parents never wanted me to become a soft retard who will do nothing but ask for more money. So i still will say Russia is 1st world, cuz i even visit Novosibirsk and villages around it where my siblings live
2018-09-22 16:22
2018-09-22 10:06
2018-09-21 22:51
i was in Romania and it is indeed 30 years ahead of Russia and Ukraine, get over it
2018-09-22 09:30
i was in Kiev 5 years ago, fell in love with that city. But it's beyond far from 1st world im sorry
2018-09-22 14:12
2018-09-21 10:54
Denmark FujiLeBandido 
honestly if there was a Major in Moscow i would probably go just because i have always wanted to see Moscow
2018-09-20 18:42
That is what I am talking about, but still you can visit Epicenter in 2018, going to be there
2018-09-20 18:55
Denmark FujiLeBandido 
how is the prices in russia like hotels and stuff (if i was going to stay for like a week)?
2018-09-20 19:02
United Kingdom FAPPY17 
for europeans the prices in russia are low af because of the sanctions. everything is 2-3 times cheaper than in Europe, for instance 5-star hotel in Moscow costed me about 1.200 euros, but in london the average price for a 3-star hotel is 1000-1500. so....
2018-09-20 19:07
Lol you could buy anything or anyone you want with Danish salaries. It’s like 2 times cheaper than in nothern Europe
2018-09-20 20:28
2018-09-21 22:53
except with all the homophobia and sexism its kinda hard to sell to a diverse audience.. just remember all the critique about world cup (soccer)
2018-09-20 18:56
Lmao, every 3rd in SPB/Moscow/Kazan etc. is Chinese or European. Yeah, they're still here even tho the WC is over. The Chinese is already a classic, they're always here xd
2018-09-20 18:16
“Or European” sick joke tbh
2018-09-20 18:40
Daun? Where're u from? Musohransk? Come here and u'll see what am I talking about.
2018-09-20 18:44
Im from Ufa, same city as Kazan, but anyways i was in Moscow and Peter a lot of times, never seen a european here, only asians or caucasians And why would they visit these shitholes if only like 30% of russians can speak english? There is nothing to do for tourists
2018-09-20 20:25
Europe hardmuth 
"khokhol" detected lmao
2018-09-20 20:27
lmao xddd ))))) xaxa Saying true about russia = khokhol
2018-09-20 20:28
Europe hardmuth 
it's just sad to see that Russia has cucks like you in its populace too
2018-09-20 20:30
Its more sad to see that there is still vatniks that believe russia is a good country and praying for putin while we suck af
2018-09-20 20:32
Don't argue with stupids - it's a waste of time.
2018-09-20 20:47
Russia TuckForin 
look at the threads u make messages in . Lmao all of them are connected with ukranian/slavic theme. Go get a life sofa politician
2018-09-20 21:32
U know nothing about my life, your opinion is similar to womit. Don't give me advices and I won't tell you the way you ought to go.
2018-09-25 00:33
Russia TuckForin 
idc what your garbage life is . I just see that all the threads u make messages in are connected with RU/UA politics . That means that u r total nolifer cause who esle will make threads and messages like that in cs forum lul?
2018-09-25 14:06
Get lost and watch over yourself
2018-09-25 17:18
Russia TuckForin 
I read some of your messages and i should say that u look like a dumb kid tbh.Moscow is a great place to visit/held a tournament and if u live in some small shitty village u should stfu and go clean the pigs which live with ya cause u know nothing about Russia and Moscow in particular.
2018-09-20 21:13
Try to visit EU cities and compare it to moscow, then try to argue about it...Or just keep watching your favorite TV i guess
2018-09-20 21:53
Russia TuckForin 
Firstly, i dont watch tv at all Secondly, i have already visited lots of europian countries and cities so i have something to compare with. and those things that u type are so trivial. your brain is washed up and u dont have your own opinion(this is how i see the whole your aggressive mood against Russia). I dont protect the government or the president and pls dont type me things like that cause this is like the most obvious thing that ppl like u usually type. Little guys like u are pretty popular nowadays in russia u know.The problem is that they dont have their own opinion and the bigger problem is that they are stupid.Sorry.
