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Czech Republic RePlayGOD 
Remember how we were all bitchning about them but now when there are only boring nonskilled teams we would take back the amazing cold's clutches and Fallen's flicks.. fer's amazing entries and the crucial team chemistry of the humble brazilian boys who came up from nothing :C
2018-09-23 00:35
Brazil ProkdereVier 
watching the HR x TL game was my favorite tho
2018-09-23 00:39
wt is HR x TL my lzy frnd?
2018-09-23 00:44
Czech Republic RePlayGOD 
favela low iq
2018-09-23 00:45
me? i was just kidding with his comment xd
2018-09-23 00:47
Brazil ProkdereVier 
im low iq cuz using acronyms
2018-09-23 00:48
Netherlands unluko_maluko 
ts hllrsrs nd tmlqd my brthr
2018-09-23 00:46
y wrt lke ths ?
2018-09-23 00:48
Netherlands unluko_maluko 
cz #2 wrt lke ths
2018-09-23 00:49
2 is rtrdad so dnt nd cpy hm
2018-09-23 01:13
WTF? I d n u a w y a saying
2018-09-23 01:24
21 is rtrd so dnt lstn hm
2018-09-24 00:56
#2 is mre rtrd thn #21 so stfu u lttle btch
2018-09-24 00:58
no u
2018-09-24 01:02
wtf r u syng u nggr
2018-09-24 01:02
u iq s to low to cmprhnd me u nggr im strtng to thnk yo hv da brain of my brd
2018-09-24 01:08
whr is RANDOMNICKNAME ???????????????????????? wht u did wth hm ?????????????????????????
2018-09-24 03:12
i ate hm
2018-09-24 17:54
u fckng cnbl
2018-09-24 18:05
Brazil ProkdereVier 
hellraisers x liquid
2018-09-23 00:46
2018-09-23 00:47
Portugal R4nger)( 
LG Era was amazing due to their aggressiveness i luv them ;-; fnx the original clutch king ;-; Yes Astralis era is a boring era but we have to respect them . My heart is LG/Mibr but i respect entirely Astralis and i love dupreeh ..
2018-09-23 00:47
yes dupreeh the only gifted player of the squad, i dont respect retard glaive, butt-hurted Magiskboy and Xyp9x with his cubed face. I respect device just cuz he can live with the obvious gold digger Emilia Hult, she has to put up some really good tricks in bed
2018-09-23 00:51
i miss those days, so much character and personality theres none of that in astralis even though they are skilled, its hard to feel anything with this team unfortunately. its just so plain and boring ., i know its good cs, but I dont really get excited or emotionally invested for whatever reason
2018-09-23 00:55
very calmly said they are boring, not even exciting as a people LUL
2018-09-23 00:55
huh? pls rephrase that
2018-09-23 00:56
Portugal R4nger)( 
2018-09-23 00:56
They made cancer fans so I don’t really like em that much. Astralis also has cancer fans but they are much more fun to watch.
2018-09-23 00:58
Did you just say Astralis are more fun to watch than old SK? If so, play this vid and come here to beg for pardon
2018-09-23 00:59
Dupreeh and magisk’s entries and xyp9x’s clutches are better tbh
2018-09-23 01:05
the entries that they've practised for 10h last days not really anything new i watched a lot of xyps vods just to learn every nade from every spot but he is not anyhow special in clutching, usually just able to keep his HP good in fights and good in using utility
2018-09-23 01:07
you are such a delusional, ignorant and retarded hater its unreal. You called magisk "butthurt" in another comment but CLEARLY you're the butthurt child. Pls just stfu
2018-09-23 01:15
Just because they aren’t entertaining doesn’t mean they care. Either way they are putting in the work unlike m16r
2018-09-23 01:18
Astralis fans are very chill in comparison to braindead Bra71lian fans.
2018-09-23 01:19
You’re not wrong
2018-09-23 01:22
well brazil is 4th world after all so u cant blame them
2018-09-23 01:23
JW | 
Sweden bolognese 
I miss the days the French were relevant ffs kennyS
2018-09-23 01:24
they destroyed themselves by having egos
2018-09-23 01:25
Actually fnatic and SK/LG era were made of great entertaining CS, the complete opposite of which astralis is delivering
2018-09-23 01:25
2018-09-23 01:31
No era=best era When one team dominates its boring
2018-09-23 02:09
That's not quite true, it wasn't boring when fnatic was dominating the scene or Nip or SK/LG (Although I wouldn't say SK/LG were dominating completely but they were still the best when it came down to important tournaments they were somehow always on top)
2018-09-24 18:14
United Kingdom MainSlayer 
2018-09-24 01:06
United States ferric 
I personally love the way astralis play CS. It's beautiful to see a team with such amazing team play on ct sides and having things prepared like their grenade things. They know exactly what their enemies do and are so well prepared. On T side, they almost never let a death go untraded, and trades that start from the t side give the t side the advantage even with the same amount of players left. The way astralis plays doesnt require insane aim or risk, it's very well thought out and they are the best at their craft.
2018-09-24 03:21
United States BLNDSPT 
hahaha Kiss my eggs, you is low about the SK
2018-09-24 18:00
Fnatic and nip had best eras
2018-09-24 18:15
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