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Twistzz | 
India Valve_HLTV 
(no bait) I are think that. Some reasons why I think this: 1) Crumbling of teams: Only Astralis, Team Liquid and Na'Vi are sticking to their rosters, all other teams keep making random shit changes expecting they would get good. 2) Shift of fanbase: Alot of CSGO audience are getting bored and shifting to other games that are more trending (Eg: Fortnite, PUBG) 3) Lack of exciting games: Not blaming Astralis but the skill gap between #1 and #2 is so much that you would think matches between them would be explosive but instead its just a one sided match. Cloud9 vs FaZe was very exciting and memorable as both were so head to head. 4) Viewership is falling down: ELEAGUE BOSTON MAJOR: LONDON MAJOR: Less than half viewers RIP CSGO Probably last year of CSGO /discuss (im reading all comments today)
2018-09-23 22:40
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vp, sk died off - csgo died off
2018-09-23 22:41
Not really, Don't think they are fully responsible.
2018-09-23 22:42
Ukraine syrso 
BIG went out -> nobody cared about the major anymore. Truth tbh
2018-09-24 07:14
2018-09-24 07:35
Happy | 
Brazil Kurtt 
SK lol, who cares to sk except brazilian fanboys lunatics, the world's biggest fan base> vp, fnatic, nip and ex envyus
2018-09-25 09:55
Wait announcement from Valve
2018-09-23 22:42
No announcement 100%.
2018-09-23 22:42
World mad25100 
2018-09-23 22:43
Not even funny anymore as it's true.
2018-09-23 22:43
vp is gonna revive cs scene in kato 19
2018-09-23 22:45
2018-09-23 22:46
Austria TheClemi 
I dont think so I love VP but I dont think they will ever do a comeback
2018-09-23 22:46
they will... #GOGOVP I BELIEVE
2018-09-23 22:48
Dev1 | 
Slovakia Trav1s 
2018-09-23 22:46
1. No home team to root for, smooya and dephh out before semi's 2. Americans have to get up s 9:00 to watch games, lot of viewer base gone cus who wants to get up early to watch cs 3. American teams werent gonna beat astralis, so NA dont care 4. 2 EU teams in Final, nothing again for NA (nor UK) so why watch 5. Astralis are boring to watch tbh, they always win and are robots 6.Ever game was a 2-0, a 2-0 final with no ot's is shit, games weren't even close at all, should have been bo5 (navi still wouldnt get a map) 7.No chinese viewers lol tl;dr fuck astralis, no smooyaGOD, all 2-0's boring to watch so why watch
2018-09-23 22:45
2018-09-23 23:19
thank you for reading my comment Valve
2018-09-23 23:23
Canada robinson_89 
Broken down quite well
2018-09-24 07:33
thank mr canada
2018-09-24 14:22
gabs | 
India DiaRhea 
NA is a disgrace for CSGO. always terrible viewership out of NA scene. No matter the timezones we always have EU and BR players watching, but NA has 100 million excuses why their viewership is bad or why their tournaments are empty arenas. From exams to timezones to small city to school shooting to holidays.
2018-09-24 11:17
idk man, a lot of NA can watch it, cus who doesnt have access to twitch in america really? easy to get lots of people from NA to watch, and i dont think all the rest is soley typical of america but also other EU countries etc
2018-09-24 14:24
2019-02-23 07:59
zonic | 
India T0Yo 
okay i am not a csgo players since much time ( dota 2 player ) but because of betting habit i follow the pro cs since 2 years and the thing i have noticed fans of csgo teams always just try to bash losing teams even the team have reached to grand finals of major, man one thing i have to say if you compare this to dota 2 fans or teams they are really different and they share respect to other teams rather than doing triggered comments on other teams, who knows that is the reason may be csgo is getting dead day by day but dota 2 is still growing and already ahead of csgo ofc, why cant people here respect each others team and players ? i know some revelry makes game hype and some heat are always good before game but after game my friends its only comes how you treat your fav teams and players !! yes if you'r fan of any team you deserve to celebrate when they do something good and win but that doesn't mean we should hate other players or team man after all we gets chances to learn this game tactics and everything mostly from this guys, its really funny where some people are posting go na'vi go astralis before game and after game they are the one who are posting disband na'vi disband bla bla bla, man they are at the big stage because of something you dont have so why you dont give them respect rather than hating them. spread respect + spread love = make csgo community more friendly and great again <3 #Peace !! ( btw i am big astralis fan because of their teamwork )
2018-09-23 22:45
Nice read. Agree with some, disagree with some. Ab rat ho gayi hai, good night.