2018-09-20 23:11
Russia TuckForin 
smotri pomen'we oppozicionnix vidosikov ili yj esli ti vzyalsya za ix prosmotor ,to fil'tryu informaciyu kotoryu v nix pripodnosyat. A to zvychiw' kak maloletniy bot kotoromy promili mozgi i kotoriy nicherta ne mojet slojit' svoego sobstvennogo mneniya o sityacii v strane i podobnix vewyax.Viglyadiw' glypo.Kak obijenniy rebenok sidiw i piwew' bez ostanovki kakaya rawka xyevaya i naxyu vi tyristi xotite suda exat' Pri etom v pitere ya 24/7 vijy kitaicev/evropeicev/amerikancev Oni vidimo typee tebya i ne ponimayut v kakyu jopy priehali Ti skoree vsego iz kakogo-to sela hz malen'kogo goroda mb. Poskol'ky vsu infy ti cherpaew' na youtube i ne mojew tolkom svoego mneniya daje postroit' isxodya iz realiev.Otherwise hz che ewe s toboi ne tak.
2018-09-20 23:16
LOL imagine reading all this shit
2018-09-21 10:42
Chile budzerstoned 
That's exactly why he calls you stupid. Don't even read a paragraph.
2018-09-22 09:57
i just dont see a point to argue about my own country. I know how bad it is, Russia is not gonna be better if someone write something good about it on hltv forum
2018-09-22 14:16
So Russia is not gonna be worse either if some little scum like you write some shit about it on hltv forum ;)
2018-09-22 16:33
im not trying to make it even worse lol just answered to OP that russian isnt a good country for the major
2018-09-22 16:35
Not even close to the truth, I doubt you`re even live in Russia
2018-09-22 16:30
you got me, im an american agent and getting paid for talkshitting russia nice paranoia btw
2018-09-22 16:36
So why are you lying about our country all the fucking time? You're not living here or you`re just delusional.
2018-09-22 17:00
im not gonna argue with you if you dont even see how bad our country is compared to 1st would countries
2018-09-22 17:28
u from kazan? edit: sorry wrong place
2018-09-20 21:56
Ufa same as Kazan? Nice joke
2018-09-20 21:59
Not true tho
2018-09-20 18:59
Russia TuckForin 
??? I live in Saint P and each time i walk around the center of the city i see tons of tourists. How can u even say that it's not true ffs?Probably u should go outside once huh?
2018-09-20 21:15
are u from kazan
2018-09-20 21:56
2018-09-21 00:09
i thought i found a homie
2018-09-21 15:33
What about WC 2018?
2018-09-20 18:29
Well, it was sponsored with shit ton of money by government, had a lot of police from near regions. Also a lot of people wasnt happy about that one because russian people tried their best to cheat tourist and get more money from them, typical 3rd world i would say...
2018-09-20 20:21
Russia TuckForin 
"Had a lot of police from close regions" hmmm , so?There were no conflicts cause of that fact Cheat tourists? Where the fuck did u even hear that?U sound like a small hater omg. Those arguments are the total trash tbh.
2018-09-20 21:17
1) ??? Yes, there was no conflicts because of that fact, thats what im talking about. There is not gonna be so much police for a csgo major, so conflicts can happen 2) gl reading :)
2018-09-20 21:51
Russia TuckForin 
1) have u ever heard anything about conflicts on CS GO lan tournaments? that sounds like a fucking joke lmao.only geeks and nolifers go there how the fuck can they even conflict between each other? 2) i bet u are stupid or u have never been abroad cause that thing has always being happening during popular every country , every popular event. ofc the prices during olympic games on hotel numbers and shit will be much bigger than during the regular time. u are just not unprejudiced
2018-09-20 23:06
2018-09-21 22:57
Netherlands 072 
But why is it in the UK then?
2018-09-20 18:44
imagine all pro players get poisoned xDDD
2018-09-20 16:45
s1mple | 
Russia foggy54 
Did you notice that "pro players" coming to Moscow in a month anyway?
2018-09-20 18:16
Russia is not Salisbury
2018-09-20 18:26
allu | 
Finland Jodecast 
well people that dont like putin get poisoned so
2018-09-20 20:23
So why are you still alive?
2018-09-22 16:35
On Epic Center Platform! Will be best Major Ever!
