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please, elec and s1, rescue CS
Spain eIskio 
Please make it happen tommorow guys Rescue interesting CS
2018-09-23 02:38
No worries s1mple and Zeus will rescue the scene from boring cs on the top. If not, this final is my last CS match ever. Anyway Im too old for this
2018-09-23 02:47
boring cs is the way cs is meant to be played, go watch fps arena or cod if you want more action
2018-09-23 02:46
2018-09-23 02:46
if it works then it's the current meta, astralis if you compare all the individual players to other teams(like faze) they re not better, it's the way they play cs that makes them better than others
2018-09-23 02:48
You are fighting for the wrong thing m8, no one is saying that Astralis's playstyle and strats are bad, its more like we just dont want them to win another tournament(major) like they usually do in 2018, they just win everything so ez, they never struggle and their tactics are on point but its more fun to watch things like olof do (insane 1 player plays) or maybe NaVi with their two man army, best counter strike was when fnatic was dominating and nVs was their biggest rival, TSM was also very good but choking was littlebit more fun ti watch it back then....there was much less strategy cs and much more skill based cs (I know current cs is on whole another level then it was before), cs is becoming more boring every year like...first there was SK era and no one could have deafeated them, now astralis era and again no one is deafeating them (I hope their era ends tomorow and new era begin, era of NaVi, potentialy a lot funnier era), it was more entertaining to watch faze/c9 or immortals/gambit then this perfect cs matches... I dont even know what I wanned to say, I just kept writing, 3am here Im sleepy I dont even know why I started writing TLDR: S1mple and electronic will make cs great again
2018-09-23 03:15
Lekr0 | 
Peru synergy_ 
2018-09-23 04:13
2018-09-23 05:07
if astralis lose today their era will not end just because they lost a stupid bo3.... was it a bo5 then it would be different but an era doesn't end by losing a bo3, then if in next tournament na vi can still win vs them ....... then their era might end
2018-09-23 14:32
I mean, NaVi is rolling last few months and still getting better and better and if they win today they will start winning everything, I didnt mean it like "astralis lose one match, end of era"
2018-09-23 14:37
yeah we need to see 1)how they defeat astralis... i mean if astralis stright lose 16-3 both maps it s different then them losing 16-14 ofc 2) if navi can win other events and still defeat astralis in bo3's
2018-09-23 14:39
Russia Jovlk 
Zeus won't rescue anything, he can't rescue himself from the bottom of the board where he always can be found.
2018-09-23 02:55
Are you fucking retarded? It is not Zeus' job to top frag moron.
2018-09-23 04:12
It is job of each and every player and there's no excuse for being carried all the time.
2018-09-23 04:25
Did drinking a lot of vodka kill your braincells? Listen to yourself.
2018-09-23 04:26
There's no point to even reply to you. You're free to love and worship him all the time and I'm free to land my opinion on here. Have a good time.
2018-09-23 04:27
>Russian brain >Smart Pick one
2018-09-23 04:28
Maybe Vega or Spirit mad fan :))) just ignore him, there were so many examples of Zeus effectiveness He has no idea what he’s talking about
2018-09-23 14:55
jovik i actually cant belive i thought u were smart smh.
2018-09-23 04:13
It's sad to disappoint you but I suppose our definitions of 'smart' don't match anyway so.
2018-09-23 04:25
ok you are smart but pls stop talkin shit to zeus about a game that you poorly know of.
2018-09-23 05:07
I will express myself about this topic for as long as I feel the need to. He gets the praise he never deserved and I shall be heard.
2018-09-23 05:08
because you dont kow dis game.A igl has to consittently think of 5 players while doing a gud job.In astralis they already have 4 solid talent that glaive doenst gotta worry about.Even with karrigan they were solid.But a team liek navi.When they didnt have zeus they used to be terrible,they couldnt make decision themselves.You never played pro u wont understand or played with a orgnaized team.
2018-09-23 05:11
You have your opinion and I have mine, none of us can know that for a fact. So please let me be and go your own way yourself.
2018-09-23 05:24
k go on your ignorant path
2018-09-23 06:55
You're not the one to talk.
2018-09-23 07:00
How is zeus not boring with his 10 second execute strats? Yay another round of holding defaults for one and a half minutes.
2018-09-23 04:09
Brazil 1710710 
S1mple and eletronic carry is the fun part
2018-09-23 04:42
NaVi deserves that win
2018-09-23 02:53
2018-09-23 03:56
edward isnt in his best form but he definitely deserves a major win same for flamie. simple and electronic obviously too
2018-09-23 04:49
yeah, edward been on a thin straw for the past year or so, but rest of navi deserve a major win for sure
2018-09-23 06:43
i mean hes not playing that bad in the last bo3's
2018-09-23 16:13
Mexico PlayerMostacho 
2018-09-23 04:03
Noooo... treasonous Danish viking. You're not Ragnar!
2018-09-23 05:17
Brazil siedlarczykK 
Im already preparing "Zeus_2_majors_Niko_0"
2018-09-23 14:35
Nice one. I hope so much for this
2018-09-23 16:14
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