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Major Predicts
Brazil ProkdereVier 
I respect all the teams so please let's discuss friendly Natus Vincere > MIBR (think actual mibr shape can't deal with them, maybe in a near future) Liquid > Astralis (tough but i believe liquid can do it again, both monsters)
2018-09-22 05:33
the only one up for debate is the astralis/liquid game. unless mibr put lsd in electronic and simple’s gfuel bottles then i aren’t que ota that.
2018-09-22 05:35
im actually crying of laughter my dudette.
2018-09-22 05:38
I'm cheering for mibr but if I would bet, I'd honetly bet for Na´Vi, I can't see MIBR beating them, hope I'm wrong but that's my opinion
2018-09-22 05:40
gabs | 
Russia DiaRhea 
thats truth. i have 71 points on my pick em and have mibr and astralis to finals. if they both lose im fucekd
2018-09-22 05:47
nah, everything can happen, good luck to your golden medal
2018-09-22 05:51
LMAO I actually have 70 and have navi and liquid to the finals. One of us is definitely fucked
2018-09-22 05:51
gabs | 
Russia DiaRhea 
ya but if 1 of any team wins then we both get gold
2018-09-22 05:52
73 points atm and I’m gonna be so mad if mibr>Navi and liquid>ast. I need just one semi match to go my way.
2018-09-22 05:56
same, i just need one semi final to be right.
2018-09-22 07:28
navi is overrated, they Always choke in semifinals, maybe this time they will play normal? only the future will say, btw, i think ast will win the major.
2018-09-22 05:42
Germany sleezy 
s1mple and electronic are in monster form rn, also they seem well prepared imo, you could see it when they destroyed big on d2 who are normally sick on this map
2018-09-22 05:50
but they choke in semifinals, even s1mple that plays very well everytime choke a didnt perform well, just see past results, even if they look Strong asf, when they past the group stage i fell like they play lazy.
2018-09-22 05:54
What are you talking about? When they choke in semis?
2018-09-22 07:32
El Salvador Sp1x 
Unless we see the weak NaVi, I think they will beat mibr, despite them being in an upward trajectory. Liquid's win against Astralis in the groupstage made things interesting since Liquid is notorious for never beating Astralis. This one I honestly think could go either way because Liquid have been looking solid and Astralis has shown weaknesses. I just need NaVi to win to get gold, so I'm good.
2018-09-22 06:03
NaVi Astralis Also i want this major grand final more than everything, this would be amazing
2018-09-22 07:40
Brazil mrk15 
2018-09-22 07:41
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