2018-09-20 16:45
When epicenter is in Moscow it is situated in VTB arena. I wan in Epicenter 2016 and ur was awesome
2018-09-20 16:52
Cologne 2019 is all I ask
2018-09-20 16:48
Hell no
2018-09-20 16:52
I don't want to have a Facebook major
2018-09-21 13:49
United States Koosh34 
will never happen because of the timezones.
2018-09-20 16:48
2018-09-20 16:48
it's just a one hour difference with Europe right now. Better for China though
2018-09-20 16:51
thats why i said lul.
2018-09-20 16:52
Better for China better for CSGO viewers stats
2018-09-20 18:58
2018-09-20 16:50
Ukraine dieded_inside 
2018-09-20 16:51
At least 100k people watched major in USA from Russia and it was not perfect tbh but we didn’t complain
2018-09-20 16:53
United States Koosh34 
I wouldn't have a problem it is just what valve have said
2018-09-20 17:35
2018-09-20 18:08
United States Koosh34 
tbh they will also never give to epicenter or starladder because epicenter has ties with VP and starladder has close ties with HR.
2018-09-20 18:22
Didn’t know that Epicenter has ties VP, but about starladder it is obvious
2018-09-20 18:54
United States Koosh34 
2018-09-20 19:03
Oh maaaaan. My dreams are ruined
2018-09-20 20:59
Russia Nikosimus 
What have they said?
2018-09-20 18:43
Russia Nikosimus 
Found nothing in particular about Russia, our timezone is only 1 hour worse, US tournaments are the same for us tbh, so idk why it's a problem
2018-09-20 19:27
Cyprus TheVodkaGuy 
Europe and Russia has also been waiting for your Atlanta and Boston majors lul
2018-09-20 23:13
Here comes Epicenter 2018 in October and u can compare it with major in London. I am 100% sure that it is going to be way more better. P.S. My London very cool
2018-09-20 16:56
Most famous pro players who ever visited Epic Center said, that it should be a Major and its best tournament that they ever played. I am not make it up, thats just a fact. Btw your Saxo iz off da hook XDDDD
2018-09-20 17:54
Maybe you wanted to say Epicenter? Cos I couldn’t find anything about “Epic Center”
2018-09-20 18:10
thats what i mean, u right ))) Epicenter! Exactlly )
2018-09-20 18:14
I was confused for the whole day, ffs
2018-09-20 18:16
cant fix all my post's tho ;7 butta, ones again Epicenter all da way )
2018-09-20 18:18
ScreaM | 
Romania DESEDE 
would be nice.
2018-09-20 18:11
Lithuania andy_ 
The only thing I could imagine -
2018-09-20 18:12
Russia Sur10n 
2018-09-21 11:18
Ukraine VeryVegaGuy 
Mb we don't know how valve josing the company and country
2018-09-20 18:14
Major in Russia ? I say YES
2018-09-20 18:17
2018-09-20 20:58
2018-09-21 11:31
ceh9 | 
Kyrgyzstan NeaRipS 
2018-09-21 13:51
Denmark Baitvice 
We tried having majors in third world. It didn't turn out well so no.
2018-09-20 18:18
We have majors in Poland every year ffs
2018-09-20 21:05
2018-09-22 09:41
then why denmark hasnt had any?
2018-09-21 11:39
Denmark Baitvice 
BLAST Pro Tournament > All tournaments in CIS. And Hungary talking LUL.
2018-09-21 11:54
r u already offended? i mean im just curious, if we already tried 3rd world and it didnt turn out well, why r we giving majors to the countries which already had some instead of trying denmark, finland, france or many others out?
2018-09-21 12:00
Denmark Baitvice 
I'm not in charge of deciding where majors are held bro.
2018-09-21 12:32
as i see, u r in charge of becoming a butthurt when someone mentions ur country in not a good way (neither bad)
2018-09-21 12:41
Denmark Baitvice 
Butthurt? Lmfao who got butthurt? Nice argument btw
2018-09-21 12:59
i d just asked u why u think denmark hasnt gotten any majors yet, while "3rd" world countri'es' getting em again and again... and u just came up w/ some danish torunament > cis (?) tournaments and mentioned my country as it matters or something here
2018-09-21 13:46
Denmark Baitvice 
I mentioned your country because you are from Hungary and commenting on Denmark lmfao seems like you're butthurt one bro lul
2018-09-21 13:48
i just asked a question w/o any bad intent and u just came up w/ these kinda thing and after all u callin me butthurt... also how s my country relevant in this topic, like i cannot leave a comment on danish ppls topics or comments?