2018-09-23 23:21
Yeah, FPS games shits out toxic kids
2018-09-25 11:55
India Noobdian 
Nice name
2019-02-23 07:30
s0m | 
United Kingdom LFX 
another reason is the fall of legendary teams think about it fnatic C9 NiP VP SK a lot of fans are behind these teams and with them getting worse a lot of fans (including myself for a while w VP) are leaving because there team is getting shit and swapping out players especially VP and NiP thats just my opinion anyway
2018-09-23 22:49
2018-09-23 23:22
i dont think someone would quit a game because some team its not on top anymore . its like on every sport/e-sport . new teams come
2018-09-23 23:28
in real sports teams dont just disappear. so u support them forever. in csgo ur team can fold at any time and the game u watch might be different in a few years
2018-09-23 23:29
gabs | 
India DiaRhea 
but sometimes people dont care anymore if their team is already out. example, when mibr is still in competition i watch all games, ofcourse mibr games but also others. when mibr gets eliminated i stop caring about the tournament. i still watch but its not as much important anymore. i think same happens with many VP, NIP, fnatic, Faze fans
2018-09-24 11:21
definetly not the last year of CSGO,it will be here for at least 2-3 years,there are still about 300k players playing it daily,and the esports side is still decently big
2018-09-23 22:52
Think 2019 is the last year.
2018-09-23 23:22
kNgV- | 
Italy InSuu 
No chinese viewers
2018-09-23 23:20
Obligatory daily "CSGO IS DYING" thread nice
2018-09-23 23:21
this game is washed up.
2018-09-23 23:23
explain pls
2018-09-23 23:24
its getting stale. the average viewer has a lot of hours and understands the basics of pro cs. cs go is just is getting old and stale. there are no innovations. you see the same strats and plays everytime. it reached its fully potential. the only i noticed is that some teams find new nade/ nade stacks. (especially astralis)
2018-09-23 23:31
The meta is always changing even in 2018. I agree that the game should continue to evolve, but one of the best things about cs is that in its core it's still the same game as in 2002. CSGO is not washed up, it's still the only competitive fps that matters.
2018-09-23 23:37
for me its washed up for the viewer perspective. playing cs is still fun and shit, but watching it is really stale.
2018-09-23 23:38
I've seen some great and intense games this last major tbh. Just don't watch every single match or tournament. When I watch every single football match that gets very boring quickly as well.
2018-09-23 23:42
i watched literally 0 matches of cs this year. everytime i try to wtch one like navi vs astralis i lose attention after 5 mins and do something else. its boring as fuck, but i still have 80h/2 weeks of cs haha
2018-09-23 23:46
So maybe it's you.
2018-09-24 07:01
Stop making these daily nonsense threads pls, ty
2018-09-23 23:24
RiP i wont see you next year cuz hltv will be closed cuz csgo dead [*]
2018-09-23 23:26
csgo wont die because theres no other game to replace him . battle royales cant replace csgo .
2018-09-23 23:27
replace him???? who him???
2018-09-24 10:20
Belgium huzaifaboi 
csgo 2 pleasseee
2018-09-23 23:28
Finland Smoonah 
when do we get the fucking gold pins valve so slow
2018-09-23 23:29
United States emtf2 
i mean ofcourse boston had more viewers then this major, i would say boston grand finals was the best major finals ever. and it was also an NA team that had a chance to win a major, bringing a sht ton of fans that dont play/watch cs.
2018-09-23 23:35
+1 Boston Major never forgetti
2018-09-24 07:26
gabs | 
India DiaRhea 
NA should contribute more in CS scene i think they dont care as much as EU or BR. maybe most people in NA like fortnite and LoL etc
2018-09-24 11:23
United States emtf2 
we dont have the work ethics and most importantly the IGL's
2018-09-25 05:41
I agree, csgo is dying and Valve is too lazy to do anything than "changing cs go UI" or adding only one weapon at a time of months - thats ridiculous to me... I would like to see some big innovations like making completely fresh map pool for tournaments - like seriously..., when watching major games => inferno, inferno, inferno, nuke, inferno, inferno, inferno, mirage, mirage, mirage,mirage.... - or adding more weapons at once to make cs go more differential or even maybe making tournaments on different mode like hostage rescue? - just to make something... unusual... If they dont react soon... it will be over. I was playing since CS 1.5 and I have to say that csgo bored me pretty fast in comparision to CS:Source....
