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Are astralis ultra noobs?
Denmark ecolai_ecovice_reedtz 
Are they ultra noobs cause of the angle Holding or not?
2018-09-22 01:57
Brazil beckerzin 
ultra gods
2018-09-22 01:57
Canada Surzz 
no. that's the smart way to play cs.
2018-09-22 01:58
Yeah But gla1vje Noob top 0
2018-09-22 02:02
Mexico PlayerMostacho 
No cause they about to win FACEIT MAJOR 2018 BOIIII
2018-09-22 02:00
But devve is still only a noob or not?
2018-09-22 02:01
No wtf devve is a KING
2018-09-22 03:22
Serbia toENDallWARS 
ultra noobs haha :D everyone who is watching Astrails right now have to admit they are playing dam good cs right now.. and are a special special team.. its almost perfection... the way they read thier Opponents is insane... its like clock work like a program like a machine..... with tactics build in with skill and speed and momentum and a never die attitude its great to see come on im not scared to say it.. FaZe are good MiBR are good NaVi are good Liquid are quality Astrails are gods
2018-09-22 02:05
Netherlands unluko_maluko 
"its like clock work like a program like a machine....." like cheaters?
2018-09-22 02:13
Name checks out
2018-09-22 03:47
Netherlands unluko_maluko 
naive kid spotted
2018-09-22 14:09
shit troll nt plz kys
2018-09-22 02:10
I will definitely not kyss you. Im straight
2018-09-22 02:16
Not funny nt dog
2018-09-22 02:17
Denmark xKhazzard 
delusional spastic
2018-09-22 03:32
Nt peter
2018-09-22 14:33
because the playstyle, they have a different way to play CS it's like EU playing football, and Brazilian playing football the freestyle is more magic, the other way is more boring
2018-09-22 14:40
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