2018-09-21 13:59
typical arrogant danish dickhead and blastpro suck
2018-09-22 13:56
Denmark @Fridzu 
2018-09-20 18:18
s1mple | 
Russia foggy54 
As far as I know both Starladder and Epicenter sent their applications to Valve, but seems other providers still offer better conditions.
2018-09-20 18:19
it would be great as world cup 2018!
2018-09-20 18:24
Now! This how Major should be Done - We just killin it (Epicenter)
2018-09-20 18:26
Ceh9 is on his top form
2018-09-20 20:38
Lithuania andy_ 
oh shit, it looks so damn good
2018-09-20 20:41
Iceland jerrick 
Moscow actually nice to be major. Moscow x10 better than all russia suka blytka
2018-09-20 18:27
Thank you
2018-09-20 21:02
moscow/spb good
2018-09-20 18:41
Would be great but probably not possible
2018-09-20 18:42
Ukraine treeex 
too early for Kiev but moscow epicenter major will be perfect
2018-09-20 18:43
No way, 90% fans of cs in Russia are children, which will cheer for Navi. U saw it every starladder and epicantr tournament, max attendance is 1,500 peoples, thats all.
2018-09-20 19:01
I was in Epicenter 2016 and it was full. Most of the audience were teenagers or students
2018-09-20 21:01
Anyway crowd was awful on non cis matches, i guess there was people who cheer for Navi in final even when they were out of tournament
2018-09-20 21:42
We were cheering for Dignitas, so it was perfect
2018-09-21 06:59
And of course ppl gonna cheer for their favorite team. Just look at PGL Krakow and VP
2018-09-20 21:02
allu | 
Finland Jodecast 
tournament in third world, nah
2018-09-20 20:23
Saying Finnish guy
2018-09-20 21:00
allu | 
Finland Jodecast 
Finland > in pretty much anything russia and usually by a mile
2018-09-20 21:10
Not trying to be toxic, but you need to visit Moscow before saying that Finland>Russia
2018-09-20 21:31
allu | 
Finland Jodecast 
lol, one city makes shit federation better than a way more modern and better country? still the rest of your country is full poor and 20years behind any western country. Like every fucking country has one or two nice cities, for example brazil has sao paulo and rio, but that doesnt change the fact that brazil and russia is in this case shitholes and poor countries
2018-09-20 22:16
U need to take in count sizes of our countries. Of course it is way more easier to develop a little ass country than a huge Russia. Also, Finland has nothing, nobody cares when Finland says smth, no resources, no population, you have totally nothing in comparison with Russian or Brazil. Also you are trying to judge country without living in it.
2018-09-21 07:02
allu | 
Finland Jodecast 
Lol we talked about russia here, which is a corrupt, poor and behind the western countries by years, sorry for the trutj but 400dollar average income isnt much to come with, and who the fuck ”respects” russia? Everyone knows you are just a lying country that cant keep any promises. Only reason anyone talks about you is that you have nukes, if you wouldnt your country would just a oversized third world joke. And we have nothing in comparison? Well for sure safety, income x100 better, better heatlcare by miles, better education by miles human rights? etc, finland and the other nordic countries are always on the ”best countries to live in”, and im pretty sure a corrupt shithole like russia wont be on that list :) and apparently the worlds biggest leaders came here to have their meeting so :) and at least we have countries that like us, i dont see many friends on the russian side except some other poor cis countries
2018-09-21 10:26
And everything started from one topic bout major in Russia.
2018-09-21 10:49
allu | 
Finland Jodecast 
well sorry for the truth :) just my opinion that countries like Turkey, russia etc should not be hosting anything
2018-09-21 10:54
Ok 🍞🍞🍞
2018-09-21 11:30
showin off w moscow or spb while the other cities are like average eastern european cities w the mark of communism on em, still...