2018-09-23 23:42
2018-09-24 07:26
felps | 
Brazil pluga 
these roster changes are just annoying to see, cant keep a roster for more than 2 months
2018-09-23 23:43
Japan PanthomKnisht 
2018-09-24 07:08
Israel xpicyyy 
dont invite astralis to events then it would be great again ;)
2018-09-23 23:43
rain | 
Libya Planum 
Upcoming esl new york doesn't have asstralis
2018-09-24 07:26
Exclude Chinese viewers" there is for morons like topic starter who cant read properly. London was even better about views in some points.
2018-09-24 07:06
Boston Major final without Chinese viewers was 1.4mil London Major Final: 1.08 Mil Man shut the fuck up.
2018-09-24 07:27
Boston Major Final BO3 with triple overtime. London major = stomp Group stage had more viewers than Boston major.
2018-09-25 09:24
Denmark resolut 
BOSTON MAJOR : 1.34 LONDON : 1.08 man shut the fuck up. 1.4 is not the same as 1.342, and the fact that you're rounding up to prove a point is pathetic. besides, you are objectively wrong. That's not 'less than half of the viewers'
2018-09-25 17:31
CS will be revived in 2019 mark my words
2018-09-24 07:23
I aren't think that
2018-09-24 07:28
Needs more 1.6.
2018-09-24 07:31
VP, NiP, fnatic, SK problem
2018-09-24 07:34
tabseN | 
Germany Ratwar 
best years of cs so far and a lot more will come! mad 1-7 fan cuz mibr is no tier1 anymore
2018-09-24 07:34
Seriously MiBR is teir 2 team at best. But not the best year of CS, feel like 2015, 2017 were better.
2018-09-24 10:12
Poland SalamiXgod 
Csgo is not dead,just this major was completly retarded,I stopped watch after first day off play offs cuz boring one sided matches like navi big and col mibr.Worst major I ever watched
2018-09-24 07:38
So boring when there are no tense games, agreed.
2018-09-24 10:13
Lost against navi = dead game R.I.P fan 2004-2018
2018-09-24 07:41
??? Reply needs to have actual content ???
2018-09-24 10:15
Boston only had 300k more viewers, you included china in the boston chart but not in the faceit chart lol.
2018-09-24 07:43
Reply needs to have actual content ??? "only" "300k" how braindead are you LMA0
2018-09-24 10:14
Only 300k less in a 2 game blowout compared to a full bo3 with a hype inferno overtime? Yeah, only 300k.
2018-09-24 18:36
Denmark resolut 
you're actually braindead cause 1.08 is 80% of 1.34 . fucking retard
2018-09-25 17:34
thank mr phone for double post
2018-09-24 07:43
imagine major without drop boxes, 150k viewers at best.
2018-09-24 07:48
pubg lol
2018-09-24 07:49
United States Mikeyyyy 
Major had less viewers cause shit matches
2018-09-24 07:51
2018-09-24 10:10
Pakistan MeMeMeisteR2 
dumbass the viewers were less because the final was short
2018-09-24 10:14
and boring asf. No overtime, no sick 1v3 1v4 clutches with alot of hype.
2018-09-24 10:14
Pakistan MeMeMeisteR2 
+1 , game not dead , major was shit
2018-09-24 10:17
But this could be a downfall which could lead to the death of the game (IMO)
2018-09-24 10:18
Pakistan MeMeMeisteR2 
what a retarded opinion , i must say
2018-09-25 20:45
csgo is a walking dead (zombie)
2018-09-25 17:39
Denmark Sir_Cumcised 
The only time CSGO will die is when Valve creates a new Counter Strike game. Pubg and fortnite are not really a threat since the games are entirely different. And the 2 links you come up with show that boston had 7 million more total views, which is either because NA had a team in the final the last time or the playing time
2018-09-24 10:28
China can't access twitch anymore that's why.
