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Russia univers1337 
would you bet your house on NA'VI in final?
2018-09-22 20:10
device | 
Poland boltzzon 
I bet my house on Astralis
2018-09-22 20:11
I won't welcome you
2018-09-22 20:11
me too bro
2018-09-22 20:12
Finland Vkims 
navi vs liquid and you bet on astralis? typical polska...
2018-09-22 20:56
navi vs astralis?
2018-09-23 11:18
I need Na'Vi to win against Astralis to get the gold, so it will be a close pickem
2018-09-22 20:13
Slovakia STYKOsports 
you only picked playoffs? or got everything wrong in the groupstage? :D
2018-09-22 20:15
how do you think i can get gold only winning on playoffs wtf
2018-09-22 20:45
Slovakia STYKOsports 
If you get the whole playoffs right you get 75 points. and if you need Astralis winning the Major you need the 2 last games right, so you even picked only the playoffs or went for upsets in the playoffs
2018-09-22 20:55
eh, maybe you're right I never checked, and also I put NaVi winning over Astralis
2018-09-22 21:12
United Arab Emirates VASU 
I would break My bonds with the oil negotiator ON LIQUID
2018-09-22 20:14
To all of you: How do you manage not to fall asleep when Astralis is playing??? Because I regularly fall asleep seing device holding angles for minutes.
2018-09-22 20:19
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