2018-09-21 11:47
True, corruption in our cities has developed, but I think that we are doing huge steps against it. And every our city with population over million is worth being visited. When USSR “died” a lot of people lost their jobs and crisis of 90s ruined our economy greatly. Only in this year or smth we had our economy back, it is still weak, but way better than in 90s
2018-09-21 13:25
CIS imsofckngmad 
make major at Vietnam, lmao
2018-09-20 20:40
Yes, but fuck Moscow, make Major in Sochi instead. :D
2018-09-20 20:42
have it in the city which is a symbol for corruption? putin using huge amounts of money just to show off to the world and then leave it abandoned afterwards, even if the country is technically dead poor in case of the average people, nice way to spend money dont you think?
2018-09-20 22:21
2018-09-21 02:46
thats all you have to say, bet you think otherwise
2018-09-21 11:11
2018-09-21 16:11
you cant come with any arguments, or isnt there any?
2018-09-21 18:10
Why would I need to come with any arguments, lul.
2018-09-21 19:00
lol so you cant answe what i said? Thats how you russian defend yourself in argumentation?
2018-09-21 23:47
I don't care what you said and I don't need to defend anything.
2018-09-21 23:48
or you have nothing to say, maybe truth hurts, well sore russian ok :)
2018-09-21 23:59
2018-09-21 23:59
s1 | 
Ukraine mple 
Why is finnistan talking so much shit LUL
2018-09-22 10:14
2018-09-22 13:34
the problem is they wanna have english as a main language in the arena you cant do that in russia :<
2018-09-20 20:44
if there was major in spb i would go
2018-09-20 21:13
2018-09-20 21:53
Cyprus TheVodkaGuy 
Kyiv is quite good for the major. Not Russia or other CIS. And be prepared for gopnik slavs
2018-09-20 23:09
its horrible country for major.
2018-09-21 00:10
Estonia >>>> Russia
2018-09-21 07:03
not really.
2018-09-21 08:27
well really, russia is a corrupt shithole, at least Estonia is a nice & safe country and in eu, no stupid visas etc you estonians should be proud that your country has advanced so much compared to others
2018-09-21 11:28
Why all Finnish guys are talking shot about Russia?
2018-09-21 11:31
well why would any finn really like russia? you started the winter war against us, you are the reason to many hostile threats like illeagal border crossings with fighter jets these days etc? many of us specially older ones see nothing good in you, just made many of us suffer
2018-09-21 11:38
But, nevertheless, Finland was part of the Russia for a long time and I don’t think that being independent in these days would help you
2018-09-21 13:14
and nobody enjoyed that time that we where forced to be with you lol
2018-09-21 13:22
We didn’t either
2018-09-21 13:26
well you wanted to so
2018-09-21 13:43
epicenter always hosts bad events. SL major kiev is good idea.
2018-09-21 10:53
Why not? Moscow could be a good place for a Major.
2018-09-21 11:14
Israel RANK1_FPL 
People who complain about Russia not being able to have a major are retarded. They did the best world cup for football with the lowest % of crimes against turists and shiet. Also PUT YOUR CANS IN THE AIR
2018-09-21 11:27
well russia isnt really the "most democratic country is it? probably on the wrong side of that line, and considering the currency is full shit and visas etc
2018-09-21 11:37
Israel RANK1_FPL 
IT's a easy country for visa, and there is a lot of authoritarian regimes in the world who are considered safe. And if the currency is unstable it actually is a benefit for non russians visiting the major since their currency is probably worth alot more than the rubel. Should democracy be a criterion for hosting a major? Politics should be something outside e-sports and also where shall we draw the line? Shall Freedom House and other who gather democracy index dictate on which countries should host a CS:GO major? There is a lot of countries who arent democratic who are crushing democratic countries in terms of economy, employment rate etc. So should democracy be something a country really should strive for? Just look at China.
2018-09-21 12:26
well China is actually going forward and people have decent living conditions, russia is just a corrupt shithole still behind the rest of us,i wouldnt see anything good in hosting and giving a good Picture of a "half dictatorship" country
2018-09-21 12:46
Israel RANK1_FPL 
I hope you know China has big problems with corruption as well? And China is even more undemocratic than Russia just look at democrazy index rankings. China has stronger dictatorship against political opponents, less free-speech than Russia and so on.. They have only ONE political party in power while Russia allows other parties. Also GDP/capita is higher in Russia than in China and while Russia % on corruption is getting smaller for every year China % on corruption is getting stronger every year.
