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UK Internet
Poland Monkeys_In_Battle_Royale 
Simple explanation here ->
2018-09-22 02:16
Denmark FaZeClan 
2018-09-22 02:17
for what?
2018-09-22 02:17
Macau edenhassard 
2018-09-22 02:18
Can confirm, I am UK internet
2018-09-22 02:18
I would like to be able to change ISP to the Virgin Media. BT landline... no words.
2018-09-22 02:20
Virgin is definitely best in the UK if you want 'regular' internet. Price is 'okay' but hyperoptic, and other companies are better. Unfortunately only in major cities. rip
2018-09-22 02:26
Where do you live in the UK? Not just that but your polak internet says that it is 99% faster than average speed there. Most people i know from poland have relatively shit net. Also, I'm pretty sure that Toya is mostly only available in Kraków In most major UK cities (London, Manchester, etc) You can easily get 1gb fibre connection easily for about £45 which is pretty cheap if you have a decent job /closed
2018-09-22 02:24
M8, I live in North London.
2018-09-22 03:22
Poland bot_taz 
i live in small vilage 2k people next to a town with 35k people and i can have up to 500MBps/s, for like 60$ a month i choose only 60MBPs for 15$, also a new company will be moving in soon and they will offer even better prices and speed :)
2018-09-22 03:25
2018-09-22 03:30
Poland bot_taz 
2018-09-22 11:19
too fast
2018-09-22 12:32
faster than 99% slower than 60% 0/8 bad comparison
2018-09-22 02:27
Woah thats some 3rd world internet i can confirm that
2018-09-22 02:33
United States PsychoLogical 
We get it, the UK has one of the worst internet speeds in EU.
2018-09-22 03:24
You do realize, that the "gigabit" polish crap u posted, isnt working at the speeds it should? lmao id be pissed, if id pay for a gbit and receive a 850/450 mbps :D gz though, for sure better than uk crap but still aint a gigabit bruh.
2018-09-22 03:28
That's top speed
2018-09-22 03:37
Its fast, sure..But i have gbit lines in 2 different locations + office and a gbit should do over 1000/mbps. usually in the range of 1100-1200. One cant sell you a gbit line, and give u incoming speed far from it, and outgoing less than half what it should be.
2018-09-22 03:39
In Germany less than 1 million people can have gigabit connection and it costs 120€/mo lmao
2018-09-22 03:35
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