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Major mvp
Faroe Islands Ez4Olof 
Imo its gonna electronic or magisk
2018-09-23 09:29
Russia brieff 
2018-09-23 09:31
S1mple for sure. His stats are insane.
2018-09-23 09:36
Electronic doesnt look that bad either.. But no way magisk.
2018-09-23 09:37
Libya Eruptor 
Astralis win and none of them get the MVP, ez
2018-09-23 09:36
Bulgaria GreoN Look at this and then talk. It was the same thing when s1mple won the mvp at starserries. He had much better rating than any of the mouz players. It doesn't matter who wins, one of them(s1/elec) will get this mvp for sure. It depends who performs better at the final.
2018-09-23 09:49
Libya Eruptor 
Ah, yes, forgot I'm on HLTV
2018-09-23 09:52
I don't think they're going to do that on major. If they do they'll receive massive hate. Also hltv is biased af so if there is danish team winning they're going to put danish player as mvp even if his rating is 0.90 :D
2018-09-23 09:57
Bulgaria GreoN 
Yes I know that. But let's have a look at this event: As you can see Astralis have won this event but still s1mple got the mvp. Here are the stats as well almost alike this major(except the fact that s1mple have almost 0.10 higher rating but the best astralis player has higher rating than the major as well): Edit: Probably you would say that I'm a fanboy or anything like that, but no. I'm person that is working on every possibly fact that I can get and then make assumptions from them.
2018-09-23 10:18
Yeah I totally forgot that. Still I think they won't do that on major.
2018-09-23 10:17
Bulgaria GreoN 
Yes, I agree that would be kind of scandal if they do that, but let's not forget that it's HLTV. Everything is possible.
2018-09-23 10:21
2018-09-23 09:37
Finland Hallokola 
2018-09-23 09:38
Indonesia linekerrr 
2018-09-23 09:45
S1mple if navi Dupreeh if astralis
2018-09-23 09:53
If Navi wins = Electrinic or S1mple depending if their individual performance in the finals If Astralis wins = s1mple , Magix or device; depending on s1mple's individual performance (2:1) - Device/Magix if 2:0
2018-09-23 09:58
Poland TRIHard7777 
2018-09-23 10:16
Flamie so underrated now becuz all see only electronic and simple
2018-09-23 10:19
he is 3rd best player in team and event unluko
2018-09-23 15:12
Germany Constikdw 
S1mple for sure.
2018-09-23 10:19
Turkey Slapdash 
Dupreeh or p1mple
2018-09-23 10:21
dupreeh if astralis s1m/elc if navi
2018-09-23 10:23
Turkey Yarrak 
2018-09-23 10:24
mir | 
Ukraine v1adyb0y 
MVP ez 4 s1mple the best player in world
2018-09-23 10:29
Canada Surzz 
dupreeh or s1mple. depends which team wins.
2018-09-23 10:33
Switzerland codplayer 
2018-09-23 15:15
Germany Xoxo33 
why dupreeh lmao
2018-09-23 15:18
that trash aka dupreeh? lmao
2018-09-23 15:22
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