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Major third place playoff
Australia _Lurkin_ 
Should they do a 3rd place decider? Thoughts? Would then be able to make gold silver bronze medals and shit. Would be lit
2018-09-23 03:45
Xyp9x | 
Czech Republic not_puget 
No it would be stupid
2018-09-23 03:45
lsd | 
Germany dzynK 
+1 because no one cares about 3rd. There is no motivation anymore after a tough loss
2018-09-23 03:46
bonus prize money
2018-09-23 07:01
Russia Jovlk 
They have to! If were the org I would do that. It fills an empty space before the only one matchup on the last day and hypes up the crowd before culmination of the tourney.
2018-09-23 03:46
Canada Yohazin 
2018-09-23 03:47
The losing team will get demoralized even more. No need for that
2018-09-23 07:00
Russia Jovlk 
Nobody's fault but their own, gotta try hard to win it.
2018-09-23 07:01
France ILimeGreen 
There is gonna be a showmatch
2018-09-23 07:04
Croatia worstplaya 
It's always useless, but #2 might be right. When there is huge gap in prize money like at TI there is a purpose but here its a no to me
2018-09-23 03:49
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