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scream on fnatic
gla1ve | 
Brazil xphx 
i think that can work ofc is not easy to replace flusha, but if xizt do a good igl, imo that can work pretty good
2018-09-22 02:37
no it cant work stfu you know nothing
2018-09-22 02:38
gla1ve | 
Brazil xphx 
2018-09-22 02:39
2018-09-22 02:40
gla1ve | 
Brazil xphx 
omg i'm so sorry
2018-09-22 02:40
Lebanon Delsol 
2018-09-22 03:04
gla1ve | 
Brazil xphx 
ok i will stfu
2018-09-22 05:08
well scream > flusha the way he was playing at the end, flusha was completely demotivated and i wouldnt be surprised if he stepped down himself because he didnt want to play annymore , but scream is only a stand in. if xizt did even half a decent job during the player break , fnatic would make top 4
2018-09-22 02:42
Thorin | 
Egypt True_ 
if ScreaM goes EADSHOT MACHINE and Krimz stays as amazing as he is they can probs do a mini Elec - s1mple thing and get like a Top 8 or Top 4 though the problem is no WH from Flushe :/ maybe JW take over same weight xaxa
2018-09-22 02:51
elemeNt | 
Mexico tscXvnx 
-karrigan +flusha flusha to igl, niko madfragging again ez faze t1
2018-09-22 02:53
scream is a good player, but flusha is someone that simply can't be replaced.... his consistency has gone down over the years, but he has a type of game play that cannot be replicated some team will pick him up and gain a looooooooooooot of skill and experience. im curious to see if JW will go with im... they've been together for such a long time
2018-09-22 02:55
jokes | 
Brazil on_you 
C9 flusha ?
2018-09-22 03:26
Europe potatomato 
hes just a standin for a tournament , they aint signing him.
2018-09-22 03:07
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