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Brazil The_Merchant 
How did they managed to become this current team in therms of gameplay? Their core has been on the scene from some time, and yet just after acquiring Magisk they actually started to winning everything. What did he bring to Astralis that made them so good in all aspects?
2018-09-23 21:31
I was wondering the same
2018-09-26 01:18
glave got brand new cheats
2018-09-26 01:19
Well, Kjaerbye and Dupreeh had role-clashes. They both wanted to be the entry and play in the same spots.....i suppose whenever you can play what you're best at, you become a better team. Magisk is more secondary entry/support. And also a good pistol player which astralis really needed. Astralis would win in the long run, but always be set back bigtime with regards to pistols. Magisk just filled all the vacant spots that none else wanted to play, and it works out brilliantly.
2018-09-26 01:21
+1 Also #6
2018-09-26 01:30
gabs | 
Russia DiaRhea 
bcs Faze and SK/mibr fell of. Liquid and navi always worse than astralis nothing changed
2018-09-26 01:22
2018-09-26 01:24
glaive smartest igl + improved alot aimwise xyp9x smartest player ever + clutch god device at least top 5 awper + Tom Cruise M:I Skills dupreeh when isn't sleep is a monster magisk playing like cheater; so good Zonic best coach Astralis best logo Ez
2018-09-26 01:27
Magisk brought in the passion that they lack after their win at Atlanta Major
2018-09-26 01:28
Korea saddummy 
They've always been good, ever since their CPH Wolves days but they'd usually choke in semi-finals and they were known for choking most of the time. I think a lot of it has to do with IGL, FeTiSh was an okay IGL, Karrigan good imo but overrated and gla1ve is just all-around perfect. As for the rest, again they've always been insane but were missing something and that something was gla1ve. No disrespect to the other players tho, they've turned into monsters. Especially Xyp9x.
2018-09-26 01:29
Proffesional surroundings. Professional organisation, professional training methods, good coach, working out, eating healthy, taking good care of their bodies and mental health. This will help them perform to their best. I doubt any other team has this proffesional setup. The Astralis guys are meeting everyday at their office like a regular job.
2018-09-26 01:30
+1 Also #6
2018-09-26 01:32
Bcz other teams are playing like trash they are the only t1 team rn
2018-09-26 01:30
Communication? Motivation? Consistency?
2018-09-26 01:31
Roles are perfect now, Dupreeh being a world class entry. Gla1ve being the best fragging IGL since top form FalleN.
2018-09-26 01:35
They already win everything before magisk though. They only slump in a short period due to Device sickess.
2018-09-26 01:43
what are you talking about? They always was 1 of the best team since 2013 when this core was under CPHW org. And they really stepped up after gla1ve joins not magisk
2018-09-26 01:49
this Astralis would get smashed by envy 2015, fnatic 2015, vp 2015 nothing has changed, only the good teams became shit I remember when ESL One majors were supposed to be suprising in every way... now we have these shit 1 eras or only 1/2 teams dominating, not like back in 2015 where every team could have rekt off the other
2018-09-26 01:55
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