2018-09-21 13:38
Czech Republic Mirzoev 
This coming from a Finnish man? Finland is a Northern piece of shit that's filled with snow. It is enough to look in Google your most beautiful city of Helsinki which and nearby does not cost with the Russian mastodons. For kids like you, I'll explain that politics should be out of the sport. If it's so hard for you to understand then you can live in your cold "Developed country" further.
2018-09-21 14:23
lol someone is mad, lets have tournament in a country that doesnt support human rights, democratic system etc
2018-09-21 18:11
Czech Republic Mirzoev 
Oh, my God..
2018-09-21 23:04
Czech Republic Mirzoev 
So funny when Finns are talking about Russia) Than you so your life is offended? Residents of other countries on the HLTV quietly talking with Russian including me. And you as small children taking)
2018-09-21 23:11
well not my fault that russia is stuck in the cold war
2018-09-21 23:46
allu | 
Finland Jodecast 
2018-09-21 23:48
Ffs, I made this theme so people could discuss whether it is good idea or not to host major in Russia, but 2 Finnish guys (you and another retard) started to speak about politics. I read half of what you have written and it sounds like Russia killed your mother or smth. Just chill
2018-09-22 16:52
well many finnish people where killed by you and your cowardly way to start war against finland
2018-09-22 17:25
It was Soviet Union btw, now we live in Russia my friend. We don’t say shit about other countries like you do. U just started being toxic for no reason
2018-09-22 18:47
Maybe it is hard to live close to big ass country with a nuclear weapon. It is the only reason why I see you raging so hard. Cos if we start a war with each other I don’t really think that you have any possibility of winning it
2018-09-22 18:49
welll you wont, we are in eu and have a nato partnership, putin is smart but not an idiot
2018-09-23 13:55
Russia skipster 
nt Dmytro_UKR
2018-09-21 14:24
I bet u are one of Russian - Jewish people
2018-09-22 09:25
Ukraine ph3n0m3n 
Kyiv > Moscow Yes, I was in Moscow before braindead ruskis reply to me.
2018-09-21 13:47
Moscow > Kyiv Yes, I was in Kyiv before braindead ukranians reply to me.
2018-09-21 13:49
Russia Rezd 
Sorry,no banera pridi poryadok navedi. Iventi v msk lyche,chem v Kyive
2018-09-21 13:49
Sorry, but... Epicenter > ShitSeries Normal ppl with vodka > ppl with Bombs on street + salo
2018-09-21 18:13
Europe hardmuth 
>comparing incredibly rich and tidied-up city to a village shithole Ukrainians turned Kiev into
2018-09-21 23:50
Czech Republic Mirzoev 
I recently visited Ukraine and Russia . You know what? Moscow is a very beautiful and lively city. I would like to see Major there. But we all understand that because of the political situation it will be difficult to do. In Moscow, I was even met by my English-speaking grandmother and showed me the whole city center. And When I went to Kharkov and Kiev looked at me as a terrorist but Kiev is also a beautiful city. In General, Major in Moscow is a good idea
2018-09-21 14:17
2018-09-22 16:48
India nAgent 
I am waiting for a Epicenter Major. They are good organizers.
2018-09-21 19:39
Hungary Shiron212 
A major in Sankt Peterburg or Moscow, good idea :D
2018-09-21 22:45
s1mple | 
Turkey solfex 
would be cool
2018-09-21 22:47
Europe hltv007 
why not?Russia had winter Olympics football world cup why not a major
2018-09-21 23:53
and what happen after those olympic games, entire village is left, russia people are already poor, but somehow putin fins reasons to pay for huge tournaments
2018-09-22 00:16
Europe hltv007 
esports major wont be a problem for Putin
2018-09-22 08:07
Russia grEminence 
Dude, a government do not sponsor e-sport competitions.
2018-09-22 09:35
nah but we talked about olympic etc here
2018-09-22 13:34
Kazan pls
2018-09-22 08:15
Why not in Australia? AU crowd>>>>>>>>>>>>Russians
2018-09-22 09:31
Russia grEminence 
I doubt that.
2018-09-22 09:32
BAD TIME ZONES sorry for caps
2018-09-22 10:02
Russia grEminence 
Epicenter Major Moscow 2019. Lets make it happen!
