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tonyblack | 
Croatia Jack Russell 
If Navi wins it's obviously between electronic and s1mple, as they both carry the team in god mode. Currently s1mple is only slightly better stats-wise (leading by +0.04 in rating), so I think the finals should decide. Who makes more impactful plays and frags in the final gets the MVP. Both of them are best rated players in the tournament by far though, maybe they even take it if Navi loses the match. If Astralis wins it can be anyone from device, dupreeh and Magisk. Though I think device will take it.
2018-09-23 01:00
s1mple | 
Brazil Riquezin 
hardstyle mvp
2018-09-23 01:02
Canada Starfishnation 
Magisk if astralis wins and simple if navi wins.
2018-09-23 01:02
2018-09-23 01:02
S1mple and electronic should be co-MVP, it would be a crime for on of them to not get it
2018-09-23 01:03
Actually good idea :D
2018-09-23 01:10
byali | 
Poland BYALl 
If Navi wins it will be s1mple If astralis wins it will be s1mple
2018-09-23 01:11
Chile Lionel_Hutz 
This is not StarLadder this is a Major
2018-09-23 01:15
byali | 
Poland BYALl 
this is 0.2+ rating diffrence between s1mple and astralis players he has the highest rating in major history if he keeps it up 100% mvp
2018-09-23 01:38
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