2018-09-24 10:28
ritch | 
United Kingdom Meffus 
Good...hopefully all the WASDA mongs will piss off and we can have a decent CS like 1.6 again with actual CS people who can aim.
2018-09-24 10:29
no skins betting = no viewers , simple math
2018-09-24 10:33
2018-09-24 11:14
Croatia feelsbadmane 
PUBG late 2018 kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
2018-09-24 11:16
Denmark Xipingu 
Nah. Only reason there wasn’t more viewers: No dragon lore. No exciting matches.
2018-09-24 14:25
All the people in NA are in school when the games start
2018-09-24 14:27
No 1) There is no other FPS game that can compete with counter strike 2) There is no other FPS game that can compete with counter strike 3) There is no other FPS game that can compete with counter strike CS will never be dead unless some other FPS game with money and better gameplay comes out and steal the loyal counter strike fan base the kids and people who got into this game when it was hyped will leave but the game will never be dead
2018-09-24 14:32
>pubg >trending game
2018-09-24 14:33
JW | 
Turkey arkham 
Look r6 siege . they update game every 3 months. There is nothing really new on csgo for years. I have 4k hours . i dont play anymore. R6 is more fun to play
2018-09-24 14:35
The viewership difference between the Boston and Faceit major is probably because the Boston major was mabye the best ever and the Faceit major was without a doubt the worst major in history
2018-09-25 09:22
it wasn't and it is because they aren't counting chinese viewers.
2018-09-25 09:49
CS:GO is shit! New 1.6 with better graphic and it would be awesome game with all wallbangs,jumping mechanics.
2018-09-25 09:25
csgo is like your mom pussy, as i use it more and more its becomes less enjoyable
2018-09-25 09:40
lmao, everyone in hltv and their mother has been saying for long time cs go is dying, good to see finally people elsewhere waking up to this reality after seeing major numbers.
2018-09-25 09:47
It was a terrible major. Also we had no Chinese viewership. -Average CCV viewers Eleague: 412 987 Faceit: 396 165 -Total views on Twitch Eleague: 64 891 532 Faceit: 57 903 514 -Time watched without Chinese viewers Eleague: 49 524 023 Faceit: 61 438 601
2018-09-25 10:00
Netherlands @Deji 
No much difference
2018-09-25 11:57
Exactly! Did you enjoy the major? :)
2018-09-25 11:58
Netherlands @Deji 
Yeah I did
2018-09-25 17:26
NiKo | 
Other HasomY 
no 3rd map thats why
2018-09-25 09:52
You don't think it was a terrible major?
2018-09-25 10:00
NiKo | 
Other HasomY 
it was great. bad production but the best matches ever
2018-09-25 10:06
I didn't feel the same way, but I'm happy you enjoyed it :)
2018-09-25 11:49
NiKo | 
Other HasomY 
hey thanks
2018-09-25 11:53
:DDDD thiss just so meme
2018-09-25 10:04
Luxembourg alex24 
they deleted my thread who had 200 replies and it was a serious discution about the death of cs:go HLTV censorship much like north koreea
2018-09-25 10:07
2018-09-25 11:05
Magisk | 
Europe s1xX 
CS GO is not dead but deff dying atm. I hope for valves sake they are working on a new cs go game
2018-09-25 10:20
Netherlands @Deji 
What needs to be changed
2018-09-25 11:58
I would never concider changing CS:GO to some fucking Fortnie kid Ninja or Pubg
2018-09-25 20:47
United Kingdom 8thwonderUK 
I don't care how many viewers it has. I will play and watch as long as it's fun
2018-09-25 20:47
No it's far from dead, and the numbers are showing it's living a new ERA. But at least Valve finally recognized that CS:GO cannot keep it's path, and to start changing stuff that is needed in the future. But in Valve time. If Valve gives the same love they do to Dota2, but for CS:GO.. CS will get a huge 'boom', and will be very popular. But we need to wait and see what are Valve's plans. I believe in them tho, and actually think they dont do a bad job at all.
2018-09-25 20:52
I miss old nip and have stopped watching a lot of tournaments cause those danish fucks are winning everything :(
2019-02-23 07:43
Well ofc its dying since astralis is dominating... Boring af to watch. Lets hope their era ends soon.
2019-02-23 07:54
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