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He tweeted "I think the time has come" ahead of their match vs Astralis obv
2018-09-22 12:06
he said "i think time has come" as a ritual he said it 3 times in group stages and they qualified and same against astralis hoping they can win xD xizt tweet is just cuz he played with those guys as a standin for few months instead of olof
2018-09-22 12:06
Finland Cocks 
Could be a bit of a bait since Fnatic is shit and since Niko started IGLing after the 0-2 groupstage thats the first thought that came into my mind. If niko is IGLing (probably temporarily) then Karrigan is more or less dead weight. And their bootcamps and such with Karrigan as igl didnt get them anywhere really.
2018-09-22 12:10
nah flusha might join them, xizt wont leave fnatic
2018-09-22 12:12
face | 
World NukestrikE 
Why on earth would faze pick flusha lol...
2018-09-22 12:22
i dont see other reason why flusha "got benched" fnatic didnt kick him, he probably wanted to step back because he is in talkings with someone
2018-09-22 12:23
But why would faze want to pick flusha? It doesn't make any sense at all and it's obvious downgrade...
2018-09-22 12:24
-karrigan +sunny btw
2018-09-22 12:06
Xizt is tagging Faze because he cheers on them obviously since he been on the team. Does not mean he is gonna join again.
2018-09-22 12:09
Germany t3dx 
flusha should replace karrigan FaZe ez #1
2018-09-22 12:12
Europe andyy_ 
More like xizt to an aftican team, cause he doesn't deserve a shit, he's trash
2018-09-22 12:54
LMAO Xizt to Faze... never. Flusha to Faze is very likely.
2018-09-22 12:55
Romania moetxxx 
-draken +someone is necesarly not -xizt atm
2018-09-22 12:57
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