2018-09-22 09:32
Epicenter should definitly get a Major, their tournaments are one of the best.
2018-09-22 09:41
Yes, Moscow is very nice city
2018-09-22 09:42
Turkey Rjea 
I think that will be better than any European country, cuz Russia is so cheap for European companies who organizing that tournaments, low salary low expenses also their CSGO community much more than any european country so that could be best major
2018-09-22 09:43
Brazil cadik 
>epicenter kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk isn't it shitty rigged tournament where tier 500 team VP can reach grand finals only because their owners are hosts of this tournament ?
2018-09-22 09:52
i think this is a great idea as russia has a very passionate thing id say is to NOT cast it in english as the cis region is big enough to be casted in its own language no matter how big the event ,also it would also ruin the hype as the crowd would get more hyped if it was in their native language
2018-09-22 10:02
Yeah but that’s the main reason why we are not getting the major :(
2018-09-22 10:57
Who gives a shit amerixan cunts wont always get what they want
2018-09-22 11:16
Macedonia P3tru5 
you can watch the english stream. easy
2018-09-22 13:40
Macedonia P3tru5 
if you are talking about the crowd they will probabyl be mainly cis people so why not
2018-09-22 13:40
2018-09-22 13:49
s1 | 
Ukraine mple 
StarSeries major >>>>>>
2018-09-22 10:11
cologne pls
2018-09-22 10:16
Macedonia P3tru5 
i guess i dont know why they wouldnt
2018-09-22 13:39
no.rusia worst country ever.
2018-09-22 13:41
I am sure you have never been in Russia
2018-09-22 16:37
allu | 
Finland Jodecast 
i dont really many like to travel to a poor ass country
2018-09-22 17:03
I don’t really think anyone would like to go to country with nothing to see. What can you offer? Sauna and vodka, nothing
2018-09-22 18:45
allu | 
Finland Jodecast 
and the better question is what do you do in russia?
2018-09-22 19:31
Just visit Moscow. St.-Petersburg, Kazan and you will see
2018-09-22 19:44
allu | 
Finland Jodecast 
lol i love how you russians think so highly about your country, your country has zero friends, ofc not counting small cis countries, you have fucked up your economy with doing idiotic moves, no one trusts you, your leaders are literally using your country to make themself rich, average russian is poor and as for now dead stupid. you dont care about nature, you spit out shit into the ocean and air, and somehow your country is so great Its actually ridiculous that we finns pay for making cleaning facilities for your country since you cant do shit without somehow fuck up, only thing we know you russians for is lying about something or say "we have nothing to do with it"
2018-09-22 19:57
Omg it is embarrassing how you, Finnish guys, think about your country. In my opinion you just can’t compare biggest country in the world with shit ass country with two people living in it
2018-09-22 22:11
allu | 
Finland Jodecast 
lol its funny that this small country somehow does everything much better than you isnt it?
2018-09-22 22:36
Isn’t it funny how a retard from Finland can turn everything into politarized debate? E-sport isn’t connected with politics in any way and this topic was about major, not about how shit is the country where I live. And I am sorry for you, hope you get better with your brain cancer. Cya 🍞🍞🍞
2018-09-22 23:05
allu | 
Finland Jodecast 
its like saying olympics doesnt have anything to do with politics. Im really sorry for you and your poor people
2018-09-22 23:26
I sure it will happen but not this or next year cause of the world cup they need to come down and so on :)
2018-09-22 16:34
crowd would be crazy >D
2018-09-22 19:38
Minsk >> Moscow
2018-09-22 22:12
Not really
2018-09-23 14:04
Poland midfor 
no chance 3th world
2018-09-23 13:56
Russia V0RTEXXX 
3th xD
2018-09-23 13:58
Russia TuckForin 
polska 1st world? xddddddd
2018-09-25 14:07
allu | 
Finland Jodecast 
better than poor federation for sure xD
2018-09-25 17:20
its the same thing as having a major here in hueland, all of the retarded europeans and americans from hltv who live inside their little bubble would start screeching autistically because they are too afraid of anything different from their views, even if it would be a nice idea and could easily work
2018-09-25 14:20
russian major>pgl
2018-09-25 15:15
Poland MagicznYY 
2018-09-25 15:16
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